Leo Laporte Harassed by White Man in White Chef’s Hat

Guest SubmissionThis video was provided to us courtesy of Dan Hohlfeld. He provided the following description:

While Leo is shoveling his salad down a cross eyed chef watches in the distance. Leo tells him to hold on but he just cannot wait to grace himself in the presence of Leo Laporte. As he enters the room he brags about how he can eat whatever he wants.

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12 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Harassed by White Man in White Chef’s Hat”

  1. I saw Leo on Triangulation today with the thoroughly detestable non-stop self-promoting Gary Vanyerchuck and Leo looks thinner, healthier and about 10 years younger than he did just a month or two ago. It seems Leo is taking his doctor’s advice very seriously and his predicted imminent demise from the ‘Beetus may not be happenning anytime soon.

    Looks like the old guy may have 15-20 or more good cruises left in him.

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      1. True. But people do change when they get a big scare. People who ate junk food and smoked all their lives often do a 180 after surviving a heart attack in late middle-age.

        Only time will tell, but Leo seems to be very motivated to be able to stick around and enjoy his late-in-life wealth and new (if scuzzy – he doesn’t think she is) wife. I think he now believes he has too much to lose by not keeping his weight down etc.

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