Megan Morrone increasingly looking more like a talking piece of cat shit

Megan Morrone is barely able to stomach sitting next to the pig Leo Laporte and it's definitely taking a toll on her womanhood.
Megan Morrone is barely able to stomach sitting next to the pig Leo Laporte and it’s definitely taking a toll on her womanhood.

Megan Morrone, mother of five boys and 14 dogs, is increasingly looking more and more like a piece of talking cat shit. Her only real job at TWiT (co-host of “iOS Today”) is a joke and she’s obviously just content to sit there and let Leo Laporte mention his favorite porn sites, his subscription to “Playboy” magazine and other inappropriate garbage topics.

Best of luck to you, Megan as you enter your fifth decade. Please tell your nose to stop growing—it’s big enough for a man already, let alone a woman. (Check out her official Wikipedia picture and tell us in the comments section if you think she’s camera-ready.)

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    1. TD
      is getting pretty close to anti Semitic physical characteristics bashing. It’s not Megan’s fault she is of Jewish extraction. I hope that if she was from Scotland you’d make fun of her red hair, just to be equitable.

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    1. I actually don’t find her “ugly”.

      Sure, she’s not a supermodel… but, Jeff, I guess we can’t all be perfect looking super-models like you.

      I guess you can make blatant comments like that about others, because you are superfit, not obese, workout with heavy weights multiple times per week, do not still live in your Mom’s basement, and are fighting off all the woman who are throwing themselves at you?

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  1. I don’t mind her, she isn’t bullying or sexually harassing anyone as far as i know and she does a decent job. Criticizing her solely on her looks seems a bit sexist.

    If anything, feel bad for her since she has to work in that environment. It must really drain ones energy and skew the moral compass.

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  2. I’ve been a fan of TD but this is just nasty and mean spirited, it is totally uncalled for to go after this woman like that Not even Leo is attacked this viciously and he actually deserves it.

    You are a poor excuse for a human being HelloWorld.

    I hope the article is pulled soon.

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    1. I don’t like this article either. It came out of nowhere and she did nothing wrong. It’s just outright nasty to pick/bully people about their looks. It’s not like weight which is down to the persons greed. No doubt if she had a nose job you’d have written an article criticising her vanity.

      If there’s nothing to write about don’t write anything. Shit like this ruins this site.

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  3. Everyone at this site is complicit, not just Helloworld. Meagan appears as a nice kind person and this site places this garbage on the Internet. Megan has no choice, TD does have a choice. TD is worse than Leo.

    I pray something this hurtful is printed about your daughters.

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  4. So you just felt the need to get up on a soap box and announce to the world that you think a woman is not attractive.

    What the fuck is wrong with you? What terrible lifetime of experiences has lead to the moment where you thought this was a good idea?

    I can’t not comment on this. People who do things like this need to be shunned.

    I can get behind some good natured blue comedy… and I understand the purpose of this site is to provoke and be provocative… but this is a real low point.

    This sort of crap is not what this place needs. It’s just awful to the core.

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  5. Hey – I am wet, dripping and horny!

    A pity I have to work with Lay-o LaFat Shit – his boner is so small it couldn’t satisfy a tit mouse.

    I need a big cock!! Anyone game?

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  6. I don’t care about Megan, not at all. Leo should just stay home, hire a few more ‘Megans’ and shovel that shit out.

    The downloads are just automated now. No-one is really watching.

    Hire anyone. Give them a (fill in tech device). They are now an expert.


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  7. (1) I’ve never willingly watched a minute of her work.

    (2) Doing the live comparison, she has a long way to go to truly look like a piece of cat poop, talking or not.

    (3) Rrrrrrrr, cartilage! 😀

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  8. Morrone has a wonderful sounding voice and, unlike Elgan, delivers tech news in an alive and engaging way. I love hearing her talk about tech stories in the background while I’m browsing elsewhere. She’s the most polished and professional sounding person on the network, and I’m glad she is draining money away from the Laportes. Angelic as Sarah Lane is, her harsh voice can drive me up the wall at times. The less said about the phony “radio smiles” of Ballecer and Wilkinson the better.

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  9. I just don’t get this. There is no reason for a post of this magnitude. This makes you far worse than Leo.

    I If your justification is she deserves this because she stays with Leo then why have we never heard you talk like this about Sarah.

    Eat a dick dude.

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  10. Really horrible post. Please stop this nonsense. Leo sucks. Focus. Megan is trying to earn a living and is pretty good at what she does, compared to pretty much everyone else left at Twit. This post was garbage. Please stop shit posts like this and focus on the dirtbag steering the ship.

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  11. HelloWorld I’m glad you’re back! ^-^ I love your work! Megan is such a dog.

    By the way, what happened to your article on that pedo FMCP? Why was it deleted?

    Anyway don’t let them get you down! Take care, hot stuff!

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  12. I left the chatroom because it stopped being funny and started to become menacing and even threatening, I’m not going to go into details but I am very disappointed in how things have taken a turn and this post makes me regret ever being involved in it at all.

    Megan may not be a supermodel but she is mother who is just trying to provide a future for her children. I see a little bit of my own mother in her and so I began to think about it would make me feel if someone posted such horrible things about my own mother online and then sent it to her.

    Personally I’d want to find you and kick your ass but that’s just me, hopefully her children will never see this but I digress. Megan did nothing to me, you or anybody else other than being employed at twit.

    I’m in no way saying that because she is a mother or female, she doesn’t deserve ridicule had she actually did harm to others but in her defense she has remained a neutral person throughout this. She does a few shows, collects and check and goes home.

    She does not deserve such a vicious attack at all and this post only hurts not helps whatever cause TD has. HelloWorld I had respect for you and appreciated your humor but now I am disappointed in you and I am disappointed in the folks here who could do something about this but won’t except say “I like the post” and “Don’t let the haters get you down”.

    TboneGreen raised an interesting point in another post, this site was created partially because Leo Laporte and his book keeper, lover, “business partner”, CEO and now “wife” viciously attacked Erik Lanigan and said some really nasty stuff that left him in ruins after he asked for a raise.

    Some of what they said may have been a contributing factor in his death over a year ago but now you’re doing the very thing that you hated them for doing.

    You’re attacking someone who did nothing to you then telling those who dare speak out again it to “eat a dick” but at-least you’re not blocking posts and banning people yet but I’m sure that’s next.

    There are plenty of people who are absolute monsters at twit and have done horrible things to harm people, Megan is not one of those people.

    There are ways of being critical and humorous without being plain nasty but calling her “A talking piece of cat shit” is neither and only drives people away.

    I think the majority of the replies here have made that very clear.

    I don’t know where you guys are going with this or if you even have a plan but if this continues then I’m done with this site just like I’m done with #sheeplive.

    I do not want to see anyone get hurt nor do I want to be remotely affiliated with anyone that creates a toxic environment that leads to that happening.

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  13. I wish I could get an RSS feed for all posts here except HelloWorld’s. Contributes nothing, and completely ruins any chance this community has of airing it’s legitimate grievances by spewing silly appearance-based insults.

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  14. HelloWorld essentially beats up and slanders people that don’t necessarily warrant the abuse in some peoples mind. Now, when people state their rebut, he can’t take the backlash. Now that is Hilarious!

    If you want to be a comedian, perhaps you should learn and adapt your comedy to a form that your audience actually finds funny. That’s all people are objecting to.

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