Rumors swirl that Father Robert Ballecer is headed to the Vatican

Padre the Pope Denier
Padre the Pope Denier

Today on the TWiT livestream, Leo showed fake concern for Padre’s career: “You are so smart and talented; you have no competition,” Leo said after it came to light that Padre may have been called to serve by the Vatican once again. It has been alleged that Padre refused to serve before; so being asked twice should be taken as a sign that the portly priest may soon need to pack his bags and depart for Rome.

Defy the orders of a Pope at your own peril, Padre.

If it does indeed come to pass that the rotund reverend has a new job, then Padre might want to watch his language. Pope Francis is widely regarded as a pretty cool dude, but I don’t think he allows this kind of language at the Holy See…

Here’s a reminder just what a pig Padre is (telling a co-worker to “suck it.”):

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