CODING 101 – 102 = -3?

Don't ask what is on hands!
Don’t ask what is on his hands!

There are those who say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ now it can be said that ‘psychosis is the mother of crap.’ Father Rob’s unending quest to avoid seeing Helloworld’s illustrious tweets, combined with his unquenchable desire for attention, has caused the world to merit seeing this marvel of nothingness. I bring you today, a complete waste of time.

…and no one cares

….stop acting like a douche also works to curtail trolling

They changed the format, no more coding, remember

Thought that would get more favs

One major blow after another as the world was unable to get its hands on the magical code or see Padre’s Corner. We understand the need to keep this gem hidden from patent trolls but luckily our boys used their electronic archeological skeellz to unearth the coding treasure:

10 Scan DBase /tweets $A:$ZZZZZZ [time* <1 hour]
20 If Tweet = "padre is a jerk" then 80, else 30
30 If Tweet = "padre is a putz" then 80, else 40
40 If Tweet = "padre's a moron" then 80, else 50
50 If Tweet = "padre's a clown" then 80, else 60
60 If Tweet = "padre AND [expletive dbase]" then
   80, else 70
70 If Tweet = "padre is fat" then 80, else 90
80 Block twitter /user - $A:$ZZZZZZ
90 Goto 10

A masterpiece like this may stave off his sabbatical for another year but if the inevitable fortunes keep him away from Leo n’ Lisa it may not be what the doctor ordered. Helloworld was not immediately available for comment.

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15 thoughts on “CODING 101 – 102 = -3?”

  1. It does seem that Friar Fat Fuck seems to boast of all these marvels of programming but his coding was mediocre at best when displayed on Coding 101 before. I remember suggesting that if they were going to utilize if.. functions in C# to manage menu choices that it is far cleaner to use the switch and case functionality built in that would have made cleaner, more readable code.

    I could have expected clunky coding from a MS employee, we have windows to demonstrate such bloated coding.

    Whenever that creepy assed Friar tweets some shit out about having written a script or a code it usually tends to be blind threats.

    In fact we saw this past couple of days that Leo Laporte does not block the people he claims are trolls! He read and commented on a tweet by Francisco Burana telling Lisa Fleisher (is that Fliesher — TNT can’t make their mind up) making a statement that this person was a troll with multiple twitter id’s and both commenters she was conversing with in the tweet dialogue were one and the same person. (He spoke in singular and we must assume that to be what he was referencing). Since I was the other party using my own Twitter name. Several of you know that I use my personal twitter account on twitter to post comments. therefore upon reading the Laporte Tweet I merely added a tweet deny that I was a troll and accused Leo of trying to silence those that are critical of him. Either way he has to be lying about blocking “Trolls” or he would not have been able to read the tweets in the first place.

    Going back to that Fat Friar (concidence that it rhymes with Liar)
    it does seem that he needs to follow the readings of the bible more closely and treat it as a role model

    James 4:6 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

    Proverbs 26:12 Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

    to name just two references decrying the boastfulness of the Fat Friar.

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  2. I’m convinced that Father Ballsucker’s parish (or whatever it’s called) doesn’t give a fuck about him. Otherwise they’d shut this garbage down. Stop trying to prevent your detractors from pointing out the truth about you, Padre and go feed the poor.

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  3. I don’t know what it is (well kind of), but the Fat Friar gives me the f’n creeps. Maybe it is the fact he touts himself as a ‘godly’ man yes makes the most arrogant, narcissistic, braggart comments of any host on the network (sorry Jarpiss you take a close second). Personally – I just can’t stand him. If he really is a man of the cloth – maybe he should follow his leader the pope and do some good instead of playing with toys and acting like your creepy uncle that you refuse to leave your children alone with.

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    1. And I ask again… what is up with that skin disease on his hands????

      He trys to hide it by using gloves on pre-recorded stuff but neglects it while he’s ‘live’ on air. Huh? It is very creepy to see this close-up. Is this a pinoy (or pinay maybe? lol) problem or just him putting his hands in bad places?

      Really, if you have a problem just wear gloves & keep your hands out of the cookie jar.

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  4. I’m pleased to see others have the same view of ‘the padre’ as I do. He comes across as one of those real amateur know it all types who has read the books but hasn’t had to do it in the real world.

    Whenever I see a bit of twiet(?) I can’t help but laugh. He talks as if he has years of enterprise experience, when in fact he has a few servers he runs for a hobby. That combined with a co-presenter from a university…completely non-enterprise!!

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    1. Father Ballsucker SJ gives that image of a person that is fake, has something to hide but at the same is a ‘look at me’ attention whore.

      If he put as much focus on caring for those in need, those that are sick and less on fawning over a wealthy morbidly obese middle aged old man. He obviously has not grasped the message that the leader of his church has preached. He really does need to follow the example of the Pontiff and help those that are in need of care rather than being at the beck and call of Leo Laporte!

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      1. Sometimes I catch the end of TWiET, when he runs long and into TN2 time slot (TN2 starring the lovely and talented Sarah Lane) and at the end of his show, he thanks Leo and Lisa.
        The guy works free and then thanks them for letting him serve.

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  5. I just realized, I don’t listen to any podcasts with padre as a host. Huh? I’m about ready to unsubscribe from twit, since Dvorak has only been on once a few months.

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  6. In the Padre’s Twitter account profile, his location is listed as “Right behind you.”

    The last place I want to find a Catholic priest is “right behind” me.

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    1. I know right? This guy’s lack of awareness about how he comes across is only second to Leo at TWiT… like why even joke about that when you’re a Catholic proeat? Oh right, he’s clueless.

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  7. Of course he’s a phony. This guy have up women for the pursuit of God, yet his day job does nothing to further his cause or serve his God in any fashion.

    His outfit is a sham, his voice is fake and he’s incredibly unlikeable. He does nothing to put Christians in a good light… but he did install Skype for the pope so the Vatican needs him on the payroll.

    Seriously, do we know the story behind his being a priest? It makes no sense and cheapens the whole man of God thing

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