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      1. Actually, you’re probably right about the Howard Stern thing….so with that said, I’m here to say I am ending my discussion here on TotalDrama.

        I think having a place to critique any given show or book or movie or whatever is a good thing…but not when the community becomes…well…weird and the enjoyment stops.

        And that’s what I’ve noticed here on TD – there’s so much infighting amongst users. Some are trolling (on both sides of the TWiT fence). Some are just saying weird stuff. I even find myself looking at the site when I’m bored….and this is dumb if I think about it. Dumb for me at least – I should be doing something productive.

        Nobody here seems to be happy anymore and everyone is pissed off at each other and I don’t know what to think any longer.

        It’s not fun. It now feels like a chore to be engaged here.

        So TotalDrama, good luck with whatever comes up and how you report on it, and for the TWiT people lurking here, I hope you take what’s been said with a grain of salt and just accept criticism here and there – TWiT (and Leo) wasn’t always terrible – maybe there’s a way to salvage something good out of everything. That said, maybe the TD folks can tone it down too and save the ammo for the big stories, if only to make things more civil.

        So with that people, adios!

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        1. Yeah, I’m starting to think that way too. It’s one thing to document the flaws of the network and another to write huge misleading stories at any little conflict.

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  1. This is really miniscule compared to how much time Leo has spent on the air.

    I’m sure everyone here has lived their life never saying anything that could be taken offense at and never tried to be funny inappropriately.

    I first found you guys thru Twitter and you all say 10x worse stuff every day.

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    1. You’re right – EVERYONE (including myself) has said the wrong thing before.

      But the thing is, you’d be reaaaaaaaaally trying to stretch that defense if you take into account even the severe awkwardness between Leo and Sarah. “Cringeworthy” isn’t even accurate.

      And I think everyone could let this slide if this wasn’t a pattern and long trend of Leo’s dating back to the 90s (TechTV/ZDTV days). He even admitted he’s gotten in trouble for it before and he says he has no plans of changing.

      Those are pretty bold things to say, especially when everything you say is recorded and preserved for possible courtroom evidence.

      It’s weird, and I wish TWiT defenders would quit acting like it isn’t.

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  2. Totaldrama has a rich tradition of sexist articles that put these clips to shame.

    Pottle, kettle, glass, stones, and the like. The social justice warrior act is cute but you don’t actually care about advancing any cause except for knocking TWiT.

    You’re against sexism as much as Gamergate is about ethics in video game journalism.

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    1. OK, that was good. I agree, I thought TD was going to be a place where TWiT could learn how bad it does things, some things, not everything, but it hasnt turned out that way. Lot’s out-of-context shit that needs to be correctede, but that is an uphill battle.

      On the other hand, when Leo fuck sup, he usually FUCKS UP. And, that, is just fun to play with. And show. And ridicule.

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  3. I think its important to have a place where we can discuss TWIT but I can do without alot of the shenanigans that go on here at #drama

    That being said, a place to discuss Twit is important because

    1. Twit IRC will not let you discuss anything that can be remotely taken as negative regarding anyone currently involved with Twit. They are heavy on the bans

    2. There has been a major attitude change at TWIT and its not the same place that many of us enjoyed watching in the past. I understand things/people/businesses change but there has been alot of drama surrounding Twit itself over the past year or two (Tom, Iyaz, Brian, JRY, etc.)

    3. (My personal opinion) Leo has checked out, he’s doesn’t seem interested in broadcasting anymore and many of the shows’ content has degraded as a result.

    4. (My personal Opinion) I think TWIT got “too big for their britches” and is trying to do something their business model/niche cannot support, as a result they seemed to be cutting costs (Talent) and implementing more ads as a result. I think I’ve heard Leo mention that they wouldn’t have more than 2 ads during TWIT because it breaks up the flow of the show too much.

    Back to point 1 though, these kinds of things are automatic bans in Twit IRC, though I wish TotalDrama would be a little more tactful in discussing Twit.

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      1. Bullshit.

        Look. I’m not going to judge you guys, but it’s unmoderated chat, so at best takes on the tone of a locker room.

        People having fuck fantasies about TN2 guests isn’t “nicer” than what we have here.

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    1. These are good points.

      As for people on this site who get too wrapped up in their own drama or whatever – I honestly don’t get that. No one’s after you, no one’s after them – in fact, I don’t even think a lot of people are directly against Leo. Leo wasn’t always a bad guy. And even now, he’s not Hitler or something.

      But people see how bad TWiT in general has gotten in recent years, and blame floats to the top where Leo and Lisa are. Are they responsible for all the problems in the world? Nope. But have they made a lot of really bad business decisions all of us can clearly see? Yup.

      So really people, just chillax. I view this site as a goofy, Cracked-esque type of satire thing that doesn’t make ground breaking revelations or journalism…it just pokes the hornets’ nest to see what happens.

      Don’t be like the Linux community and let infighting be the downfall to everything.

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      1. Nah, the Linux trolls are ignored too. There’s a vocal minority that says stupid things, rarely does anything good comes out of that. Most developers just get on with it and ignore the idiots.

        As for Moonchild’s post – point 3 I’d agree with. I definitely stopped listening to Security Now because Leo was letting Steve Gibson waffle on too much. Either it was that or because Gibson became a dribbling Apple fanboy. Or maybe I got sick of the delusions that people would actually use his crazy squirrel system IRL. I digress.

        Thing is, when Leo is on form he can be pretty entertaining. What gets annoying, and he has been ramping this up, is his “playing dumb”. I know people don’t like #soup and will say he is always dumb, but what I mean is that you hear him say on one show something like “did you see Google’s new web service?” and proceed to explain this new thing in good detail, or interview a guest to get them to explain it. Then on another show later in the week he says “oh, I didn’t know about that, tell me more about Google’s new web service…”. Wat? You just told us about that yesterday! Obviously he has to lead people into the show, get them to open up, but it gets irritating to hear when you notice this pattern.

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        1. He is making the mistake of treating every show like their own island, in order to protect the advertising hits perhaps? I mean, there are at least 20 websites out there that do nothing but track ad codes – I use every last one of them. I havent bought a single thing obnline yet where I didnt first find a discount code. Even if I dont listen to Open Source shows all that much, I will still rape that code for the discount.

          TD chat would now call me a rapist based on this POST alone (yes, Virginia, commenting on a Post is also called a POSTing, I know, don’t cry , baby, it is confusing)

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        1. Oh really? Do you watch the stream or just listen on the radio? Pretty much once a week, he will mute his mic while the caller is speaking and mock the fuck out of them to the people in the studio and make various visual motions mocking them, particularly if the caller is going on with their story for too long or if the caller’s issue is too complicated for Leo’s limited knowledge of modern tech.

          Come to think of it, this hasn’t happened as frequently lately ever since the incident in the clip above where Leo asked Heather to simplify the types of calls that are allowed on TTG. Basically, the only questions Heather will allow through now are “What phone should I buy?” “What tablet should I buy?” and “How do I get rid of malware from my system?” Basically, every week’s show is different variations of the same 5-10 questions over and over again. If you’ve seen one weekend’s worth of The Tech Guy, you’ve seen them all at this point.

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    2. Tact isnt necessary, but not getting facts straight and starting or stopping video cuts in the wrong places in order to prove a point that never existed, that has no place anywhere. It isnt parody when you do that. It’s just dumb editing.

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  4. What’s clearly evident is that there has been a concerted effort by TWIT to first eliminate LLS and now TD – handful of people, probably posting under different names suddenly appear – attempting to ‘rationally’ tear down the site. – they’ll spew Elgan/Kentzell drivel, call you paranoid etc – as they try to dismantle Total Drama – fortunately they won’t make a dent in this insanity

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  5. From time to time I post on here but more than not I just lurk. I, like many, came here because we felt like TWIT was heading downhill and in a wrong direction. Many of us felt betrayed because we fully backed this grass roots effort to make TWIT matter in the world, then the rug got pulled out from under us by a series of events there and our trust betrayed on many levels.

    When I first came here, this site seemed to be on the right path by pointing out various injustices over at TWIT without stepping over the line, but something changed. It turned from being informative in the “Let’s watch the trainwreck collectively” to a really vindictive attack against people at TWIT, calling them names, accusing them of things that have nothing to do with TWIT, and often times just making crap up.

    It’s like the moment this site caught traction, all the trolls and semi-trolls came out of the woodwork and instead of keeping any journalistic integrity with the things being posted, many authors jumped on the bandwagon and started doing the same thing.

    Like many have posted here, my interest in this site is waning severely because of how things have turned. I only hope things change soon so that this site doesn’t turn into a laughing stock. This site is here to let the world know how bad things have gotten at TWIT, to keep the BS meter that is Leo in check, but instead it’s all troll comments about Leo and Lisa and whoever else happens to accidentally walk in front of the scope over there. That’s not right and that’s not what this site should be about.

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  6. This is not journalism, just like TWiT isn’t. It’s to attract attention to TWiT’s fall and hope the ship gets turned aournd.

    Sometimes we hit the mork, mostly don’t. Some honesty in critiquing TWiT was needed and this site has provided it.

    Thanks for all your help everyone.

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  7. “This is not journalism, just like TWiT isn’t. It’s to attract attention to TWiT’s fall and hope the ship gets turned aournd. ”

    Yes, it was meant to attract attention to TWIT’s fall, you are correct, but the problem is as of late it’s severely missed that goal and has gone down the personal attack route that has nothing to do with it.

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    1. Personal attack route – whether Lisa, Leo, Gina T AND Sarah-yes Ms Lane has been eviscerated by creeps / yeah it’s all pretty petty and insipid (and somewhat easy to fall in to) / Lisa’s presence and Leo constantly in heat becomes overbearing and I believe some folks sincerely believe this effects the network & contributes to the talent exodus

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  8. You can be critics of TWiT (heck there are things about TWiT I’m not feeling no of), but to personally attack people you don’t know, except for seeking ng them on stream, makes you look like a troll.
    Leo gets on my nerves at times, but it m not good ng to attack him personally.

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    1. Ok all snark, kidding and typos aside – I believe criticism – let say of Gina & her wife (leaving L&L out) can certainly border on creepy – troll is Leo’s nomenclature and over used – please remember that some here are deliberately going to the absurd & it’s actually pretty humerous half the time, but yeah some posts get worrisome – regards to Molly

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  9. A main part of Léo’s appeal early on was the wonderful and positive on-air friendship with Kate Botello. If he got past her filter and she was delightfully happy for months on end, he must have been a good person. It’s shocking to actually see the firehouse clip and his open confession about it. I had wondered why Kate Botello was never reunited with him on TWiT, since she really brought an impressive level of enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and life energy to Tech TV. Now I know.

    Someone should mention demonic possession in Léo’s presence and see if it hits a raw nerve. His sharp turn to the dark side coincided with the move from the cottage, so it might be a haunting at the new studio. It would be interesting to hear from former customers and employees of the location’s failed restaurant about any paranormal events. Here are some warning signs that are cause for concern that Léo isn’t paying attention to good angels:

    Animals are frightened of the person
    Convenient memory loss
    Electrical devices turn on and off
    Grandiose episodes
    Habitual lying
    Hoarding and greed
    Inability to forgive others
    Increased use of profanity
    Lack of awareness of being possessed
    Lack of self control
    Living in the past
    Maniacal delight in wielding power
    Objects disappear
    Objects move around by themselves
    Obsession with death
    Self mutilation (head shaving, tattooing)
    Sexually preoccupied
    Speaks English with unusual accents
    Sudden weight gain
    Using different names

    Léo’s misadventures in life have set a bad example from a spiritual perspective:

    Alcohol use
    Banishing Cali Lewis (clearly a competitive threat) in anger over a tweet
    Banning the chatroom (clearly a competitive threat)
    Chronic lateness
    Disengagement from Security Now!
    Dropping out of Yale
    Endorsing My Ford Touch
    Grinning while describing the Folsom street fair
    Loving darkness to the extreme of going tens of thousands of miles out of his way to experience solar eclipses
    Saying “We don’t care” about gay employees’ sexuality with a self satisfied smile
    Spending money without a moment’s reflection
    Taking LSD
    Using the pornography of the women, mmm hm.

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    1. Popester, When are you going tp reassign Robert? Then we’ll have Elgan, Tonya and 29 Skyped in guests / Frank, I must ‘confess’ I still check out the network on my Roku; however I’ve deleted all other feeds (slowly since the Tom debacle), I need to peek at the train wreck at least twice a week

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    2. This is going to be fun to pull aprt like taffy or pork:

      Animals are frightened of the person – when the person is also frightened

      Convenient memory loss – that never has happened on camera
      Electrical devices turn on and off – it’s tech, ya dick
      Grandiose episodes – of what? Recorded episodes?
      Habitual lying – OK, given.
      Hoarding and greed – hoarding? Not when he habitually uses gazelle (huge contributor,m check his standings there!)

      Inability to forgive others – nope, has on several ocassions forgiven on-air and off

      Increased use of profanity – increased? No evidence.
      Lack of awareness of being possessed – idiotic fantasy.
      Lack of self control – at times we all have that, moron
      Living in the past – Ya,. a lot of that.
      Maniacal delight in wielding power – we have no way of knowing that, and no evidence yet

      Objects disappear – like the salad at the cottage!
      Objects move around by themselves – they dont
      Obsession with death – when? Older people have that, he;s older

      Self mutilation (head shaving, tattooing) – head shaving and tatooing is NOT defined in the DSM as Self Mutilation!

      Sexually preoccupied – Given, but you shouldnt care.
      Speaks English with unusual accents – huh? You mean “in tongues” and that wouldnt be English – moronic statement.

      Sudden weight gain – Noooooot sudden at all, over years.

      Using different names – Huh?

      Léo’s misadventures in life have set a bad example from a spiritual perspective:

      Adultery – that NEVER happened, lie, not proven, no evidence
      Alcohol use – but not ABuse, unless it’s New Years in 27 time zones

      Atheism – not an Atheist, he’s Agnostic,. dick!
      Banishing Cali Lewis (clearly a competitive threat) in anger over a tweet – the tweet was kind of moronic, even for her

      Banning the chatroom (clearly a competitive threat) – Do you mean banning ON twitlive, or banning people who frequent TD? No one that hangs here has ever been banned from twitlive JUST because they merely hang here.

      Chronic lateness –
      Disengagement from Security Now!
      Dropping out of YaleYa, but he has gotten better, mainly due to scheduling – NEVER late to TTG

      Endorsing My Ford Touch – moron
      Gluttony – not true
      Grinning while describing the Folsom street fair – moron
      Loving darkness to the extreme of going tens of thousands of miles out of his way to experience solar eclipses- moron
      Saying “We don’t care” about gay employees’ sexuality with a self satisfied smile – how is that even a thing?

      Spending money without a moment’s reflection – not true, and proves it every time he asks the chatroom

      Taking LSD – he did? He said that? Who cares, he OWNS TWiT. He isnt interviewing for the job!

      Using the pornography of the women, mmm hm – High horse, go get high with it.

      THAT was the kind of fun I was talking about! Love ripping the moronic shit that sometimes appeears on the TD blog! Gimme more, Seymore Butts!

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  10. Okay, even though the pole joke was funny, it wasnt funny to Kate, hence sue!

    Leo using the excuse of “also, I’m old, and I dont think I’ll change” is complete bullshit – any old person can change – they must first WANT to change. Clearly Leo does NOT embrace change for himself, TWiT’s Antagonist.

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