Andrew Keen breaks the #TotalDrama Bullshit Meter (epic fucking fail)

It’s time to check the Bullshit Meter here at #TotalDrama; as ours just broke after watching Andrew Keen’s appearance on the usually deathly-boring “This Week in Law” hosted by the coma-inducing Denise Howell. Keen was a live wire from the get-go as he expected the host to be in the studio; he expected Leo Laporte to be there and he practically demanded that his tea be served in just the right size cup with plenty of room for milk.

bullshitThe certified douche was silenced at one point by the technical director after getting way too specific for TWiT’s taste when asking about details of the network’s advertising model. That video will appear in a future post; so please stay tuned. Keen, asshole nonpareil that he is, is fast becoming a hero here at #TotalDrama for his outspoken (if haltingly delivered) style. He might even give “Treadmill Guy” and Edie Reingold a run for their money with his breathtakingly aggressive dumb-guy troll moves, which you’ll see in a follow-up video.

One of the main themes with the editorial board here at #TotalDrama is hypocrisy. And our Bullshit Meter’s little needle nearly flew off today jiggling and squiggling with excitement after Keen mentioned the working title of his book over and over again. Denise (bless her poor little scared heart) just didn’t have the guts to tell him that TWiT is a “family-friendly” network.

And yes, if you’re thinking this blog post is a tad bit unfocused…you are correct. Andrew Keen is an enigma and we are still trying to figure out just what happened in the video linked above. Hero? Villain? Master Troll? Please help us decide in the comments section.


7 thoughts on “Andrew Keen breaks the #TotalDrama Bullshit Meter (epic fucking fail)”

  1. I caught part of this show and he IS awful. Self important, self promoting….I did not know he was – then I realized he wrote “Cult of the Amateur “, which I read several years ago and though was swill.

    He will probably end up in a Triangulation episode.

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  2. It is interesting considering the view that NSFW was a mistake because it was not “family friendly” that this particular person has manage to get through being on two TWIT shows where they put family friendly to the forefront but…

    …Leo Laporte has proven to be the least family friendly part on TWIT.TV! So this guy fits quite well into the TWIT format of “faux family friendly”!

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  3. I remember when Leo first heard of this guy and he called him some kind of name back on Macbreak Weekly or Twit. It was in the early days. Funny how things changes and now they are buddy buddy being he is just a drive away from the studio.

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  4. This is Andrew Keen being Andrew Keen.

    Andrew Keen is an author and expert at being Andrew Keen, as shown in his two recent appearances, and has previously appeared regularly on the fabled ‘old people shooting shit’ show that resulted in The Arrington Incident.

    At least he’s not the gun & lynch mob justice troll Gum invited at least twice before getting a stern talking to.

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