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Mallory Ortberg sets back female tech reporters with her filthy mouth

Update 2: Mallory has parlayed her rude manners and denial of service attack on this website into an invitation to a real show (i.e. not TWiT). We guess bad manners and setting women back worked out well for her.

Update 1: Mallory is not taking this seriously and is displaying immature behavior congruent with her language on TWiT’s live stream.

Video of the Incident

Female tech reporter Mallory Ortberg thinks it’s fine to be unprofessional and curse on the family-friendly TWiT network’s program “Tech News Today” with Megan Morrone. One has to wonder why she has chosen to set women tech reporters back with her unladylike and frankly filthy language.

It’s not lost on the editorial board at Total Drama that Mallory has basically chosen to hide in the darkness of her basement like a troll. We’re not sure if it’s because she’s trying to hide her fat in the shadows, or if she truly believes that she can just curse and cuss her way through her appearance if she thinks we can’t see her. Either way, she’s a disgrace to women in tech.

Megan thinks this is funny.
Megan thinks this is funny.

I mean, it’s one thing to be a douche like Andrew Keen when he unleashed a barrage of “F” bombs to sink the Royal Navy, but we expect that jerk to be a real piece of work. A sweet (albeit dog-ugly) broad like Mallory, however, is a completely different story and she is indeed quite shocking in her vulgarity.

Doesn’t she know how hard women in tech work to not be viewed as unprofessional posers? Thanks a lot, Mallory, you have set the cause back quite a ways with this childlike stunt and you have possibly forever damaged Megan Morrone’s chances of being taken seriously as a woman anchoring one of TWiT’s signature programs. Megan can barely contain herself as Mallory dirties up the show with her salty language; this coming mere days after male host Mike Elgan was fired as host of TNT.

Looks like it will be quite a while longer until women are looked upon with any amount of regard until they can clean up their acts. Tweet Mallory to let her know that we’re on to her little game and she shouldn’t be allowed to drag female tech reporters down into the pig trough with her.