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Leo Laporte Threatens to Fire All His Engineers After Throwing a Tantrum

File photo. 27 September 2007.
File photo. 27 September 2007.

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, at approximately 11:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Leo G. Laporte discussed his upcoming absence with one of his The Tech Guy segment contributors, Scott Wilkinson.

During this exchange, Mr. Laporte experienced some difficulties controlling the TriCaster video switcher from his in-office control station, resulting in a limited outburst of anger.

Lisa stomping on engineers with manly pose
Mrs. Laporte stomping on engineers after a tiring move to a new studio.

Lisa Laporte — wife of The Tech Guy Leo Laporte and CEO of TWiT, LLC — has been known to stomp on engineers on her Instagram account while stating “Yes, I have worn my engineering team out.” Mr. Laporte has only occasionally abused them.

Leo previously stated that TWiT has the “worst engineers in the business” and forces them to configure the in-house Windows Active Directory with a Leo’s House domain name. Additionally, he stated: “Fuuuuuck. I have explained this about a thousand times.” to his engineers during an attempted live-streaming event.

In this instance, in frustration, Mr. Laporte suggested to Mr. Wilkinson that he might fire the entire engineering department — which just finished moving him into his much-smaller studio — and start over. Mr. Wilkinson appeared to be amused at the prospect of this occurrence, as he is by many things.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the event’s date as 2015. It has been corrected to 2016.