Leo Invites a Viewer to Buy a New Brick for the New Shithouse

Update: Alternate version at the bottom of the post.

Guest Submission

An anonymous chatter shared this video with us that he or she made.

During the TWiT aftershow, Leo Laporte floated the idea of selling new bricks to his remaining sycophants to cover the supposed $500,000 cost of moving that he “doesn’t have.”

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him.

Alternate Version

As pointed out by a commenter, a second version was tweeted to the wonderful @LeoLaporteSucks. It appears to be by the same anonymous person.

51 thoughts on “Leo Invites a Viewer to Buy a New Brick for the New Shithouse”

  1. The video one that @LLS posted is better, it has black whwite. I Feel bad for fans.

    Did you see TWiG yesterday? They never gets guests anymore. He just sits at a table with a bunch of links and reads stories. TWIT is such shit, no guests no preparation, now theyre moving to a shit studio without the guy who designed the old studio. They will probably just tape the old set to the wall. The guests on screen savers are shit. they have no money at all. This is turned into one giant scam to get paid, in the old days it was a genuine passion project. Leo got so tired

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    1. That(yesterday’s TWiG and the missing guests) appears to have been a problem caused by Cleanthes. Leo stated, with a rather pissed off look, that he would be having a meeting with Cleanthes when he returned from his day off

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    2. All the good guests are gone. He never gets anyone else of substance anymore. Leo has made a fundamental mistake when he made himself a suit and thinks he is a boss and everyone should kiss his ass. He discusses this ass-kissing in the media aspect in the lengthy but worthwhile video called Why I am no longer at Twit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHQ0fLN63UE by Eric Lanigan

      In that video Leo goes on and on about kissing ass. “That’s why I’m here” he says.

      Somewhere along the line Leo failed to realize that with NEW MEDIA things have changed. He constantly laments that if someone gets successful on Twit they can easily go it alone.

      This means to fill up a network with guests he has to again be the butt kisser. He has to treat guests with actual respect. Few are getting paid anything and it is inconvenient to do these long boring shows where people are rarely presented in any sort of flattering way.

      The Lanigan tape shows another side of it, which seems to be routine: Bad-mouthing people on the air. This entire video is Leo bad-mouthing Eric as if he is a public punching bag.

      How is this supposed to engender any sort of support or desire to appear on any of his shows? Listening to the Lanigan material or the later OMG Chad or JCD slams and other public commentary is an embarrassment. He’s got guest-relations backwards and you have to assume that he has it all backwards and will soon tank the whole thing with his half-assed thinking and stupid decision making.

      Pay careful attention to the beginning of the Lanigan video and hear the insincere phony laugh that he employs to offset his actual bullshit.

      This is not a nice person. And he says nobody likes him. This is for good reason. He is despicable. The Lanigan video shows it.

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    1. LOL “BlindedByTheLight”! That has to be one of the more clever and witty comments I’ve seen on the Internet for the past couple of weeks!

      Well… I have to admit that I’m still a fan of a few Leo Laporte shows, particularly Security Now, and Windows Weekly. I love those shows.

      But… at the same time “BlindedByTheLight”‘s quip expresses how I feel about my original brick, now being essentially forgotten and pretty much irrelevant… left behind, and now Leo is asking for more bricks, for a less glamorous brick house?

      I’m not happy at the direction things are going, and how my original support brick is just going to be cast off and forgotten as Leo goes asking for newer bricks.

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        1. Windoz Weakly’s Paul “S&M Boy” Thurrott thrives on Master LilDicks abuse. Last week at the MSBuild show Leo would not let go of the Bash Shell inclusion in Windoz10 (which Paul disagrees with). LilDick rubbed it in his face four times taking continued delight in Pauls pain, embarrassment, and anger.

          He appeared on the verge of having a stroke in the picture with MaryJo and LilDick later at the MeetUp. Step away from the Ego Maniac Paul, come to the light.

          Clearly Paul, “you have become comfortably numb.”

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          1. Lisa’s cunnie said: He is. Blocked me on Twitter because I dared ask him a probing question. He’s thin skinned and a dick besides.

            His whole schtick is about being snarky yet if you say ANYTHING that doesn’t compliment him or agree with him then he blocks you. What a slimy cunt he is.

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    1. Soupslurper said:
      Who’s going to buy a brick now anyway? I doubt their that many sheep left in order to pay to cover his moving cost over runs.

      Leo doesn’t have the balls to take the chance of being humiliated. CEHO wants the free money from blind fans but if leo does a campaign and gets 38 people chipping in it would be public.

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      1. Totem said: Leo doesn’t have the balls to take the chance of being humiliated

        He doesn’t care if he is humiliated, or if he humiliates anyone else. Has been going on for years. A narcissist true to form.

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  2. What kind of f****** moron accepts a quote to move from a moving company for 500,000 ?

    that entire buildings contents could be moved for 50000

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    1. Phat phuck dev null said:
      What kind of f****** moron accepts a quote to move from a moving company for 500,000 ?

      that entire buildings contents could be moved for 50000

      Very little of that is the actual moving cost. It’s the supposed cost of building out the new studio. Cabling runs, installing the equipment, buying new equipment, etc.

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      1. Lady Bird Johnson said: Very little of that is the actual moving cost. It’s the supposed cost of building out the new studio. Cabling runs, installing the equipment, buying new equipment, etc.

        There will be no moving costs. I understood that employees will arrive one day, pack up their shit, load it in their cars or taxi and proceed to their new station. Some employees may be given directions to the new ‘off-site editor/producer/host’ location. JammerB will play the part of “Leo” in the moving play.

        500K does seem steep; priced at what it would cost in a major city I think. I’m guessing Lisa picked the contractor and there is a commission being paid to her offshore company.

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        1. He has a his priestly employee that boasts about cabling and being great at networking stuff etc. Surely they could do everything in-house and get it done themselves when it comes to the networking etc. Ex-Jesuit Priest Fr Ballecer has a lot of time on his hands and it will keep him busy.

          Let’s be honest, about the only thing that they need someone in is the Electrician to make sure that the power is run properly.

          Maybe Comcast are not being helpful about moving the data service or renegotiating the contract price for the service and that’s where most of this magical number is going on the fee’s that Comcast want to move his service but he did say that it had access to the Fiber system there and didn’t need to be run specially for them like the brick shit house had to be.

          Who knows, Leo is known to pluck wild number from the top of his head he never basis the figures he spouts on facts he uses numbers to make people pity him and needs to pay for his next vacation out of it as well.

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        2. When we moved the brick house I loaded up my gear in my car and carried it over and installed it. And I was happy to. It was a fun place to work. A breath of fresh air compared to my network and corporate jobs. Boy did Lisa fuck that up. The woman has no soul.

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    2. I don’t believe the actual cost is $500k. I think Leo is just grossly inflating it to get people to pity him and his move, but as someone else said, that cost could include building the new studio as well so…

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      1. Leo likes to throw out big numbers so he can seem like a big shot, a mogul. In fact, he was too dumb to buy a facility in the first place. Some mogul.

        500K is not used so people feel sorry for him. It is used to make him feel like a big shot.

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  3. Is it just me or is Leo losing a significant amount of weight? He’s starting to look pretty good (for a 60 year old man). I’m no Leo fan, but I don’t wish him ill. I’m glad he’s getting healthy.

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    1. Leo has traditionally ballooned up and down. Generally he thins down when he is pursuing some new chick. So something is up. Keep an eye on things and you will figure out who.

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      1. OMG Bad said:
        Leo has traditionally ballooned up and down.Generally he thins down when he is pursuing some new chick. So something is up. Keep an eye on things and you will figure out who.

        Totally agree!!

        If you create a 5 min quick video of the past year every time LeoPork talks about his “ManTranny” when she isn’t around he paints her as a mean & nagging woman at times

        Fast forward to to a few TTG radio shows you can hear Leo openingly flirting with Heather H. and the other screen caller = if you were a first time Leo viewer and didn’t know Leo was married to “ManTranny” you would think he was setting himself up for a for a piece of ASS with one of them..
        Leo creeps the hell out of me when I hear him creeping on his fellow female co-workers
        Leo reminds me of Bill Cosby so I’m waiting for the day Leo gets charged and ends up on TMZ!!!

        Fuck you Leo & ManTranny

        I feel a big dramatic ending for TWIT is in store for us TD members soon!!

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  4. How about we bring our own bricks to the new studio, and pay for the privilege of throwing them at CEHO & Leo? Is that wrong of me to think this? Should I feel ashamed?

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  5. No way, Jose. THAT could get you some serious jail time. I’d divert a truckload of Pete-luma’ s ample supply of chickenshit and dump it at the doorstep of Leo’s New Non-Brickhouse. That’s odorous, poetic justice for the web’s most horrifying media personality.

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        1. Jimmy Jam said:
          In light of how the CEHo dresses, it should be called the Stripper House.

          Nasty ass bitch never heard of business attire!

          Say anything to her implying that dressing like a slut with a short skirt (mid-thigh length) and no panties is inappropriate, you are a woman hater.
          The world is so messed up.

          “I can dress how I want, it’s in the constitution.”

          I wonder what people would think if CEHO was hot. I imagine, if Leo had an affair with a hot skinny young blond, and subsequently threw away his business making her CEO. I could respect that. So what does that say about me?

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          1. Leo did have a affair with a hottie, his co-author, Laura Burstein. Why else would the CoHoe follow Laura’s Twitter account?? It’s what probably got Leo kicked out of Jennifer’s bed.

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          2. It’s a dumb double standard, Leo doesn’t dress in shorts and a t-shirt like it’s his day off just because he’s the boss. Well his shirts are horrible and outdated but they have collars at least!

            Lisa’s style is very odd. She wears these short black dresses hoping to show off her nonexistent body and crappy legs, yet I’ve never seen her wear any makeup. Treat yourself at Sephora sometime bitch.

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          3. I think it says you are confusing “understand it” with “respect it”. To respect it, he wouldn’t have the affair and make her CEO because she knows how to successfully grow a media business. What does that say about me?

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  6. I don’t watch much TWIT any more, but I like Molly (and actually I frequently fantasize about doing strange things with Sarah Lane and her kittens).

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  7. I love Megan Morrone. She is the most beautiful woman in the world.

    I’d like to have kids with her. Does anyone know if she is already a mom or not?

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      1. Great. Thank you.

        I hope when we have kids, she will take one of them on a trip to Washington DC and then talk about it for a whole week afterwards, nonstop, every single moment.

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  8. So, his “ArtisANAL” CEO wife took him from profitable and growing, to being kicked out of their studio and can’t afford the moving costs, and viewership in the toilet?

    Again…why would anyone hire her? Unless it’s a tax dodge, or a ponzi scheme?

    I had a cousin. Ran a very profitable business in the car biz own the east coast – started out in my uncle’s garage, and built it up to having 10 employees and were looking at a second location.

    Then he got married.

    And she discovered the ‘magic money drawer”.

    That business was gone, two years later. Now he sells parts across several states, rarely home to avoid her.

    Odd. Why do I suddenly think of him?

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  9. Even back in the old days when TWiT was still a credible network and Lisa was just creeping around in the background, it made no sense to me for Leo to be asking for charity for a commercial enterprise that he owned outright.

    I never considered for a minute buying a brick. In fact the brick project was one of the early signs for me, along with Lisa creeping around in the background, that TWiT and Leo might not be as kosher as I had thought back when TWiT was just Leo in a small room doing almost everything himself.

    If people now will donate money to enable someone’s lifestyle of endless bragging about his wildly conspicuous consumption —–Well, there are just no words.

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  10. FYI: a caller on the most recent tech guy show asked what was gonna happen to his brick. Leo basically said welllllll we got five years outta the thing, but come to visit it to see it in person as we’re not sure what’s going to happen to it.

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  11. I heard that caller or watched soup on the stream BS his way out of it. I almost thought the caller was trying to troll him knowing full well that soup was full of crap. Why didn’t soup say the bricks are not going to be moved, but you can see a picture of the wall before it is destroyed?

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