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Christina Warren gets her fuckin’ cunty bra all twisted up over SNL sketch

Christina Warren probably thinks this sketch was about her. Well, honey, it wasn't so shut the fuck up.
Christina Warren probably thinks this sketch was about her. Well, honey, it wasn’t so shut the fuck up.

Christina Warren, infamous greasy-haired cunt, is all up in arms about an insightful “Saturday Night Live” sketch that ran this weekend featuring a ditzy tech reporter. Ring a bell, Christina?

We think the lady reporter doth protest too much. Or maybe it’s because Christina just can’t admit that women aren’t funny. Either way, she sucks. Be sure to read the comments section under her article at Mashable; she’s takin’ it on the chin. Read her horrible story here.

Here’s one example of the critical comments on her article that Christina Warren has decided to take to Twitter and rail against:

I think Tech Reporters in general are the worst reporters and it feels like they are the bottom of the class at journalism school, if they went to journalism school. There is so much vocal fry and up-speak it is comical. So to me, this was a way to address 1/2 the problem. They probably noticed a lot of the female reporters are super cute. The men have their own issues. As an example, the recent Yahoo story. Absolutely no one in tech will check sources, nor add a thought to a story. They just regurgitate every other story. The whole industry is about clicks. Look at what Mashable has become. The tech press is awful, besides The Information and Kara Swisher. Zero reporters did research about the Hoax Clock Kid. The main stream press found out about his sister. There was only first reaction outrage from tech blogs. There is a reason the industry is dominated by blogs and not publications. Why did they pick on women? That was a comedy angle to make a joke that they were not real reporters. Another joke could have worked too but that was their comic license.

It really is worth the time to read the Twitter conversation between Christina Warren and Joanna Stern; they touch on everything from lesbian reporters to how “dreamy” Ryan Gosling is. It’s both sad and hilarious to witness these two ditzy broads carry on completely unaware of their hypocrisy.