Full Disclosure

Being an ace reporter for #TotalDrama means I am responsible to answer my critics. Unlike Gum and #soupguzler who deafen their ears to criticism, I will not not only hear mine but I will act on it.

I done see this message quite a few times
I done seen this block message on quite a few accounts

Apparently I have been accused of a bias, a word I despise. There are those who think I show preferential treatment to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane, that I am incapable of turning the high powered microscope of analysis on her. This article should quell that disruption for awhile as I explain why Sarah should not have accepted the $75. That is right folks, here I go. #deepbreath

My kinda slave
My kinda slave

The year was 2011 and head chat mod/head sleaze visited his idol in Petaluma California. He brought some other mods with him. They seem to travel in packs, a gaggle, a flock, a school, a pride, I am unaware of the technical term. As part of the slave-masters training he treated the slaves, who serve him free-of-charge for thousands of hours, to a steak dinner. [A practice used in training dogs which was outlawed in 1988 by the ASPCA incorporates oscillating between treat and punishment. Yet this banned practice is still used by Laporte]  The mods had one request, bring Sarah.

It was a night Sarah had no plans but as you can imagine, many an excuse was concocted to avoid this. The obvious strategy of drinking herself into a stupor was unavailable because she needed to drive herself home. This meant she would have to sit there sober with the mods and Laporte. Finally, #soup offered her $75 and a free dinner and she took it. She sat there listening to that boy-child telling tales of being head mod. “I barely listen to TWiT anymore, I am so busy.” “I just check in the chat once in a while and kick some people.” “Those guys cry about getting kicked, get a life.” On and on he went about how above IRC he was. uuuugggghhh Sarah unexpectedly left early.

This should muffle the smell
This should muffle the smell

Should Sarah have taken the $75? After all, these freaks of nature in some way serve her too. They kick anyone who is remotely complimentary towards her appearance or half as creepy as the mods themselves. I condemn her for taking this money. It was a night-out for the mods. They put pants on and got dressed up and she should have done it free.

Ok, no favoritism here.
I hate you all for what you made me do.

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  1. Richard
    I have a couple of follow up question. What about #Lipgate ?

    Did Sararh get lip injections on her bottom lip? And is she getting botox injections on her forehead?

    She was a good looking women . She didn’t need to start messing with her face. It’s like drawing a mustache on a classic work of art. You just don’t do it.

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  2. I am done being mean to Sarah, that post was all I could muster. There are too many actual evil people at TWiT, to be mean to Sarah is to say we are haters. She seems like a sweet kid to me.

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  3. I like this site, I like what it stands for, I like how it exposes Leo for being the greedy, woman hating pig that he is but Sarah and Chad are victims of Laporke’s greed, sexual harassment and hostile work environment.

    Sarah as always been a true professional despite the constant harassment from the Head Pig. I have great respect for her.

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  4. Although not a major Sarah fan (unlike some.. ahem!) she’s a quality presenter. When Chadrick was subbing for “he who makes inappropriate sexual advances” on iPad Today, it did not suffer in quality at all. The conclusion was clear. Sarah is not merely the co-host on that show – she’s the one who carries it.

    If she chose to do that show herself, independent of Twit, all she’d need is a co-host with a pulse, and a video editor, and she’d do far better than Mr “90% of revenue” Laporte could ever do should he misguidedly continue on with a replacement.

    That’s why Sarah should leave when there’s still ads on the table, so his money hunger forces him to continue and we can all enjoy him being exposed as the clueless junior co-host that he is! 90% of revenue? Haha. Sure Soup, sure!

    Unlike her grotesque boss and his gold-digger, fame hungry friar freebie, or their hitting-it-out-of-the-park hack robot journalist, the Gumbot 3000, she’s also capable of genuine non-fake human emotions, and I appreciate that about her.

    Apparently she’s almost the only main employee at Twit NOT to have had her frontal lobe replaced by an electronic command-and-control unit that the chubby dictator and his floozy insist all employees now have installed, ever since Patreon established hosts may act independently of the great dictator if not lobotomized.

    She’s also made mention of how she was promised a partnership in Twit by Laporte. A deal, which nobody who knows the real Laporte will be shocked to know, he never kept. I’m sure he’d be happy to give you it Sarah, provided you’re prepared to earn it in the same way his floozy gets her money.

    You can do (and deserve) better than that sleazebag, Sarah!

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    1. Can’t really say much to add to that. A perfect description of iPad Today. It is not Slug that carries the show but Ms Lane that carries the show. Laporte adds nothing to the show and in fact takes the standard down, way way down.

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