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Nine months without a sick, personal or vacation day. The TWiT news director will finally be taking a little R&R next week. Filling in, on Thursday, will be none other than San Francisco’s golden girl, the lovely and talented Sarah Lane. Many experts have said that this shuffling may be a harbinger of things to come.

Morning or Night?
Morning sunshine or moonlit nights?

The year long contract is coming to a close on the current front man and the heir-apparent may already be waiting in the wings. With her lightened schedule after the recent purging of programs past their primes, she certainly has some time on her hands. Is this sassy sweety the answer to moving the network beyond the founder?

A rumor has surfaced that Laporte may even be putting the heat on IRC staff to reprieve all chat room bans in honor of Lane’s triumphant return to prime time. Could this be the moment he leaves behind the pettiness and returns to an era of magnanimousity? magnanmousness? magnamaneous? F.U. spell check.  Others have speculated that a Mary Heart styled desk may even be in the works if the switcheroo is pulled off. That’ll be one short complaint line – for sure!

Not your average gams
Not your average gams!

Current TD Jason Howell has been seen whispering unusually softly and unusually often to Miss Lane in their little cubical hideaway. (Nothing torrid as Howell is a happily married man) Could Howell be longing for the days of managing only single digit Skype connections?

Fans of Miss Lane know her machinations quite well. If the hair is up, TNT is not in her future, if the hair is down, it’s a maybe, but if the hair is down and to the side, you may want to bet it all on this prognostication.  If she wears her purple top, JammerB may as well set that chairs height with cement. Many fans were quite impressed with the chemistry between Elise Hu and Sarah, could Hu be a future co-host as Lane leaves the rotating host nonsense behind? Hu wouldn’t jump in bed with these two for their daily dose of tech news? Would TWiT actually become a leader in diversity?

Which way do I go?
Which way do I go?

TN2 numbers started small but have been steadily trending upwards as more people learn of the high production value show.  We are all aware that the marketing, of which there is none, is certainly not what has been propelling this show forward. As an example of the marketing prowess, the fans hoping for alternating hosts to present The Week Ahead on the TWiT program were met with a resounding “nah.” Lane is not particularly fond of waking up with the roosters after a night of wine drinking and dancing to the latest Funk Master Flex album. But David Letterman always had a soft spot for the The Tonight Show even after his move to CBS, and this spunky ball of sass may have her big eyes eying the big show as well. The only thing that could be said for certain: We will all be as fixated on this story as Laporte is when walking behind a fit Petaluma house-wife in black yoga pants. Who knows, Miss Lane may get her 4.7 inch gold iPhone just yet.

**Full Disclosure: Richard Yes is a devout feminist**