36 thoughts on “Mike Elgum doesn’t know who his guests are”

    1. TD is badly in need of moderation. I realize that there’s a line between filtering and censorship that’s really difficult to define but at the same time there are some things that are clearly just bullshit.
      If this site was ever intended to be a valid anti-TWIT site with pertinent info on the bizarre downfall that Leo and Lisa have brought onto themselves it needs to ‘grow up’ a bit. Of course if this is just a place for haters, trollers, and all of us disillusioned podcast fans to just dump on TWIT than, well never mind.

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  1. I know you guys are being snarky with your own comments saying how bad the site is but don’t be like TWIT and insult your own readers, its really depressing.

    I agree with thoughtpolyp, I thought this was going to be a place for documenting the insanity of the TWIT downfall. I see that I was wrong, and it is turning into a place that is more degrading than TWIT.

    Good luck fellas, I hope you can turn it around, because I think there is a place for an unfiltered view of TWIT.

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    1. You’re a perfect example of the problem John. You are just trolling on others to stir up things while you hide behind the anonymity of your keyboard. The actual issue some of us feel is we’re disappointed that TD is just a dumping ground for rants and not a reputable source exposing the underlying crap at TWIT. Instead of being an actual threat, TD is devolving right into what Leo and Lisa are fervently hoping for, just a place for trolls and nonsensical bitching.

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    1. Damn, I’ve actually done that before. Very embarrassing, sorry.

      Anyway, not-John, if TD should turn into a primarily troll fed site than Leo and Lisa can always point to one of the most nonsensical postings and smugly state, “See, nothing of substance over there. It’s all lies and other stuff they make up in their heads.” In essence they will have won and that just sucks.

      Really pertinent stories like how Lisa screwed up on a massive scale when she nixed Amber MacArthur become diminished by the pointless fluff. Lisa loves to tout her CEO of TWIT credentials but there’s example after example of how her overall management skills are amateurish at best.

      As for Leo and his sick, misogynistic attitude, I wasn’t aware this is something that goes quite a ways back even at his previous jobs. This is something I only learned reading through some of the postings here at TD, I thought he had only let his perversions out the past few years when he felt secure enough inside his own TWIT network.

      This is the kind of stuff I’d hate for Leo and Lisa to just sweep under the rug and hide from the public.

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    1. That’s what we’re resorting to now? When people say something about TWiT they don’t like, they get called “trolls.” When people say something about Total Drama you don’t like, they get called “TWiT staffers”?

      Like I said, this site is becoming a parody of itself, which is sad because it did a really good job calling out Leo and Lisa’s bullshit… once.

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        1. I second that and….
          Mark Milian is my dream boy!
          And to make it clear, I didn’t mean boy as in boy but boy as in man boy type boy man?!

          So.. Fuck it, I’ll just go with that then!

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    1. I find Leo’s harassment much less egregious than your criminally lame attempts at humor.

      I’ve grown to absolutely loathe Leo and his gargoyle mistress even more. I love the idea of a site dedicated to exposing their dirty deeds, but I don’t think you’re the person to run it.

      I’m hoping at some point you produce a watchable video that doesn’t leave me feeling more embarrassed for you than Leo. Please just create clips of the Soup’s own horrible words and actions. The editing, sound effects, and “comedy” are unnecessary and just AWFUL.

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    1. Molly, Hmmm, isn’t that what you are! You cannot claim that you are anything other than a Troll! The opinions people post on here are wanted opinions and thus they are not Trolling. You on the other hand has an opinion that is not asked for and not wanted and therefore YOU ARE A TROLL!

      Now get back out on the streets. You’re cult leader needs you to make him some money!

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    2. You still here Molly?
      You have more staying power than this old queer, and that’s the truth!
      Enjoy your stay 🙂 I outa here, last post, and haven’t watched anything TwiT in weeks now, it’s all good.


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    1. I would say that almost all, if not all, that post or comment here on Total Drama do have lives. We have accepted the name that we were labelled with, the accusation that we were trolls while the only act that most of us were guilty of was having a difference of opinion with at a host at TWiT. Usually it is Leo Laporte that has chosen to chastise and label a person because they pointed out that he was factually wrong in a statement and for that they were accused of being a troll.

      Others, it was because they called out Mike Elgan when he made blatant lies on camera or on Google+ and others that pointed out that the Friar is factually incorrect. Similarly those that point to Jeff Jarvis and accuse him of being corrupt and failing to disclose facts pertinent to his acceptance of income from Google or that he travels the world cheerleading or fighting Google’s corner.

      I have long stood by the conviction that, just as Leo Laporte spouts an unwanted opinion about goods or services which are mostly negative statements (unless he is being paid by the company and then that decides how positive the review or statement is) and hides behind the banner of being a Pundit (an abused statement that seems to be fostered by Leo, Mike and others at theTWiT Shit House) I believe that we are merely pundits and should be referred to as TWiT Pundits.

      One of the problems that “UncleLeo” and “Molly” have is that they don’t understand that they don’t have to visit Totaldrama.org they don’t have to read the comments and they don’t have to be offended. They choose to come here and make their statements. In fact there is something that ties this “Abusive John”, Uncle Leo and Molly together!

      When people post comments anywhere they have to remember that their actions come under the purview of people that can find out so very much about you and yes, sadly, so much is known about you and you really do need to have better security on your devices that you are posting from.

      I have sat back and watched the TD site be trolled and chortled muchly! The difference between the real fans of TD and those over at Leo’s Cult is that we see through the putrid corruptness that is Leo Laporte and we openly discuss it here. In the past 7-10 days though Leo’s little army of cult members has taken on themselves to try and tar Total Drama as a racist, sexist website by logging into the IRC and posting racist comments and by posting comments such the one above about Ms Lane.

      All I’ll say to those Trolling TD that you cannot come here and troll and then sit back while that creepy old Cunt Jarvis and Sick Pervert Laporte and Supporter of the actions of these two ‘Gina Trapani whom operate double standards, bemoaning “being Trolled” while Trolling others. In fact their whole 16 week rant about Trolling started with them Trolling John C Dvorak with Leo making a snide shitty remark and Jarvis slapping the desk in delight and saying “Good One Leo!”. We at TD are quite thick skinned and you posting comments deriding us just shows that TWiT operates on double standards. It is okay for them, or people that have decided to represent them, to Troll but not for them to be Trolled by others! What a bunch of sad people UncleLeo, that person using the name John (not the other John but the one high up there at the top) and writing nastiness about Sarah Lane, and finally Molly. All I can say to the three of of those identities is “Welcome to the club, you are equally as much Trolls as the ‘Pundits’ you detest so much and have posted your comments about”.

      PS. Check your C: Drives!

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  2. Ghost Dog,HelloWorld and the other fine TD content authors , us trolls could use new material + it gives the TWiT spy’s a reason to run back to the Black Hole and pitter patter about.

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    1. Hey Chad long time how is it going, sure happy to be away from that fat ass slob and the dirty pig whore. I do miss seeing Abbey S nice tits, guess Leo got pissed when he caught her sucking my dick.

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  3. Bunch of morons, “that’s close enough” is a saying said – often in the Midwest – when someone is dead ON with something. It’s sarcasm, that is EXACTLY how she says her name.

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