10 thoughts on “RIGHT & WRONG”

      1. Does Dan also fawn over air headed female tech reporters merely because they are females? Amber and Sarah are boring and uninformed, they can’t carry a show by themselves. So TDs unabashed love for these two makes me wonder if the writers need to get laid. I mean neither are very pretty and suck to listen to, so what’s the fascination?

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  1. OH that man is just too sick and I am not talking about the great Francisco Burana! I’m talking about FFF, the Friar that thought that the title meant he could eat anything that was given a dip in oil, including his hair.

    How can anyone be so narcissistic that he takes multiple pictures of himself in several poses and photoshops them together. This is something that you would expect from Soup but not a man of God who it seems has lost his way. Soup has been a bad influence on the Friar!

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