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Move to new studio all but confirmed by CeHO

In a superhuman feat of sleuthing by members of the Total Drama editorial board—who for the time being must remain anonymous (think about the midnight raid on Bin Laden)—we are now prepared to announce that TWiT is making plans as we speak to move out of the Shithouse at 140 Keller St. to an as-yet unknown space. But one thing is for sure: TWiT will not be broadcasting from the “million dollar studio” for much longer. Perhaps this is why Leo has already shut down plans for the traditional New Year’s Eve show.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Our story about PadreSJ talking in an unscripted moment about moving to a mysterious “Studio C”—that many speculated was disinformation or reverse-trolling by the Fat Mexican Clown Priest—may indeed be about to happen. In the above video, Lisa Kentzell Laporte kisses Leo’s head as he signs away his life yet again and gives away “critical information” about his current lease in what’s known as an estoppel certificate.

Only time will tell how much of a débâcle this new studio will be. Stay tuned to Total Drama for more on this developing story and please use the comments section if you’d like to throw in your guess as to where Leo and his untalented gang of hacks will be headed next.

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