18 thoughts on “Jeff Jarvis appears to be unstable”

  1. This Week in Google, MacBreak Weekly, and Windows Weekly are all painfully boring shows. There just isn’t enough interesting information about those companies to produce many hours worth of output on a weekly basis.

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    1. Windows Weekly is a good show, handicapped b Leo. Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo-Foley make the show interesting, but I think Leo insists that the topic always stays on Windows and Microsoft.

      That’s why Paul (and Mary Jo often) does WHAT THE TECH, so they can talk about the bigger picture, instead of rambling about minutia week-in, week-out.

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  2. While JJ was listing towards Brooklyn – on TWIG – did Gina actually use the term Ass Eating Googlers? This of course during the live version ? It’s been a pretty salty few weeks on this PG network!

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  3. Poor guy, senility and dementia. Does he really think that Google give a fuck about his opinions and screaming into a camera isn’t communication with them. Maybe he just spends his time screaming at the camera and thinks it is how you contact people!

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    1. He comes across as an old fart desperately trying to stay relevant, by focusing all of his focus and energy on mobile devices and services.

      Jarvis, those are aimed at Millennials and some Gen Xrs, NOT aging Baby Boomers.

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  4. It’s odd but Paul is most interesting when talking about things other than microsoft. His point of view on Apple is fabulous because it comes from covering a competitor and watching them grow, succeed and fail. I can’t believe I used the word “fabulous.”

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    1. I don’t think it is odd that Paul is more interesting when talking about non-microsoft stuff. Let’s face it, if you talked about MS and MS alone for an hour with Leo Laporte you would start to sound boring since it is a one sided conversation!

      Proper journalists (and Steve Jobs was right when he said that Leo Laporte is not a Journalist as he doesn’t go and find the news he regurgitates the news that others have found so however much Leo Laporte claims to be one he is not and never was) don’t just look at a single angle when you start doing that you become a hack and then what happens from the other angles that may give bother clarity and body to a piece is lost and it is merely a biased inaccurate piece of writing.

      In fact this is an issue with all the shows on TWiT. They are designed to have an overwhelming bias towards a particular platform. Hopefully to maximize those that cannot sit in the middle and have to join the Apple Tribe, Android Tribe, Windows Tribe, or Blackberry Tribe etc.

      If Laporte really wanted to save money by cutting shows he would combine the AAA with TWiG, it’s really the same freaking thing. They sit and talk mostly about Android. In fact they could start one all about moaning about Trolls, since TWiG seems to be getting to be more like that every week.

      The App shows for iOS and Android could be combined where they talked about freaking App’s. Got to face it the apps tend to be on both platforms. But wait, extend it and have fat boy sit in and tell us all about app’s for Windows.

      Marketing Mavericks could be combined with Triangulation. It seems to me it is really the same shit most of the time. She has someone that is supposed to be interesting from a company and talks about what they do and Fatboy has someone from a company or a person trying to hawk a product to the viewers with hidden advertising like the ‘Evernote’ infomercial episode of Triangulation. In fact they could add the all new ‘Coding 101’ to that mix since it’s no longer tutorial it’s more about having someone guest and chat with a lard bucket creep Friar!

      They could dump that biased cocksucking prick Elgum and replace him with Sarah Lane and another ‘in-studio’ host rather than these people that Elgum has had to find because they cannot find anyone that wants to work with the Trolling Nazi Prick! Have one Decent show each day with news and talk about the news of the day. How many times has anyone watched a TN2 and then the same story has been on TNT and vice versa?

      You see it is impossible to have that because that inane asshole of a pick Elgum cannot maintain a conversation without talking in tongues or using riddles that you spend the rest of the day trying to work out how to decide the sentences into something meaningful.

      In fact if we stepped back and looked at the programming on TWiT even further and they really were concerned with the cost of programming instead of eradicating those that old HPD Laporte thinks are ‘against him’ or won’t give him full total focus as the center of their world there would be half the shows because he tends to duplicate them and they talk about the same subject over and over and over again!

      It seems strange that Paul and Mary Jo are never asked to participate in a TWiT? Yet they have some guests that can’t even speak.

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  5. The best part is that he feels the need to insert “I love you guys” into the rant against Google. It is sometimes embarassing just how much he sucks up to a company he is supposed to observe. Not sure how someone with that understanding of journalism can become a professor of the same discipline!

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    1. He must teach people how to be the Shill for a company that it is in your interest to promote because you have shares in. A company that pays for jaunts around the globe to promote those interests. He is not a professor of Journalism, he is a Professor or rather Professional of Native Advertising and TWiG is another show that is totally a huge native advertisement for all things Google.

      When #Soup goes on rants about shutting up shop the moment he has to have “Native Advertising” on TWiT it just proves that he is incompetent. As soon as he received a Caspar bed it became native advertising. The moment he started shaving during a show it became a Native Advertisement. The moment they start reading out ‘Glowing letters’ of thanks from people that have used that drive repair utility it becomes native advertising. The moment Elgum showed the website belonging to his son it became a Native Advertisement. Think up is purely natively advertised. It is a cruddy analytics website that takes data from Twitter. I wonder how they can promote it now that Laporte allegedly isn’t using Twitter at all now. Either way to promote it in that advertising style Laporte uses makes it NATIVE ADVERTISING. Probably the most advertising the website has ever gotten.

      Jarpiss has not Journalistic ethics. If there is dime involved he will snatch it up and promote that product for you. The same goes for that Hack Laporte and the other Hack Elgum. They don’t have an ounce of talent between them when it comes to Journalism and they are just hacks. They take others people’s work and regurgitate it as their own. They’re so fucking lazy they even get the people that they are taking the work from to read it to them. Come on assholes, learn to report the news not have someone else do it for you!

      That’s today’s second irritated rant about this old has been and his buddies.

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      1. Yes, I loved the discussion about native advertising. I agree with Leo that it’s a highly disturbing and problematic trend, and that the whole point of native advertising is to confuse and mislead the reader (see the brilliant John Oliver piece on it for more details).

        But it’s slightly strange coming from someone who feels the need to use sentences like “I love naturebox!”, “Personal Capital has revolutionised finances”, “We fight over our stamps.com digital scale all the time in the office” and similar stuff in all his advertisments. If you are so concerned about native advertisment, have the company (or their advertisment agency) record their own trailers and show them rather than talking about advertisers in the same way as you do about the latest tech news.

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        1. This is not native advertising. This is no different than what they used to do on the Tonight Show when Ed McMahon would do Alpo commercials. This was common in TV before the 80’s.

          Its not not native unless its part of the ongoing discussion during the show. If they pause to do an ad then it’s not native.

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