TNT has amazing co-hosts

I’m trying to turn over a new leaf here at #TotalDrama; not sure I can do it though. But with this video, I’m making a small attempt at spreading the good cheer and happy vibes that the competent and wonderful TNT host Mike Elgum is trying to incorporate into his show each and every day. He’s like a beautiful flower that’s reaching for the California sun. So here goes:

“Tech News Today” has the most amazing co-hosts. The show is just really hitting it out of the park. They are insightful and relevant and never boring or unprepared. They never lull you to sleep with useless info or awkward banter. TNT is just the best.

10 thoughts on “TNT has amazing co-hosts”

  1. What the fuck was that? “We have something we think is cool in the near term future, but in no way will share on this piece of shit cuntzell channel.” BTW. DO NOT capitalize her name. Worthless human being homewrecking bookkeeper poseur doesn’t deserve it. Truly one of the most repulsive human beings alive today. She makes ISIS look like Mr. Rogers.

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  2. Okay, but real talk: did you guys see Leo’s TNT today? He’s no Tom Merritt, but my god the episode was actually watchable. It’s literally the first episode I’ve been able to watch all the way through since Mike started.

    Say what you will about Leo, but at the very least he knows how to broadcast.

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    1. Indeed, I watched the last 10 minutes. Granted he admitted that others did the prep but it came across a hell of a lot better than ermm…uhhh…ummmmmmm elgum. Christ, he even let his ‘co-host’ and guests speak and finish a sentence!

      The only negative issue was that he clearly has never seen an Elgum TNT episode, given that he didn’t know what Elgum did for the tease etc… after TNT had finished. To me it showed he had never seen a past episode and how TNT starts under the Elgum regime.

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      1. Right, after we stopped listening to twit, we can see and think much clearer. But we went cold turkey, all of it off. The ducks have stopped quacking. We did this shortly after twit moved into the new studio, about a year later started listening again. Maybe in a year there will be some news but for now it is all big corporations getting free advertisement for their phones and contracts with huge bills that few like. Tech went from being fun to boring cashload, and twit followed them, can not trust anymore.

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