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Leo Laporte Announces TWiT Eastside Studio Will Be a Literal Sweatshop

In a departure from the usual, there are two videos below.

Leo Laporte and Yoko Lisa Kentzell Laporte
The Walrus and Yoko

Leo Laporte famously cares nothing for his employees, but this may take the cake — sorry Tonya.

The new Eastside studio doesn’t have enough power to air condition the studio and the office space, forcing a Yoko’s Choice. Master planner Lisa Kentzell Laporte couldn’t manage to get appropriate facilities infrastructure in place in time for the move.

For more on the air conditioning situation, lets go straight to the walrus in suspenders’ mouth.

Sorry, TWiT employees! Sweat it out, thinking about Leo’s $22,000 cruise. I’m sure they had something better to spend their money and time on.

“Let the rest of them suffer.” Nice, Leo Laporte. Nice.