Jeff Jarvis is still just an old man

Jeff Jarvis is an old man who has worn out his welcome with the former fans of “This Week in Google.” He was once an engaging, jovial personality. But recently has been infected with the sadness and negativity of the entire TWiT operation. He mostly just whines and yells out grumpy opinions that nobody really wants to hear anymore.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Jarvis is still just an old man”

  1. I never understood why anyone would want to listen to this guy.

    I’ve tuned into TWiG afew times over the years, and the entire show is purely focused on stupid apps and Google-related projects that fizzle out of popularity or internal support within 6-12 months.

    On top of that, Jarvis is convinced that Google is the best of the best and thinks all Google products should be embraced and used 24/7.

    Sorry Jarvis – Google is kinda shit nowadays. It has a few good products, but they keep screwing with them and turning people off of the entire ecosystem.

    And as for Jarvis himself, I hate his voice.

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    1. Got to remember Jarvis is pushing Google like crazy because he has shares in them and they pay for much of his travels and jaunts to all these ‘summits’. He goes to represent the interest of Google.

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  2. Why is the even called This Week in Google anyways? When I’ve watched it they hardly ever talk about Google, with the exception of the Change Log by Gina. I’ve suggested calling it midWiT several times in the IRC, with those replying telling to to just shut up.
    I’m thinking Leo called it TWiG strictly for the advertising because if Google wasn’t in the title ratings would drop.
    But that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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