Leo Laporte disrespects Steve Gibson

Bored tech scion Leo Laporte finally has dropped all pretense of caring one tiny fuck about his once-informative podcasting empire and instead has resorted to making fun of his hosts. Watch here as blabbering fraud Steve Gibson blah-blah-blahs his way through uninterrupted paragraph after mind-numbing paragraph of fakeness during a recent incomprehensible “Security Now” appearance. I hope Steve watches this to see just how much of a fool Leo makes him out to be.

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    1. Ok, here’s something nobody has mentioned. Cast your minds back to the last “we didn’t fire Chad” edition of Inside Twit.

      Leo said Security Now was the fastest growing show. Apparently it’d grown 28%. Yet they also said they “never market” Security Now.

      The weird reason given is because they don’t know what Steve’s going to talk about next week. But, whilst Steve will talk about things of personal interest (not least Spin Rite), the vast bulk of the shows rarely stray beyond Security Topics. Steve also FREQUENTLY says what he’s going to discuss next week (whether it’s Q&A or a specific topic). Shows like Twit are far more variable and unpredictable in every single way.

      Wouldn’t you want more people to advertize on your best growing show, to sell it more? Why wouldn’t Lisa like the show either? Why doesn’t she agree that it’s a successful show? Shouldn’t she be happy it’s their fastest growing show?

      Well, here’s a little something which could explain all these extremely odd contradictions..

      Back when Twit started Leo wanted to create a network where the talent wasn’t ripped off. He offered revenue share deals to the hosts. But, when the big truck of cash from companies like Ford came into view, they asked hosts to accept fixed salaries instead (for their benefit, you understand. Leo said so, and you know he wouldn’t lie.)

      Leo asked Steve, on air, to switch to a fixed salary too. Gibsons response, I believe, was “nahh, I’m good”. He refused to switch. This was back in the pre-Merritt cottage days, so it’s going back a while. Unless changes were forced on Steve, after this point, Steve may get as much as a 50% cut from the advert revenue Security Now generates.

      If someone were extremely greedy, vindictive, and controlling, and had failed to force a host onto a fixed salary (which everyone else had accepted) can you imagine they might have some major annoyance at this? Surely they wouldn’t sink as low as trying to teach that host a lesson by, say, not seeking to market their show? Or by treating the host in a very disrespectful manner, by doing things like not listening, and even leaving the room, when they’re supposed to be co-hosting a show with them?

      Remember this is just speculation, which I’m sure is wrong. I just thought I’d mention it, since it seems these very odd contradictions haven’t been commented on..

      Could it explain the book keepers complete lack of enthusiasm for selling the show? Could she actually be mad that a lone host held out for a fair deal from them?

      If Steve walked, so does most of the SN audience. It seems like the book keeper would be fine with that. She seems to think the cult is strong enough that sufficient numbers would continue to listen, even without Steve.

      I’m sure she’s got just the man to take over. Here comes her loveable tax deductible, charitable donation. We all know he’d do just as good of a job, without the inconvenience of actually paying anyone. Right?

      Steve has always had nice words to say about them. Naturally the opposite is not true. I wonder if Steve’s even aware of some of the wonderful on-air words which have been said about him?

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      1. Are there any ads on Security Now? I always assumed Steve does it mostly in exchange for allowing him to read out his very lengthy Spinride stories (and for establishing him as one of the best known security experts on the net).

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  1. At least he wasn’t talking about Spinride. Every time Gibson reads those letters about how Spinride saved millions of lives, I feel like doing the same as Leo…

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    1. Gibson lives in a world that time forgot. He advocates windows xp and peddles his dubious software that does little more than fsck. Tech Snap is the podcast you want if you prefer to hear people that are discussing modern day security while having an actual conversation. These uninterrupted diatribes about sod all are tedious to listen to, and generally contain advice that’s correct only if you want to so things the most awkward/kackhanded way.

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      1. I really like Techsnap too and recommend it highly if you’re a Security Now fan. I think Steve Gibson has an endless amount of information to share and credit him for numerous selfless contributions to make online usage safer and better for everyone, but I do find his verbal skills a little dry at times and following his speech patterns can sometimes be a little difficult. (When he’s just having conversations with Leo that’s fine but when he switches into his ‘lecture mode’ his stuttering can make any presentation a little hard to follow.) One contrasting and really enlightening aspect to Jupiter Broadcasting’s Techsnap is that both hosts, Chris and Allan, respectively have been and are working network admins so their discussions can be more relevant and engaged about current issues. Leo on the other hand can really talk it up in certain circles but he needs to recognize his legacy notoriety can only extend so far in discussing some tech issues.

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    2. He’s very hate-able… what is worse than someone who has no official expertise or education yet speaks on whatever he wishes?

      I roll my eyea everytime he mentions his research…. damn wannabe academic.

      e.g. The special Gibson and Leo did on dieiting or eating well or something. It was full of so much unfounded dumb information.

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    1. It’s not random gibberish – he was trying to explain exactly how SSLs work – something more tech people should know about, and few people do. It’s not the most thrilling topic, but if you do any sort of web-based IT support, you really should understand how certificates work.

      I don’t know what the hell Leo was doing except being extremely rude.

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        1. You know what might have helped if viewers were feeling lost? A co-host who would interrupt/ask questions, etc.

          Soup knew full well that Steve would go and explain everything and he had no desire to listen to it or be part of it.

          Leo is supposed to be the professional host – Steve just does this as a hobby. I cut Steve slack.

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  2. …blabbering fraud Steve Gibson blah-blah-blahs his way through uninterrupted paragraph after mind-numbing paragraph of fakeness…

    Classic & so true. From a WordPress article in 2009, ‘He claims to be a security researcher. He has never posted a messaged to the Bugtraq, FD, or any other mailing list. He has never attended a conference, published a paper, discovered a vulnerability or written proof of concept code. Indeed, any other high profile people in the industry consider him to have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Here is what Fyodor, author of the nmap scanner thinks. To quote: Gibson is a charlatan whose “research” is written for clueless media reporters (for press attention) and the teeming masses of internet newbies (to whom he sells various products). His “findings” are not new, are always filled with massive hyperbole, and are frequently completely false.’

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  3. What a self centered arrogant but plug. I know Steve can yammer on at times, but thats not how you treat people who help build your so called network. Ive read some comments here about Steves credentials, but I ‘ve seen 1000 times worse with some of Leos guest hosts. I’ve seen people on the network who seems like they were some homeless idiots looking for attention. I think Leo picks on Steve because his guest so often complement Steve and not Leo when it comes to SN. If your so great Leo, pull the plug on all your hosts and see were you’ll be, cause you headed downhill. Get a grip on it Leo, your destroying your own castle.

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    1. You’re right – Steve knows more than the average TWiT host or guest and I do use his password generator page. But as for his security prognostications, I take with a grain of salt.

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  4. I don’t get it, Léo is clearly performing for his studio audience and/or colleagues while Steven is doing his monologue stick.

    We know and have seen how Steven gets when he is interrupted, so how is not interrupting him disrespectful?

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  5. The problem with SN is that Steve drones on and on about stuff most people don’t care about. How much time did he spend in that segment talking about security certificates!!?!? Who cares! Maybe a sysadmin but they represent a tiny fraction of the audience.

    This is Leo’s fault. Leo needs to reign Steve in and get him focused on weeding out the chaff and sticking to security news that affects everyone. This is why SN is much better when Padre is on because Padre actually interacts with Steve and gets him to discuss the meat of the problem.

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