Really, Christina Warren, really?

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Christina Warren (aka Film_Girl, aka, Poop_Girl, aka FlimsyCunt) appeared on a recent “This Week in Tech” looking like a suburban turd. Her greasy hair and over-done eye makeup is really just too much. She claims to live in Brooklyn. Listen up, honey. That makeup is more suited to Staten Island or the Bridge-and-Tunnel crowd than the hipster enclave of Brooklyn.

First of all, WHAT are those stringy pieces of blackened kelp hanging off the back of her head? And please don’t tell me that that is her actual hair. It looks like she’s got nasty Johnny Depp-style pirate hair. And secondly, does she really think that a touch of rouge is going to reverse decades of built-in ugly?

So why don’t you come clean already and confess that you are not camera-ready and stick to doing “Tech News Today” while hiding behind a still image and using audio-only Skype.

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  1. Doesn’t anyone realizes she’s on the spectrum? If she’s not totally asbergers she’s a brown tooth away from it. My god she can ramble for twenty minutes if you as her what time is it.

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    1. Hmm, doubt it. I think she’s just a product of the shitty times we live in where women feel like they need to speak over men because feminism.

      She sounds angry all the time…

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      1. she shouts all the time and just keeps spewing shit out of her mouth to control the conversation. I have NO idea how she has relationships with anyone. I’d tell her to chill out and give me and my wang (it’s what I call my penis) a lil space, ya know.

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  2. I don’t want sound like my boomer parents that called my generation a bunch of ‘slackers’ when we entered the work force in the late 80s/early90s, but if CW is one of the best her generation has to offer, my generation is doomed to a retirement of pergatory. Who needs to die to enjoy the concept of limbo when we have CW’s generation making life miserable on everyone older than them.

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  3. Should have clipped her trying to fix her greasy ass hair to no avail in the pre-show!.

    It looked extra greasy, bitch needs to rinse and repeat a dozen times… and maybe buy a comb? For a self-professed fashionista she is gross as hell, guess her fashion sense begins and ends with the iWatch.

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  4. Not to hijack this post but did anyone catch the punch PT threw at LL on WW today? A real gem…

    While LL was bragging about his Ricoh 360 camera and wanting to show PT and MJ a full 360 pic LL took of his staff meeting, as soon as Paul saw the pic he said it looked like a prison! I assume he thought it looked like a prison chow hall with all the inmates around a table, who knows but Paul made me laugh. And I know it got to LL cause before the TWIG show LL told the guests, again while showing off the picture of the staff meeting, that “someone said it looked like a prison” not wanting to name PT, just shows that LL doesn’t dare start poop with PT hahahaha.
    PS – Jimmy Jam your post above had me rolling, too funny dude!

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    1. Oh, have you seen his articles? Legend has it that they’re cleanly shaven and a real handful, some say the size of bowling balls!
      Lucky boy, most of us have to admire from afar.

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  5. Good grief, I just read the page on their site directed at new advertisers:

    Advertise on

    TWiT has been an ad-supported network for almost ten years and we have helped hundreds of companies grow their brands and increase their customer base by educating our audience about their products and services through ads on Our advertisers are a mix of start-ups, established brands, and those that we helped become established brands.

    TWiT reaches a highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience as one of the world’s largest Internet broadcasters of live and on demand technology shows. In 2012 we established our own sales team because we wanted to work directly with our advertisers on super-serving our audience. Our sales team currently has 65% of sales in-house and is led by our CEO Lisa Laporte who heavily vets potential advertisers before allowing them on our network. Our in-house sales team has an in depth knowledge of our shows, direct access to our hosts, and works closely with our advertisers to create the best ads for our audience.

    We are always interested in new advertisers who have products and services that will directly benefit our audience. If you are interested in advertising on the TWiT network then email

    There really is no one at TWIT who has any idea how to write marketing copy, and no one who knows how to address marketing people.

    Even this sentence’s construction is sloppy and lazy:

    Our advertisers are a mix of start-ups, established brands, and those that we helped become established brands.

    Just look at that. They have three types of advertisers: 1) start-ups, 2) established brands, and…. um, 3) established brands. That’s a really stupid way of writing. If you know how to write English, and if you’re aiming to show that you understand what you’re saying, you’d say something like “Our advertisers are a mix of start-ups and established brands. Many of those have become established brands thanks to their partnership with TWIT.”

    It’s only a small point, but I guess I’m saying, these people can’t even get a basic piece of marketing spiel right. It’s not just that sentence, it’s the whole thing. It’s written by someone who thinks they know how to write, but clearly doesn’t.

    And the fact that once again they felt the need to say “our sales team… is led by our CEO Lisa Laporte” pretty much tells you who wrote the page.

    Finally, they make a point of saying that Lisa Laporte “heavily vets” potential advertisers. For what? Ethical reasons? Equality reasons? Diversity reasons? They don’t bother saying. It ends up sounding like TWIT is a smarmy spoiled child. If they’re bothered to explain what the purpose of the vetting is, it would make it a positive thing – but the fact that they don’t, makes it a really negative thing.

    What advertiser would want to be put through a “heavy vetting” process? Oh please, please let us advertise with you 🙁

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    1. Don’t for get “super-serving our audience”. I’m not sure what super-serving is but since they insult their irc sheeple and ‘not many watch live’ they must be referring to all the bots they use to fudge the download numbers.

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    2. Good comment. I would also note that “direct access to our hosts” is why TWiT is shameful. Every journalistic operation tries to create a thick wall between advertising and content whereas TWiT flaunts the relationship between sales and hosts.

      Native advertising to a new level.

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    3. ‘super-serving our audience.’ whatever that means.

      We have super-served up a delicious treat for you?

      There is no criticism, no editing. Lucky no-one actually reads any of it.

      I actually hate most of the Megan/Christina/Tonya posts. I find they pander to the lowest, meanest amongst us. Like the GOP. Sorry, had to insert that.

      It’s a just fucking bad podcast network. One more concerned with money and ads than content.

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  6. I don’t want to support this post because it’s dumb, but CW is incredibly irritating, abrasive and doesn’t shut up, so my feelings are complicated on this one.

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  7. I generally do not like it when someone’s looks are made fun of. HOWEVER, because her voice (vocal fry and pressured speech) and presence are SO FUCKING ANNOYING, …..I wholeheartedly approve.

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  8. This bitch is so annoying. She blathers on & on and never shuts the f*** up. Whenever she’s a guest on TWiT I usually tune out after 10 minutes. Seriously, she makes the show unlistenable as she drones on and on. You can tell even Leo gets sick of her annoying voice and blathering. She is the worst guest ever. 2nd & 3rd place goes to the french dude and butch lady who have identical annoying voices.

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    1. I do have a fantasy of all the guests wearing ball gags, Leo doesn’t need guests he can just talk to himself hours on end, the gagged guests can just keep nodding until the show ends…

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  9. CW can’t slow her brain & mouth down. She talks a mile a minute about nothing. Well shouldn’t say nothing, on the last outing she just repeated everything the other guest said right after them. Just faster and with no added content. Hey CW. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

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