7 thoughts on “Leo admits that nobody is watching”

  1. Bravo for catching his little slip of honesty!

    Though we already knew it. When you have a news director actively trying to get you to view the show using multiple platforms all of which will count them in your view count as separate views because they are separate platforms.

    Looks like even with their News Deflector #Gum trying to inflate the figures for his show with this fraudulent activity it is obvious that viewing figures are not as good as they desire them to be.

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  2. Not defending TWiT, but isn’t this clip misleading? He’s just saying he can’t get ratings from Nielsen the way normal networks (ABC, NBC, AMC, FX, USA, etc.) do, right?

    That doesn’t mean no one is watching – just that Nielsen doesn’t recognize TWiT as an authentic network to give legitimacy to by monitoring their content.

    I can’t blame Nielsen – TWiT from outward appearances, despite the new studio, seems incredibly pithy/miniscule in scale.

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  3. Okay, now I know you guys are trolling. Or just really stupid. Because had you actually watched the video, you would have noticed the news article talking about how Nielson is going to rate internet shows. The other stuff you guys post is good, but are you really desperate on material that you mislead your audience, you fucking hypocrites.

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