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Policy Change on Show Cancellations

The results of the TWiT Survey are in and the verdict is a resounding win for the network. The remaining fans, as previously reported, are clinically brain-dead. Therefore instead of announcing show cancellations the executive team has decided not to tell the t-shirt purchasing idiots when shows are canned. Padre’s Corner fans have our sympathy (for many reasons) but they should not have to be told here that their show is no more.

It seems the strategem of not telling fans that personnel was terminated became such a success that they have now extended it to show cancellations as well. No wonder Leo looooooooooves the fans and the towns they hail from so much.

TWiT Employee Hilton Goring could not be reached for comment
TWiT Employee Hilton could not be reached for comment

And silly me believed Padre was just sneaking in when the lights were off to spend time with the fans and geek out. Ca-Ching Ca Chang.

Speaking about China. In other news you can lose Mike Elgun has gone on record saying that Apple didn’t give him an advance hands-on review unit of the coveted Apple Watch because….. swallow your drink ……. he is too much of a straight shooter journalist and they only give it to less credible and easily bought with favors journalists. The mega fool went on to co-host with one such journalist from Cnet and interview another from USA Today. One of the hundreds of ironies in that statement is that the News Director has been drooling over this watch like…  well… like… you know who over the dark triangle.