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TWiT’s New Website is in Serious Trouble

We’ve been covering the ongoing saga of TWiT’s shitpile of a new $350k website. Normally we could just laugh it off as incomplete and go on with our day.

However, it sounds like the boondoggle is in dire straits. Leo Laporte conferred with head hands-on-hip-placer and office-walkabout-leader Patrick and discussed how bad things have gotten. The content is a bit long, and again, you deserve a prize (contribute to our Patreon so we can hit our goal!) if you make it all the way through.

Long Video

We cleaned up the audio a bit. Make sure to scroll past the video for more information.

The most telling fact is how their publishing system sounds like it is woefully incomplete. They “ran out of money” to make it work properly, according to the #Soup guzzler. We can only guess where that money went.

Perhaps the following:

Hilton A. Goring is waiting for his next assignment and paycheck.
Hilton A. Goring is waiting for his next paycheck.
  • London vacation
  • Austin meetup
  • Japanese soaking tub
  • Accidental $8k lens
  • Two stainless steel apple watches
  • LG Urbane Watch
  • Two new Gold-colored Macbooks
  • Dell XPS 13 he never uses (he hates windows)
  • 5K iMac for CeHO
  • Chromebook Pixel he never uses (can’t output HDMI correctly)
  • Infamous fatty scooters
  • European river cruise

We honestly feel bad for the two new kittens the power duo just adopted. Where could the money have gone? Join us in our chat or comment to let us know.