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Leo Laporte reveals private medical information about Chad Johnson

The only thing Chad should do is just return to his natural hair color.
Leo should cease and desist talking about Chad’s medical condition immediately without Chad’s express consent.

Part of Chad Johnson’s private medical history was revealed live on the stream by Leo Laporte before the start of “MacBreak Weekly.” We’ve recorded it so Chad can use it when he sues Leo for multiple HIPAA violations.

At certain points in the video Leo just sits there and laughs at Chad. Even chuckling callously when a co-host suggests that “at least he doesn’t have the runs.”

“I’m just protecting TWiT,” said Leo while not caring one whit about Chad’s health. The bottom line is: Leo is an uncaring prick who is only covering his own fat ass.

Leo needs to be careful when discussing the private issues of employees, contract workers and even people just entering the Twit Shithouse.

Splitscreens need not apply

We can't see the action with this useless spli screen.
We can’t see the action with this useless splitscreen.

The Pickle Corpse knows nothing of television production obviously when they showed “Game of Drones” on TWiT’s “24 Hours of 2015.” We could hardly see the action. Hey, how about this idea Pickle Peeps: Why not show the action…and not your dumb graphics. We don’t care about what “fancy” shit you can throw on the screen. It’s form over content and that just doesn’t fly.