Man of God: Father Robert Ballecer is Obsessed With Total Drama

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer
This is the Total Drama series Man of God, in which we chronicle the exploits of one Father Robert Ballecer, aka Grimace in a Priest Costume, aka The Digital Jesuit, aka <PadreSJ>, aka FFF, aka <MetalHealthSJ>. Please use our dvr and send in tips with examples of his very Christlike behavior.

Subtle reverse-troll or obsessed with Total Drama? You decide.
Subtle reverse-troll or obsessed with Total Drama? You decide.

We aren’t sure whether or not the fake priest is obsessed with Total Drama and doxxing people or if this is a subtle troll in the latest episode of Know How. We’d like to believe it’s the latter and give him points for that, however we will allow the commenters to be the judge.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster who sent this in.

25 thoughts on “Man of God: Father Robert Ballecer is Obsessed With Total Drama”

    1. I’d like to ask PadreSJ when’s he going to go to the Vet and get his hands treated? It’s bad enough when he’s wearing his creepy rape gloves, but his glove-less rotten peeling hands are disgusting. But yet he insists on “close-ups” all the time…

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  1. Fairly certain he’s trying to troll TD given his past history with this site. He’s trying to create a controversy that isn’t there just to see if TD falls for it and makes it into an article.

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  2. Voltaire said it long ago :

    “The first clergyman was the first rascal who met the first fool.”

    RB’s “Gods” are tech and food. The fact he defends LeoTheSinner at every turn is clear enough proof he’s an atheist or agnostic pretending to support “family values” while dressed up as a priest. Ain’t buying it.

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      1. Clown Priest, if you’re reading this, go fuck youself, you fucking fat-fuck child molester. Just admit the truth – you use your drones to spy on little children. HelloWorld wrote a great article exposing you but unfortunately it was taken down for some reason. I’m here to remind people that “The Digital Jesuit” is a fucking fraud. The only thing he shares with a real Jesuit is his love of abusing children.

        To the dumbass who claims this is slander, just wait until he gets raided by the FBI for all the disgusting videos he has on his harddrives.

        Anyway, sue me, dickwads! You can’t find me – I’m on 7 proxy servers!

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        1. Oops, I didn’t mean to reply – I was addressing the FMCP – not you PriestsForFeasts, you’re good people 🙂 Thanks for exposing him for his beastiality fetish. He probably fucks baby goats.

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  3. Maybe this is his way of showing us the love of the lord? He seems to be very vindictive and thin skinned. Unlike Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

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