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  1. Guess fat runs in the family poor Abby looks like she is packing up the pounds. Too bad she actually is very pretty. I’m sure she she will loose it. Hopefully she kicked the drug habit.

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    1. Oh my god. Can we please stop fat shaming around here?

      It’s bad enough that the primary complaint against Leo is that he’s overweight — which I still don’t understand. There are PLENTY of criticisms to levy against him. Why so much emphasis on his weight? — but extending that to others, especially his daughter who is not in any way attempting to be a public figure (she even stayed out of the camera shot when she asked for coffee money a few weeks ago, which everyone here thought was hilarious), is way out of line.

      I’m *THIS* close to quitting TD. This site is becoming the trolls Leo and Lisa claim you all are.

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      1. I agree the Abby attacks are pretty low-class, those are just a reflection of one’s immature character. Leo’s daughter and son and Lisa’s son should be off-limits for TD’s wrath. However anything even remotely tied to Leo’s misogyny or Lisa’s dismal management skills need a public spotlight.

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      2. I think Lisa is disgusting in every way and has ruined TWiT, and I think Leo has become a caricature of a physically deteriorating, tired, and obnoxious middle-aged man. I am especially appalled at the heavy-handed moderation (understatement) in #Twitlive.

        But the problem with this site and its IRC channel is that it’s insane to make hating a full-time occupation. To do that is as pathological as Dan’s living in #twitlive for ten years just to abuse innocent chatters.

        (I don’t know if Dan jumped or was pushed, but his non-stop trolling of the channel seems to be a thing of the past for about two months and counting. My best guess is that Leo asked him to take a break from his trolling, and when Dan realized he’d no longer have free-rein to terrorize the powerless, he decided that would make #twitlive no longer a fun place to hang-out).

        Anyway, hating as a full-time calling offers diminishing returns as there is only so much you can say. I think that’s why people start to drag in Abby and other people who should not be objects of Totaldrama’s wrath.

        I do enjoy the ability to be critical of anything, especially Totaldrama, here and in #totaldrama. After #Twitlive, it’s a breath of fresh air. But I think the project, for its own sake and long-term survival, needs to expand its focus beyond just hate for Leo and Lisa.

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    2. Too bad about her personality…. hate to be judgemental but the few times she’s shown up she seemed very snooty which isn’t a surprise given her parentage.

      Both of his kids honestly seem so dull, maybe it’s just an affluent California thing.

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  2. Lame post. That bumper music is fine. Nobody cares.

    Using Skype for your guests is still amateurish, though. I don’t care how many “big boys” are using it now. When you’re syndicated by PremRad, use a damn POTS line.

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      1. Also, Dick’s mustache is hiding a (probably nasty) scar he got from a boating accident a couple of decades ago.

        I think he told the story many times.

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  3. The song is called It’s A Gas. It’s an Alfred E. Neuman/MAD thang, and that is actually Dick belching. MAD used to include a thin flexible recording stitched into the magazine. There were a few versions of the song recorded. This is why it’s used as intro music for Dick on the radio show.

    I apologize for doing actual journalism that included research for the production of this forum comment. Carry on.

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  4. Abby is not a kid – she’s a fully grown adult. I think she’s 22. Although Leo treats her like a spoiled friggin 12 year old. She’s getting an Audi for Christmas apparently instead of the Civic Leo was planning on getting her. Needles is younger and gets bashed by the folks here for him being a bootlicker.

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    1. I know right? And he’s mentioned the Abby Audi story at least twice in detail.

      This guy is so crass. He doesn’t speak a penny his audience doesn’t hwrw about. Literally, other than gas or toilet paper he brags about everything.

      Wanna buy your kid a fucking Audi? Great, do it. I don’t know what Dvorak or Curry’s kids drive, this is not pertinent content you big sack of pudge.

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    1. Henry, remember when your dad would take pcs pics of you in your underwear, post it on Facebook. Then brag about it in podcasts for the world to hear? And how he said you had big balls.

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