8 thoughts on “Leo Laporte is just gross”

  1. Needs a jesuit exorcism – soon! as padre may be heading to Rome with Francis turning the Vatican into WoodStock. Sarah muttered something about people talking about the $400k IPT cost (grossly exaggerated $) after the show Tues – it’s sad but she along w/ Jason Howell, Chad and a bundle of technical people are financial tethered to this erratic deteriorating old Yale legacy dropout. Meanwhile Tom, Amber, JRY, Brian and Shannon are all thriving. KARMA

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me. This is a man that will happily make unsuitable comments in front of children in his audience. This is man that proclaims that TWiT will be the CNN/CNBC (depending on how he’s hanging mentally as to which one he wants to refer to) of Tech News.

    Yet time and again he, yes HE the great LEO LAPORTE, is the one that drags the quality down to sewer TV level.

    I watched the BYB segment when it was filmed, in fact I didn’t catch it the first couple of times, I had mentally switched off to what he was saying and it had become like the Teacher on Charlie Brown, before it hit me.

    Not only that but his vocally challenged News Director joined in the fray and laughed like it was something to be proud of when a normal human being would say “STOP!”. Yet he held NSFW under a standard where they were at risk of cancellation for what they said and they never once made comments such as that one while the show ran on TWiT!

    This is a terrible standard of production that there is no control over this man, why doesn’t the Gold Digger go out and cut the feed and sanction him. In a proper Media environment that stream would be playing non-stop in the office and someone would be out and sanction the person.

    Do we wonder why TechTV sent him on his merry way?? Do we? Or do we now know exactly why!

    Leo Laporte is an animal that needs to either be gotten under control or put down!

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    1. Yeah I noticed an uptick in its frequency about 3-4 years ago, which made me unsubscribe from many of his podcast. Not a prude but it just seemed so gross coming from him.

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