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Tonya Hall to open up chain of Petaluma donut stores

She'll be eating the profits for sure.
She’ll be eating the profits for sure.

Tonya Hall, a.k.a. “Two Ton Tonya,” is thinking of opening up a chain of Petaluma-based donut shops. The rotund host is mulling various names, including:

  • Two Ton Tonya’s Tasty Treats
  • Tonya’s Dirty Donut Hole
  • Hot ‘n’ Nasty
  • The Donut Ho
  • Two Ton Tonya’s Sugary Snail Trail
  • Dunkin’ Blo-Nuts
  • The Big Empty Nothingness Inside and Outdoor Cafe

No word on the exact location as of yet, but it will doubtless be in easy waddling distance from Leo Laporte’s house.