Leo Laporte is an Emotional Wreck Over the Loss of His Dog

In the arms of an angel.

In the video above, you can see Leo Laporte do his best approximation of the human emotion “sadness” discussing Ozzy’s death.

Watch Megan Morrone’s face — did someone push her down a flight of stairs? — to see a real human reaction and then compare her face to Leo’s. Megan didn’t even own the dog!

Just before Windows Weekly, Leo blamed his regular tardiness on dearly departed Ozzy and joked that he can now get to work on time since he put his dog down.

33 thoughts on “Leo Laporte is an Emotional Wreck Over the Loss of His Dog”

  1. RIP Ozzy… the constant abuse you must have endured, and the unconscionable stuff you must have seen in that house, I absolutely know you are in a better place right now #RIP #FuckingSad

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  2. RIP Ozzy. You’re in a better place and you don’t have to take that playful abuse any longer which more than likely in my opinion, caused you back to break.

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  3. Rest In Shit, Ozzie, you fucking mutt. Now mommy and daddy and get back to having sex sessions without you barking outside the fucking door the whole time. I haven’t been able to eat your mothers ass in months since you started pulling your shit.

    See you in hell!

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  4. Once the poor seizure-prone dog bit Lao (listen to story on video) he was toast. Leo probably broke his back if the creepy kid did not.

    How old was this dog? Little dogs like this should live to be 10-15.

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  5. Everything and everyone is dispensable in LaPorke’s world.

    The ceHO’s mission has been to destroy every relationship that pre-dated her arrival.

    RIP Ozzy.

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  6. For the full hour, we have mourning former dog owner Leo LaPortly, he is tragically heart broken by the loss of his beloved dog Ozzy. Oh wait what’s that, I’m getting updated on the situation from the control room, they are saying that Leo can’t be on because of a celebration that is going on. Something, something, something, the first time they have been able to do this in a long time with out the dog going after the vienna sausages and Arby’s. I guess it is just me and you TONIGHT FOR THE FULL hour, I guess I’ll just be taking calls like the good old days.

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  7. All of the interesting people on TWIT have been let go long ago. What is the point? This podcast is now an epic fail and is circling the drain. If you can give up your family, friends and viewers , putting down your pet is no big thing. Keeping Ozzy alive cost money. Put him down already Leo. Just another brick in the wall…

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  8. Sa-fucking-distic. A certain personality trait usually defined by apathy, delusions of self-worth and ego.

    Leo Laporte. A person who fits the term sadistic 100%.

    RIP Ozzy. May he have a better non-abusive life in heaven.

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  9. “This is a sad and bad story, and even a stretch for Total Drama. Shame on you.”

    Wake up, Leo is the sad story. Total Drama is just telling it like it is. Thanks TD. Leo needs to sell shoes and leave Tech news to the professionals. He seems to be in scorched earth policy mode.

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  10. You guys have way too much time on your hands. You thrive on being as despicable as a tabloid. If you watched TWiT for any length of time – you know Leo loved Oz. Instead of trying to find the smallest negative thing about Leo – try figuring out why you’re so bitter about someone you don’t even know.

    And by the way …. porn?? Did you come over on the fuckin Mayflower? It would be epic to watch you explode a polygraph machine once they hooked you up and you answered NO to the question “have you ever watched porn??” .

    Even regular TV is as close to porn as I’ve ever seen, so get a grip and don’t act like 95% of everyone with internet access hasn’t watched it at least a little. And seriously bring age into it is the dumbest argument ever. What’s the average viewer going to do watch porn of women close to their own age?

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