The horror show continues

In a move of epic proportions that will certainly shake the foundations of human decency worldwide, Leo ‘n’ Lisa have now consummated their marriage on social media.

There aren’t enough puke buckets being manufactured in the four corners of the globe to contain the vomit that will be spewed after seeing these pair of Instagram accounts. (WARNING: THIS IS NOT A JOKE.) One account is Mr. Laporte, and the other is Mrs. Laporte.

Happy day!

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Lacing up

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21 thoughts on “The horror show continues”

  1. No I was not invited, it was very small and the ceremony was at their house. Lisa’s sister, Jeff and the news director were the only TWiT people there. This was done immediately after the divorce was final and Jennifer was paid.

    No friends and barely any family went. Lisa wore black. Padre did not officiate, Leo hates religion and thinks religious people are morons.

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  2. Ok they are married. Lets get up a pool on how long it lasts. 10$ each on the closest date Lisa tells Leo she has found another sugar daddy.
    Wonder what the pre-nup says and who get what? Leo an empty brickhouse and the sexy and beautiful Lisa a house and soaking tub. So Leo now is the time to reflet if this cupcake is gonna stick around or find someone else to manipulate. You are acting like an old fool. To late now scooter your in for the hard road, Best wishes, Sum

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