Dan Hendricks Now Costing TWiT Real Money

Long time forum troll and current moderator for the TWiT podcasting network, Dan Hendricks, is starting to become a real liability for his superiors. A group of volunteers decided that it is a time to stop the brutalisation of the innocent in #twitlive by organizing a letter writing campaign. Every time Hendricks exhibits his anti-social sadistic behaviour and kicks someone out, a TWiT sponsor gets a polite letter explaining why it is not a good idea to associate their brand with increasingly tarnished TWiT name.

The campaign has been running for several weeks now, and it seems to be working. TWiT will find it increasing more difficult to sell their adds to unsuspecting businesses.

Artist’s impression – Not an actual photo of Dan Hendricks

6 thoughts on “Dan Hendricks Now Costing TWiT Real Money”

  1. I’m still a TWiT fan, but I’m worried for Dan. He is unaware of the drama in #twitlive and it is destroying him mentally. My thoughts and prayers go towards him during these hard times.

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