Mike Elgum can still barely speak

Mike Elgum continues his march to irrelevancy by still not bothering to move his lips consistent with the skills of a real broadcaster. In this clip from a recent “Tech News Today” show, watch the bumbler-in-chief butcher a simple location shout-out. There’ll be no global reporting for you, Mr. Elgum…not with such a childish grasp of geography or an even more tenuous grasp on the difference between tiny household pets and English towns.

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    1. As in the description that this Deceiver gave where he said that TWiT would become the go to place to get the latest news and breaking news yet the only breaking news was an almost 24 hour old update by Google that they had added “polls” to their social media.

      The ticker running along the bottom of the screen never materialized and I gave up following the TWiT breaking news Twitter handle because it never sent anything out that was “Breaking”. I’ve broken more wind in the last 5 minutes than TWiT has broken news! though I must admit they have broken Skype multiple times and seem to blame everyone else yet consistently problems seem to occur for TWiT more than any other company that uses Skype!

      In fact K.C. if they ‘read stories’ instead of having the sources of the story come on and read it to him and then have to answer stupid questions that 9 times out of 10 are not relevant to the news piece. Then endure him going off on a tangent because he planned on them answering in a certain way and respond with what he has on the auto queue even when you can see on his face that what he expected to them say was the total opposite point of view that they actually did voice.

      A friend I know in the TV Media told me that he is on a “Shit List” of people that are nothing but bad hacks that you can see through them and their fake abilities and that is why he has gone through so many jobs over the years and moves around so often.

      In fact it was this friend that told me to watch that film from years ago with John Cusack in called the Grifters and said “That’s the Elgans”!

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      1. That’s one of the problems with news “Shows”, I’ve already read it. TNT was about Tom, Sarah, Iyaz and Jason, not really the news. I always watched, because I like them.

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    2. I remember asking Leo via the IRC (which he actually responded to on the air, believe it or not) back in the Spring about doing remote news reports (like he ‘talked’ about during an edition of Inside TWiT) where he’d, for example, send Elgum out to Thailand at a moment’s notice if there were an issue at a HDD manufacturing plant so they could get the story straight from the source. I mentioned in the IRC that doing that would be very expensive. Believe it or not he said ‘It wouldn’t be expensive at all’. Yes, that is a direct quote from the horse’s mouth.

      Which then begs the question why hasn’t he done a single remote news story yet that involves Elgum travelling to the source to do that hard hitting investigative reporting? The only remote reporting (I use that term very loosly as they weren’t reporting at all, only rehashing what we already knew) I can think of was done by Rene Richie & Andy Ihnatko for the recent Apple Watch announcement, and they weren’t sent by TWiT, they were invited by Apple. (if there’s been a remote story involving Elgum, please correct me as I’m not aware of any)

      TWiT has totally gone to the crapper, IMO, since TM was let go. Lisa has had at least 3 years to make TWiT not revolve around LL and she’s (in an admission found on her own web site) completely failed. Any competent leader would have recognized TM as being the heir apparent to LL. However, Lisa somehow missed that obvious little nugget and would rather have people who’ll be content with kissing her ass (I meant that figuratively, but someone does that literally, it would seem).

      LL talks about wanting to retire and sell off TWiT. Unfortunately, as any competent person would realize, if 90% of the revenue is from one person who is planning on retiring after TWiT is sold, why would anyone buy TWiT? Anyone who’d purchase TWiT would very likely contractually force LL to remain as on-air talent for at least 2 more years. Could you see LL staying on that long if he’s not in charge……didn’t think so. It’s also likely any new owner would want to dump the existing executive(s) from TWiT for their complete inability to grow TWiT beyond LL.

      But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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      1. Well, what about the catholic church buying out twit studios? It could be propaganda central for the pope, why padre is at twit in the first place. We have fought for years for equal rights for gays, and now we have them, from the united states government, and we no longer listen to the crap and hatred against gays by the catholic church, among other religions, and their puppets in the irc. The church is two faced, pretending to be something that church doctrine will not allow-gays to be accepted for who they are, so they lie too, so twit is not someone you can trust anymore. The TRUST is gone.

        Believe me, it is not just you that feels that way towards twit.

        Just turn it OFF, you can not trust them, what they have to say is nothing, we are just not interested in beds or dogs or even shaving so it is just not relevant anymore what they say, so just leave.

        You will feel sooooo good about yourself again, free open your mind, twit as a brand is dust.

        Podcasting is just like old media on the television, and when the commercials become, well, stupid and endless, we are just moving on. That may be a problem if you work in the podcasting club, but as a listener, just turn the dial………..

        Seems the Guardian has so many good stories seems they are the only ones left doing unbiased reporting on US events.

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      2. “Which then begs the question why hasn’t he done a single remote news story yet that involves Elgum travelling to the source to do that hard hitting investigative reporting?”, because that costs money and the CeHo spent all of it on Niners Season Tickets and vacations.

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  1. Hamster = Hampshire = New Hampshire??

    Born and bred in the UK and I can honestly say I haven’t heard a worse pronunciation of an English Town and County by an American …. ….. ever.

    Does Elgum really know how to speak correctly without tripping up over his own tongue and ‘amazing’ intellect?

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    1. Similarly as someone born and brought up in the UK and have to deal with people in the States Mispronouncing english places and having to tell them things like Thames being pronounces Tems and not how it is spelt #Gum has been the worst. For a “Well travelled Hack” this grifter has failed to learn to pronounce place names.

      Maybe we can put this example down to drinking too much rubbing Alcohol at his son’s wedding to an unsuspecting (though we noticed quickly realizing that she is a) victim of a Grift by this god awful family of con merchants!

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  2. Nice drone footage! Wow. News?

    What was today?

    1. drone (wedding flyover)
    2. I forgot the rest.

    And bad audio and video on all guests.

    Why not pick one guest. Engage that guest in a conversation. Not just little sound bites. Something that requires skill by the host.

    Gum interviewing; nope, never.

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  3. They did a breaking news story once, when Ocuslus VR was bought by Facebook. That was it, everything else was scheduled live news, the same way they did it before. Absolutely nothing changed besides the host. Actually, when Balmer stepped down I think Tom did a breaking news live with Paul. When the new CEO was hired they just waited until TNT started. This is not a knock on Mike so much as a knock on management for thinking anyone could a job that requires a tremendous amount of skill.

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