@LeoLaporteSucks Twitter is reporting that the Twit Brickhouse is for sale

Breaking News:

This hot tip just in for the real estate listing (CLICK IMAGE FOR PDF)

twit shithouse-1

If Leo thinks he’s going to buy this building, he’s INSANE. He’d be better of retreating to his mansion and broadcasting from Studio T (the toilet) or Studio B (the bathtub).

Here’s the link to the complete real estate listing for the Shit Twithouse.

#TotalDrama contributor emojiTECH has posted a rockin’ tribute to the forthcoming sale:

2 thoughts on “@LeoLaporteSucks Twitter is reporting that the Twit Brickhouse is for sale”

  1. Looks like the TWiT lease is through March of 2015. They pay more rent than the other tennant on the property. Curious if that lease would be renewed. With rumors (would love links to proof) of TWiT not doing as well lately I doubt they are in a position to buy a property. And they spent a ton of money setting that space up.

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