Leo Laporte’s Binder Full of Women

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Welcome to Leo's Sexy Circle
Welcome to Leo’s Sexy Circle

Leo Laporte’s misogynistic ways are well known to regular viewers — especially live viewers — as well as Total Drama staff. Therefore, this post comes as no surprise, but we felt that we should pass along the tip that we received: Leo Laporte maintains a circle named “Sexy” on Google+, the long-abandoned and failed social network for socially inept males on the autism spectrum.

We can only assume Leo has such beauties in his circle such as:

He definitely does not have the following people in the Sexy circle:

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43 thoughts on “Leo Laporte’s Binder Full of Women”

  1. Yes. More posts like this. TYFYC!

    Also, Ruth Reader has no time for Soup between playing in the rain with her dog and CIA-ing around the world.

    Also also, are Molly Wood and Veronica Belmont, IN or OUT?

    What about his mother? Not even sicko Leo would keep his mom in the sexy circle, would he?

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  2. Leo is a sex fiend! Once he got a taste of Lisa there was no going back to being the lovable tech guy. All he’s thinking about now is getting home and eating that ass! And to be honest, I don’t blame him!

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  3. Once again, this lame site for troll hater cowards is simply exploiting the openness and transparency of someone who has the balls to be open while all you idiots hide like pussies without even revealing your names.

    Ankle biters.

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    1. Jason: I thought you were done visiting us. Get lost, douchebag.

      And my initial offer still stands: tell us your REAL name, address, cell phone # and email address and we will respond in kind.

      Fucking hypocrite.

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    1. Ah yes… “Jolie” O’Dell… that psycho bitch would probably stab you in your sleep.

      Sarah Lane, on the only hand… a beauty for the ages… and becoming more handsome and matronly with each passing year. alas, our love will never be… if only I were a few shades darker…

      Ya have to give credit to that big-nosed, caterpillar eyebrowed, frump that TWiT hired, at least she had the sense to have kids… I’m afraid the barren wombs of our most beloved ladies of TWiT will only make the crazy pussy crazier.

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        1. Her Instagram. Her far-beyond-ironic appreciation for hip-hop. Her obsession with Drake.

          Oh, and then there’s the black men she dates….

          It’s as-is she never heard of swinging and cuckolding and the interracial fetish lifestyle…. I adore our Sarah, but she should really learn to keep-up appearances. I believe among those people it’s called “keeping it on the down-low”.

          Didn’t she learn anything form the last time she *literally* had jungle fever? Shit damn near killed her…

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  4. Gotta laugh at you kids, you actually think Leo has a sex life? A man his age and weight is lucky to have a hard on twice a month — and that’s after popping a Viagra. The only thing he has left is his ego and radio-guy tricks. He and his cabal turn a buck, and he’ll ride that horse ’til it drops.

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    1. Ah “The Tech Guy”, that answers questions via Google and chat for total idiots, because he can’t answer a real tech issue. Not to pile on, but the CeHo is one of the ugliest bitches I’ve ever seen in my life. Crack Ho’s usually look better.

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  5. I think you’re all mistaken with this interpretation. ‘Sexy’ from Uncle Leo’s perspective is…. Little Leo! This is his new archive where he keeps selfies made with fake G+ accounts. No more getting caught out like last time!

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  6. That clip of Leo sticking out his tongue sends horrible chills down my spine. The fake stache makes it look even creepier. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

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  7. You guys have left out Morgan Webb. He must have loads of pics of her.

    LaPork probably was creepy to her as well, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Who could blame her.

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  8. You aren’t helping much here. I am no apologist of his, but calling him out for having a group on Google+, but doing nothing more than calling a bunch of his staff ugly does nothing to defend your assumed moral superiority over him.

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