Remember when?

Is this Two Ton Tonya or Leo Laporte? It’s getting harder and harder to tell.

Remember when Leo laughed at his “Dr. Evil” chair and thought it was comically big? Take a gander at this recent screenshot and tell us if you think that the chair looks ridiculously big anymore.

#TotalDrama’s editorial board is concerned that Leo’s fat shoulders and girthy loins have imperiled the structural integrity of the wide-winged chair to such an extent as to not only strain credulity but the seat’s steel underpinnings as well.

13 thoughts on “Remember when?”

  1. and remember when Leo Laporte made a big deal of saying that he uninstalled Twitter off all his mobile devices and vowed never to have it back on….

    I guess he lied. Like all the other lies he tells. Though we knew that it was a lie just like he blocks ‘trolls’ because he is too attention hungry and even negative attention is better than no attention.

    Aside from everything Leo Laporte makes me think of Mr Creosote out of the Monty Python Skit.

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