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Jeff Jarvis Freaks Out About Satirical Article and Squelches Free Speech

The purple-faced Jeff Jarvis
The purple-faced Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis, purple-faced yellow journalist who ostensibly works at CUNY when he’s not shilling for Google, absolutely freaked the fuck out when a satirical article went up with “Prof. Jeff Jarvis” as the byline on Esquire’s site.

It took Jarvis’ ridiculous stance on some bullshit (didn’t read his original and don’t care) and turned it against him. Everyone knows that Jarvis is a moron, and that’s why he is regularly satirized by comedic writers.

BoingBoing even did a good writeup further pointing out how ridiuclous Jeff Jarvis is being.

Jeff managed to get the article pulled by yanking some strings he had higher up at the publication’s parents and silenced free speech. The system works!

Too bad his buddy Xeni Jardin couldn’t save him from insults at BoingBoing.