Leo Laporte really doesn’t know much

Techblub Leo Laporte really doesn’t know what he’s talking about as evidenced here from this call to his weekend radio show “The Tech Guy” proves. One of the most basic concepts of computer science, the algorithm, nearly eludes the plump fuck as he stumbles and bumbles his way through another boring show.

10 thoughts on “Leo Laporte really doesn’t know much”

  1. This was the point that people not in the TWiT CULT should have said to themselves, “He really is a dumb ass! He really doesn’t know what he is talking about! This Man really is a Troll and not a pundit and not an expert or “Tech Guy”! Why am I listening to or watching this Shit!”

    I really do feel that this man should not be doing a show that gives advice to people when he cannot be impartial when it comes to products he is supposed to recommend.

    I tried and tried today to give him one more try and I failed dismally! Apart from that, even though I have lots of bandwidth it buffered, then buffered then buffered again and again. Didn’t matter which stream I tried which just added to the annoyance because I got regular snippets of stupidity coming for Laportes gob and I have to say, If I had been in that studio audience I would be in a cell right now for slapping him around, gladly I believe that I would never be allowed within those walls.

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  2. I don’t want to make him sound more like an imbecile that he really is but if you are wanting to describe an Algorithm, especially when you are talking about Google’s search Algorithm why don’t you type into the search box at Google the question:


    Lazy fat fuck can’t be bothered even typing something in and then flaps around like a headless chicken trying to come up with a reason why someone don’t show up on page 1 of search anymore.

    It does seem strange though, I even deleted a whole website and all that is left is the web address but I can find my old products still showing up on the first page after 4 years of the site no longer being there. Kind of blows the cretinous idiot’s answer to the guy out of the water.

    Now maybe he should have said “I really don’t know! I’m only pretending to be knowledgeable for as long as I can scam Premier Radio out of a huge chunk of change and when they realize I am as thick as dog shit I will be off the air and on my way to obscurity where I belong!” then at least it would have been an accurate answer.

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  3. The show is an anachronism; when you have the sum of world knowledge at your fingertips, why do you need to call a lard ass to get a long winded opine? People would be better off asking their tech questions to Google Now, Siri or Cortana.

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  4. This show is basically a pawn for old people or newbies alike; see how he rejects serious tech questions. That is because he’s not a serious tech person, he’s an entertainer who likes to play a tech person.

    In fact most of the stuff on the TWiT network is fluff; go ahead, ask a serious question, leave a serious comment. I guarantee you 100% that he will ignore it and go for the goofiest, most insane comment out there.

    Don’t bother trying to call into the Tech Guy show, you’ll just be hung up by that Heather shrill.

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    1. Yeah, it’s sad how TWiT has devolved into fluff. The only way to fix TWiT at this point would be if one of us won the lottery, bought TWiT, and ousted the Soupguzzler.

      Soup’s got no interest in tech these days. He’s not a “geek” like he sometimes claims to be. He’s a wealthy media guy whose primary interest is entertainment. I won’t deny that he does have an interest in tech and that he does have knowledge of a lot of tech pre-2010, but he’s pretty clueless about modern tech. Once he started going out with Lisa, she consumed his life, and now he doesn’t take the time to stay on top of the tech industry anymore. Every modern tech question on TTG has to be answered by the chatroom, and on the roundtable shows, Soup would rather have a Bill O’Reilly-style argument than an intelligent discussion about tech.

      Even though Leo was more into tech back in the CFH/TSS days, I wonder how many questions had to be answered in advance by the producers and other staff. I’m sure Leo knew the basic/intermediate stuff, but the producers (and Patrick and Kevin) probably had to provide the answers to the advanced stuff. I apologize if I’m wrong about this, but I’m just saying that it wouldn’t surprise me if this were the case.

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