A reminder to the religious fanatics

A reminder to the religious fanatics attacking this blog: Leo Laporte is an atheist and thinks you’re all stupid for your beliefs.

Go tell the non-believer to start believing—this blog doesn't want to hear it.
Go tell the non-believer to start believing—this blog doesn’t want to hear it.

Oh, and make sure you’re in church on Sunday. “God” is watching and sees everything you do.

Seriously–get your ass to church and stop obsessing on this blog. Oh, and while you’re in church, go ahead and pray for Padre’s soul as well. He’s going to hell for not lifting a finger off his drone controls even once to help the poor.

14 thoughts on “A reminder to the religious fanatics”

    1. bitch slap your kid (as the pope says) or, as the article says, wash their mouths out with soap, all coming from religious leaders and their followers, as acceptable practice. This is cause for religious bigotry,how religion is used to spread hatred and violence that they use to put other people down. Sick all of it.
      Popcorn Time is the answer!

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  1. Hey, the pope now says it is OK to bitch slap your kids, so those religious folks get busy bitch slapping your children for whatever reason you feel like. Violence towards children is what padre and his gang is now preaching, besides hating gays as human beings, so the padre is showing how the pope can show their hate to the world.
    For proof refer to central america where all those catholic gang members that worship the pope have literally screwed the children of those countries, having babies (catholics) at 11, great religious folks!

    How the religious folks screws up technology through lies and violence and hatred.

    Twit is sickening, from people you CANNOT trust!

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