Film Girl debuts horrible hair on the “Today” show

Christina Warren gives terrible advice while showing off her horrible "adult" hair on the "Today Show."
Christina Warren gives terrible advice while showing off her horrible “adult” hair on the “Today Show.”

Update: It has come to our attention that this segment was taped during the 4th hour of the show, which is traditionally the Kathy Lee and Hoda wine-drinking hour. Matt Lauer normally is not there, so we here at TotalDrama consider her appearance to be somewhat tainted.

Christina Warren debuted a horrible hairdo on the “Today” show this morning. The editorial board at TotalDrama was aghast at how old she looked while delivering some meaningless “advice” on backing up to the cloud.

It’s more like the “cloud” landed in her hair. She should’ve worn a hat. Better luck next time, Film Girl!

10 thoughts on “Film Girl debuts horrible hair on the “Today” show”

  1. Now you need to get her to put that freaking ugly hat on again.

    We can’t blame her for the mess her hair is in. It’s maybe the best the stylist could do with it. It does look like one of those cheap ass wigs made of nylon that you sometimes see the old granny’s wearing and pretending its their real hair.

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  2. I think the real issue is that the segment was called “PROTECT YOURSELF FROM HACKING”

    Geez o peetz…………why does everyone think hackers are constantly out to hack their computers or even online accounts?

    Unless you’re a big time celebrity or politician, no one cares about you.

    THIS is why people hate on TWiT personalities – because they cater to the lowest common denominator and dumb everything down for the masses who are way too dumb to begin with.

    If Leo and crew put their foot down and said, “No more of this low level bullcrap! No more phone talk. No more browser security crap. No more Tech Guy crap!” I think people would respect TWiT more.

    Instead…the people involved with it pick the absolutely dumbest things to cover, because it’s easy and appeals to non-tech people.

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  3. More than likely Scott, it is the fact that Leo needs his facist regime controlled chatroom to answer tech questions for him lately. Or maybe it may be how Leo seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for hosts/guests these days. Or maybe it’s Leo’s inane bragging about his trips/earthly posesions. Or maybe it has something to do with the way Leo lies to his fans. Or maybe… (insert ad nauseum here).

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