Leo Laporte Mocks Sponsor Rocket Mortgage

TWiT LLC has issued a DMCA takedown on our YouTube video for this post and a few others. They still don’t understand fair use. We will have a story relating to this once we know more.

Leo Laporte and his merry band of idiots have a long history of shitting on their sponsors. The sponsors never seem to wise up.

In the video above, he makes fun of one of their latest sponsors, Rocket Mortgage (by Quicken Loans).

Be sure to check out the comprehensive sponsor shitting article for lots of videos like this one.

Thanks to a reader for the tip on this one.

45 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Mocks Sponsor Rocket Mortgage”

  1. your really slacking on material. This isn’t even worth posting, maybe leo finally smartend . This is a really shitty video, either stop while your ahead or follow the same route as Leo in to nothingness.

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    1. zero said:
      your really slacking on material. This isn’t even worth posting, maybe leo finally smartend . This isa really shitty video, either stop while your ahead or follow the same route as Leo in to nothingness.

      When throwing shade, one must ensure they have basic grammar skills in their quiver. You’re and your are not interchangeable you fucking asshat douche!

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    2. Hardly and chat room replys from Leo on the weekend TTG show. Notice the room mikes are off till Leo sits down to the mike. No more I’ve just been fisted by my beautiful wife but had to drop off my daughter for a Saturday dentist appt. that’s why I’m late excuse. I’ll bet if and when the move to to the new two sitter is compleat, the TWiT logo will be changed from “The Future will be Streamed” to “My Future is Fucked Lisa just Plowed the Inturn”

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    3. What’s the last post here on Total Drama Queen that was worth posting?

      This is a worthless, boring, piece of shit troll site full of cowardly losers who whisper insults about other people in a way where they can never be found out.

      This site is stupid. This site is for losers.

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  2. This is probably the best content that has been on TWiT in weeks. Which says all that you really need to know about TWiT and quality.

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  3. I still turn twit on for ambient noise. He was on with Megan so it was probably IOS today, and he was talking about a sponsor and how awesome they were, in between shows, and then he said, “oh they’re not sponsoring this show so let’s not talk about them.”

    It was a weird thought/joke. He has a contorted view of advertising. I can’t put it into words well. Normally a sponsor buys air time and the host to say paid for words. With Leo it’s as if the sponsor buys Leo. You pay and he will do ads, he will say he likes your product, he will talk about it on the radio and more. He actually sells himself.

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  4. The only thing more disgusting than Paul Thurrots fat butter face was his swooning and fanboy worship of the failing Microsoft. That guy really is an ignorant and biased fuckwit

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  5. Who watches this Jarvis show? It’s never about Google. Just call it the Jarvis Show. Or, better, the Blowhard Show with Leo & Jeff.

    The last show was about Facebook gossip. Then they couldn’t avoid politics. Lib-Leo will not get past this upcoming election without chatting about politics constantly. WHO CARES WHAT HE THINKS??

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    Just thought I’d put it out there because Leo is being so modest about it.

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  7. Is this the best TD can do? FUCK YOU Total Drama! Advertisers give ZERO FUCKS about what I say about them because my reputation and years of broadcast excellence are exemplary. How do like that? ~Leo

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    1. Right – Dick Pic Lay-o pretends that peeps still ‘respect’ his broadcast excellence…. ha! that’s a larf.

      Fuck you LaPorque, Fuck you!

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    1. This is why we need to continue doing this… getting the truth out there is our top priority. Hopefully this resulted to a frantic “meeting” discussing whether they should turn the cameras off before shows.

      A better idea would be to turn off the cameras period. You can’t muzzle the stupid shit that comes out of this moron’s mouth.

      Let’s get that video back up ASAP.

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  8. I’m not quite sure how is this really making fun of Rocket Mortgage?

    Their company name is obviously a throw back to a kind of 1950’s scifi theme.

    And this is just Leo having fun with that theme in an old style dramatic announcer voice… while Thurrott is clearly laughing at Leo’s voice (not Rocket Mortgage).

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  9. Um, you guys can file a DMCA dispute with YouTube and have the videos immediately restored based on the single fact that all of the videos on the TWiT.TV website have been released under the “Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0 International license.” (see https://www.twit.tv/about/license) and the fact that they openly state on that page they “Encourage distribution” so there is NO legal copyright infringement. My advice is you should contact an attorney or even better the Electronic Frontier Foundation and file a lawsuit against Mr. & Mrs. LaPorte and TWiT, LLC. for blatant abuse and fraudulent filing of Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices. Go after this prick so it hurts.

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        1. Hey, but i don’t think any license applies to news satire and parody. The poster was saying that they could distribute it under that license. I’m just saying under the license you don’t seem to be able to change it. Which total drama does do by adding captions and things. Total drama should still be able to post the video, but it would be under fair use, not under the creative commons license.

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