Leo Laporte Bans John C. Dvorak from TWiT for Expressing His Opinions Elsewhere

Update 6: Leo is delusional and/or deceiving the sheep by giving something to <@ScooterX> to paste in #twitlive to when they mute or kickban dissenters.

Update 5: We can’t even.

Update 4: Adam Curry responded to Leo’s “surrender.” #soup

JCD won’t be back:

Update 3: Leo “surrendered“. We hope John never goes back to kiss the ring after all the insults Leo lobbed at him.

Update 2: Leo responded on The Tech Guy, further trash-talking John C. Dvorak. He added that “all John does is just set fires,” he “has his own little troll army,” “he isn’t interested in technology,” and the real reason for the banning: not respecting the advertisers.

Update 1: Leo blocked John C. Dvorak on twitter.

John updated No Agenda Newsletter subscribers via his mailing list. You may read that update for more details.

The honeymoon is over, it appears.
The honeymoon is over, it appears.
Esteemed bag of lard Leo Laporte has finally had enough of the man he has secretly (and not-so-secretly) reviled for a long time: John C. Dvorak. Thanks to many eagle-eyed readers for sending this in as a tip.

It would appear that expressing opinions elsewhere about Ahmed, the clock disassembler-and-reassembler (maker?), is enough to get you blacklisted from TWiT now.

Relevant No Agenda Clip – 17 Minutes

We made lots of screenshots, so let us know if any of these disappear and we’ll replace them with images of the deleted tweets.

412 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Bans John C. Dvorak from TWiT for Expressing His Opinions Elsewhere”

  1. Ok, I’m officially done with TWiT. Done with Leo, Done with Lisa, Done with the fat priest, done with it all!

    John is the only one who made TWiT worth listening to. Good bye TWiT.

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    1. Leo is now at the place where he sees Political Correctness everywhere. In the morning taking a shower, impressed on his bar of soap is “PC”. When he puts on his underwear, instead of Jockey or Hanes on the label he sees “PC”. When kissing his wife, instead of the wrinkles on her forehead, he sees “PC” branded into her skin. Leo, your audience does not just consist of people in WA, OR and CA, there’s plenty of other people across the land who…oh my God..think differently!
      What a concept. You’re supposed to be a BROADcaster, yet you’ve turned into a NARROWcaster. Rethink your priorities. Will the PC crowd help you save the TWiT studios from becoming a restaurant extension? No they’ll be gone, and you’ll wind up in that shack in the woods. Grow up! You’re almost 59!

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      1. Actually he is a netcaster. ZING! Actually his whole refusal to use the term podcast highlights his unwillingness to accept reality and the fact that all tech news isn’t under his gravitational pull.

        And I’m from WA and I’m not politically correct.

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      2. Leo is only PC when it’s convenient. He got himself into a whole with this ridiculous bomb hoax, and instead of doubling down he sacrificed Dvorak and then blamed it on him.

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      1. I’ve never heard what his credentials are for doing a show about enterprise tech. Where is he dealing with big iron anyway? Maybe he saw an 8-port router once, this pretty much makes him a PhD compared to Leo.

        Maybe they like talking shop about ranch dressing, whotf knows.

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    2. I tweeted:

      @leolaporte @THErealDVORAK oh my god… a 20 year friendship blown up and thousands of fans saddened. Grow up boys.

      JCD came back:

      @leolaporte curiously I tweeted a generality that someone took the wrong way and get this aggravation. Wow. Weird.

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    3. Really? Leo and John are both has-been hacks/blowhards. This whole “clock” thing is so retarded. Some dumb kid does a dumb thing (as most kids do), right wing nuts overreact, SJWs overreact, right wing nuts spazz out back, SJW spazz out, etc. etc.

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      1. Yes, just some dumb kid with a prank.
        Was he Muslim ? Did he build something resembling a suitcase bomb. YES.
        The stupid bastard is lucky he is not dead.
        I suppose the dumb bastard that shot up the theater was just another “Dumb Kid” prank.
        You idiots with your POLITICAL CORRECTNESS make me want to regurgitate.

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    4. Ditto. My sentiments exactly. Along with watching great hosting personalities drop like flies on TWiT. In addition to the overlong podcasts that are so short on focused content anymore.

      For me, the first sign of the quality drop (and madness?) was firing Amber MacArthur. I mean, who’d fire her? She was professional, knowledgeable, camera-friendly…And had done professional broadcast work along with Internet broadcasting experience. Total package.

      I had been following the TWiT gang since before the start, but lately, mostly because of Leo’s personal dumbing down and crabbing about “no tech news”, “no Apple news”, etc. Poor treatment of hosts, arriving late, etc. Poorly produced shows…The crap is piling up! And for the first time I stopped listening to shows and missing nothing…While finding better produced, knowledgeable, and more focused podcasts.

      Firing John? A guy who supposedly helped give Leo his start? Very, very sad. A no-class move.

      And now more personality, spark, and texture has left the content of the TWiT studio.

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    5. That’s it TWIT.
      It started when that drunk from the Verge diss’d JCD, while Leo agreed and Patrick sheepishly went along because Leo demanded such obedience. I can’t watch Patrick anymore now.
      TWIT empire is no more.

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  2. Will it stick this time? I think so. I think JCD is tired of being repeatedly seduced by Leo only to be spun around and kicked in the ass repeatedly. I would be. It will be nice to watch Leo burn his whole thing down knowing JCD remained uninvolved.
    #Schadenfreude #OneAss #6yards #FuckLeo #LisaHasADick

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    1. I’ve noticed this too. Leo has said a lot of shit about Dvorak, Curry, No Agenda and everything in-between but you do not see Dvorak blowing up like a psycho the way Leo does. I hope he stays away from this idiot for good this time.

      NEVER RETURN DVORAK. You are too good for this a-hole.

      Stay away, Leo is cursed and will take everyone with him. You’ll be seen as someone smart enough to get away from it. DO NOT RETURN.

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      1. It probably irks Leo that John and Adam are succeeding with a value for cake model on No Agenda while TWiT is sinking.

        Also, I noticed Leo’s snide comments at and about JCD soon after he and Adam became friendly.

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      2. been listing to No Agenda for the past 3 years..and NOT ONCE did JCD say anything bad about twit during all this #twitdrama … neither him nor Adam brought this up at all…All Adam asked was why he was let go??

        Actually I was waiting for JCD to say something about how “Fat Ass” is firing folks…and noting

        Then ol’ fat ass doesn’t like something his ol’ friend says….then BAM!!! JCD is let go…

        **** YOU Leo!!!!

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      3. Whenever I see LEO sitting in that BAT WING CHAIR, it
        reminds me of Napoleon. (I think he had a tech show in Rome)

        Another possible slant on the TWIT TUMULT may be Leo’s
        other half. In order to consolidate more power for herself,
        she could be getting rid of anyone who might influence
        It is possible that she is the Hillary Clinton of TWIT.

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    2. John C Dvorak’s recent break from TWIT was a record breaker for longest streak of TWITs without JCD. Even if this latest hissy fit of Leo’s had never happened, JCD was already checked out for all intents and purposes. And good for him.

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  3. This is an excellent opportunity for people to listen to the No Agenda Podcast. The discussion regarding Ahmed was incredible.

    Any graduate of fifth grade can read off the simple view you hear everywhere. You want simple listen to Jeff Jarvis saying the principal has to go and listen to Mike decry racism. Their combined research entailed looking at a picture.

    If you actually listen to Episode 759 you will hear JCD and Adam Curry make valid points and observations. Great points, some might say. Some of you may disagree with them, some of you may agree with them. Some of you may agree partially. But all of you will end up thinking for a change. The discussion was at approximately the one-hour mark.

    Tom Merritt also saw something was up with how that story was being reported, and did not take the story at face value. You can watch how he reported the story on his DTNS program.

    Anytime there is a story like this, low level news people will jump on the bandwagon, real journalists think and look at what happened critically.

    The police treated him wonderfully and if you look at the handcuff picture his sister (who may have orchestrated this) took you will see he is fine and the cop is watching the sister do her thing.

    PS. A CEO would realize that having JCD on would be great TV. Instead, they quiet the troll. Why listen to him when you can kick/ban him.Opposing points of view, thought, dicussion all die at TWiT. The entire network has the exact same POV on every issue, privacy, Snowden, NSA, Ahmed…everything.

    PSS. I thought TWiT doesn’t ban people.

    PSSS No one thought it was a bomb, the “crime” was having a faux bomb.

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  4. Yup Leo LaCunt again bans his best talents because he’s too stupid to investigate stories before he remarks stupidity like a 2 year old
    John C isn’t like LaCunt, John looks at both sides before talking
    Leo just talks before thinking
    That arrogance gets him into trouble
    Most smart folks learn from their mistakes, but not Fat Fuck LaCunt, he’ll stupidity continue to do them


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  5. What a fucking child… his latest Amazon purchase was probably delayed by a day.

    But who didn’t see this coming? He’s slowly burning every bridge and every relationship he had. It was interesting that he didn’t cut JCD off sooner considering John is ever the straight shooter.

    Also interesting how he belittles NA show so often. He’s pissed that he couldn’t make a living as a two man show and needs a large company to feed his ego and gluttony. Fuck you Lay-O, you’re a phony and a cretin.

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    1. did you see twit last week, Jim one of the guests he could tell Leo was insulting him and he bailed out at the end of the show and Leo laughed about it, and Leo is really becoming an abnoxious asshole when it comes to Apple it’s kind of irritating I’m less interested in the twit network that I have been in the past especially any show Leo is on, and the obese priest is kind about entertaining also., kind of sad, I listen to the no agenda show all the time

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      1. He’ll flip back to being an obnoxious asshole about Android again, he always does. Then chime in about ‘Loving Windows Phone!’ on Windows Weekly before bashing it on every other show. Fractals I tell ya!

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    1. What? You mean you don’t tune in for the intelligent insight of Owen JJ stone and Christina warren? 😀

      I only download twit when jcd is on, so if he is banned then they’ve lost an occasional listener.

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  6. Seems to me it’s just LL grasping at straws to create controversy/ratings ? For his flailing twit house network! JCD, don’t take the bait DO NOT respond to his tweets lol. Better yet don’t take his phone calls or attempts to bring you back by giving/bribing you with free cell phones and letting you borrow his “$8,000.00” camera lens, Lol. In the morning everyone!

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  7. Well, I can finally unsubscribe from TWiT then. I deleted any episode John C Dvorak wasn’t on.

    Funny that John gets called ill-informed, coming from the guy who can’t put any effort into his own show/story/guest prep.

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    1. Political knee-jerk got in the way of rational thinking. I do believe Leo LaBrainiac copped to being irrational as recently as MBW, while never failing to claim the rational high road when he spews his horseshit about security issues.

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    1. Right, He’s been going on about this pink fucking iPhone for weeks if you don’t fucking like it take it back Apple will exchange it for you, you must have better things to worry about it in your fucking fucking life you f*cking asshole

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  8. I expect better photo quality from a $> 8000 lens.

    This pretty much will halt my watching anything @ Twit that features LaPork, even Security Now! (which has kept me coming back time and time again) So that leaves… oh yeah Floss, the only show that isn’t utter crap! I could probably even cut out Floss and just use the show’s Google doc to find new things to look into…

    Also Art Bell is on the air again and does a better show than LaPork. Its on the air and free to stream live M-F Midnight EST.

    For those of you who always want more 2nd half of show.

    R.I.P. TWIT 2010 – We will never forget!

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    1. I’ll keep listening to Security Now for Steve Gibson, but I don’t know how many more Laporte tirades on the importance of advertising I can take. Gibson is a great and agreeable guy, but even he’s pushed back a couple of times.

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  9. I definitely don’t agree with JCD on most things, but Leo has lost his mind…I hope Paul and Mary Jo move to a safer place sometime soon.

    Once they’re gone I’m done with TWIT

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    1. My theory is that a few reasons why Mary Jo isn’t already a regular on that Jersey shore guy’s show is that she’s probably too busy and it would probably be a blatant affront to perpetual drama queen, Leo LaCrybaby, and there’s no reason to jeopardize Paul’s other podcast gig, or podcasting enterprise in general. But they could easily pick up where WW left off, they could hire a chimpanzee to eat salads during the show and pretend they’re paying attention to what Paul and Mary Jo are talking about.

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      1. I am sure a chimp could eat on air as well as Leo, and would probably prep better and actually pay more attention, but there’s no way a chimp could match Leo’s feces flinging.

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      2. I am sick to fucking death of listening to the fat bastard chomp his way through Windows Weekly – talking like he has peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth and thinking no-one will notice if he doesn’t have the camera on himself.
        Well you are in MY FUCKING EARS moron – headphones. And it is so fucking disrespectful to Paul and M-J.
        notice he never eats during the ads. Wonder why.

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    2. You can see/hear Paul on What the Tech with Andrew Zarian over at the GFQ network. Andrew is a much nicer person and it’s the same content. Mary Jo is nice enough, but I can do without the enterprise news.

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  10. TWIT has devolved into This Week in Telephones. It’s Apple this, Android that, apps, over and over. They don’t cover the week in tech anymore. Leo couches his opinions by appending “doesn’t it?” or “right?” the end of each statement. JCD still speaks what he thinks without the fear of offending Lisa or some perceived audience segment, and for that reason he was the best guest. The recent TWIT guests are OK but don’t have the style, humor, and history of JCD. My guess is that Leo will back off from this.

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      1. Who needs John C Dvorak, when you’ve got Padre SJ and Oh Doctah. No, you read that correctly. “Oh Doctah” is how this grown “man” spells his name.

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        1. But John is not a tech journalist like Baramundi and Oh Doctah. Leo has the fake smile, but it has always been apparent to me that a devil lurks beneath. I never liked him.

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    1. Earlier this year there were 8 straight shows with a significant chunk of time (>20 mins) taken to discuss the Apple Watch. I Get it was a big deal and a new line of products from Apple. I could see it taking up a lot of time on 1 or 2 TWITs near the launch, but 8 in a row?

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    2. Exactly. Leo and most of his guests are literal fanboys of tech in general. Dvorak, even when he’s been wrong, has helped TWiT by playing “the buzzkill,” dragging the group back down to earth.

      I only download the episodes when Dvorak or Jolie O’Dell are on. The other show guests (Leo included) are often too trapped in a “tech enthusiast bubble” to relate to listeners who aren’t tech obsessed, and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. Now Dvorak is out, and I doubt there will be more than one or two O’Dell appearances per year unless she’s already been banned, too.

      It’s sad, but this is essentially the death of TWiT for me. And I have been listening for almost a decade. Get a grip, Leo. Be a politically correct blowhard if you will, but don’t let it ruin your shows.

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  11. I delete most Twits unless o docta or John C is on, so it’s not a political thing. I just worry how much longer Security Now can last on the network. Leo has been jabbing Steve subtly at times for a while now.

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    1. I agree, there’s a very set pattern as to how Leo deals with getting rid of shows and people. It starts with subtle jabs on other shows and then slowly builds until one day they’re gone and Leo says “There’s no way we could make it work (Insert name here) was asking for too much and the show wasn’t getting enough downloads”

      Didn’t Gibson refuse to take a flat fee and instead take a percentage of some sort? Can someone correct me on this?

      If he did take a percentage, that will be Gibson’s undoing.

      Leo has been taking more jabs at Elgan lately too…I wonder how long he has.

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      1. MoonChild

        It’s cruel to get people’s hopes up that someone will actually

        FIRE MIKE!!!!

        I gave up on someone giving that turd his walking papers years ago.

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      2. As I understand it, all the hosts get a percentage of the show’s ad revenue. And LaWhore claims that when a show’s ad revenue goes up, he pays more to the hosts, even if the show’s ad revenue subsequently decreases.

        Who knows if it’s true, of course…

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    1. I just read Arthur Godfrey’s wiki page. The resemblance to Leo is uncanny.

      From the wiki: “Eventually Godfrey added a weekend “best of” program culled from the week’s Arthur Godfrey Time, known as Arthur Godfrey Digest. He began to veer away from interviewing stars in favor of a small group of regular performers that became known as the “Little Godfreys.” Many of these artists were relatively obscure”

      Sounds exactly like TWIT,

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      1. Sadly, the sad state of Leo Laporte’s stable of panelists on TWIT and other shows is likely a combination of a few things: Leo’s dwindling influence and relevance in the tech community, and his history of burning bridges with past associates.

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  12. Moon child

    You hit the nail on the head
    Your right
    Fat Fuck LaCunt MO seems to be playing out again with a few hosts and employees again
    Guess the CEho has been showing Leo some money saving options after hours

    I’m just surprised not one ex employee has hired a lawyer yet.
    Hell there’s enough video to convict Leo guilty for employee mistreatment

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  13. Leo’s a douchebag ASSHOLE…F’him. This pervert has completely lost his mind. Leo’s a sinking ship. No Agenda is AWESOME!

    “The photograph of [Ahmed] in handcuffs that has gone viral, however, was not taken as he was escorted from the high school. Rather, it was staged after his father insisted at the police station that the cuffs remain on so his sister could take the picture.”

    Anyone who entertains any other thought is foolish. Any court willing to even give these dirtbags room on their docket is as dumb as Barry for bringing him to the White House. He didn’t invent anything. This was a hoax, plain and simple.

    “The people at the school thought it might be a bomb, perhaps, BECAUSE IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A F**KING BOMB!”
    ~Bill Maher

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    1. http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/txstatutes/PE/10/46/46.08

      (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly manufactures, sells, purchases, transports, or possesses a hoax bomb with intent to use the hoax bomb to:

      (1) make another believe that the hoax bomb is an explosive or incendiary device; or

      (2) cause alarm or reaction of any type by an official of a public safety agency or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies.

      (b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

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      1. So is your fucking point that JCD being banned is just per the book as stated in the second statute of that code? If so, then FUCK OFF you Elitist Libtard Oversensitive FUCK!

        PS. Pls ignore if I misunderstood or misconstrued.

        PSS Pls explain your point better.

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  14. It’s getting sad, Leo only surrounds himself with yes-men now. Jarvis constantly mentions how amazing Leo is. Elgan is incapable of disagreeing with Leo and his CEO worships him.

    What happened to Leo. He had so many admirable qualities but now he is a lunatic. And John’s original tweet was clearly directed at the media “the air” for the most part although he did include Leo in his jab.

    How many times has Leo insulted John publicly? John does it once (not behind his back) and he is gone. Goose meet gander, kettle meet pot.

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  15. Who didn’t see this coming? Really?

    JCD has been sporadic on TWIT for a while now, so this under the surface tension has been around for a very long time. I don’t think this is a publicity stunt by Leo (like TNSS was) but I firmly believe this is just one more giant crack rupturing on the TWIT dam. Right now the damn can’t hold and the water is rushing through it.

    Leo probably realized JCD stopped playing his game and then started attacking him for it like he’s done so many times in the past to people. You no longer serve my purpose so let me light that bridge around you, ok? Bubye.

    The other thought is this is all done out of pettiness, which is also Leo’s M.O. JCD’s show is doing better than TWIT, so Leo’s attacking him because of that out of spite.

    What a pathetic loser Leo has turned into. Really, it’s almost embarrassing now.

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  16. TWiT without John C. Dvorak cannot stand. Most of the formidable talent on this network has either been fired, resigned, banned, or died (you all know who I am referring to). What are we left with? Nothing but a bunch of puppet yes men like Jeff Jarvis (who in my opinion lacks independence) or that Microsoft Sam robot that reads articles written by real journalists on Tech News Today.

    Windows Weekly is about the only show left that I care about, and even that is getting incredibly bad due to Leo’s short attention span on the show. You can tell Paul Thurrott is getting tired of Leo’s behavior and irrelevant/bizarre comments.

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    1. Leo long ago gave up on using any Windows product, thus his zero commentary on Windows phones and anything laptop or desktop Windows. So he is out of it.

      Jarvis must be the worst J-school “professor” ever if he just takes that bullcrap about Ahmed (what was the point of Leo going on and on about ACK-med spitting all over the place?)

      Jarvis wanted the school principal fired? That’s outrageous. He teaches journalism? He is the worst.

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      1. It took me a while to notice that people like JJ are the censors of the world. The ones with thin skins. The ones that get professionally outraged for attention. The ones that want to fire anyone who disagree with their views. The ones that see the world from a superficial, yet meta vantage point.

        It’s not just JJ though. A lot of the media is like that, which is what JCD was hinting at in his tweet. The way Leo interpreted it is a clear example that he belongs with that same JJ crowd. The opposite viewpoint, for anyone that is interested is called the cultural libertarian – look it up.

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    2. Funny how Leo has a goddamned beef with everyone after a while.

      “If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

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  17. Quick question???

    What fucking twit viewer is buying or using Leo LaCunts sponsored products?
    I’m pretty sure most of his supporting Twit members have abandoned him or thinking about it.
    Is CEho cooking the books???
    Is Leo LaCunt and CEho inflating viewer numbers in order to keep their sponsors monies?

    I know I’ve never used or bought any of LaFucks sponsored crap, even if I was going to use a sponsored product, I would enter another podcasters info in to credit them with the sale

    Fuck LaCunt and his gloating ways

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    1. I remember buying into his sponsored products, turns that the product didn’t work as stated that there was an extremely limited list of printers that would work with it and at the time this list was not easily found on their website. Sent it back.

      I also bought into the Harry’s thing but the razors are no better than those from Dollar Shave Club and their cheapest razor does perfectly well for a fraction of the price. I used Bill Burrs advertising link for dollar shave club and dropped Harry’s. Though it was the shaving on air like a dickhead that Leo that was more off-putting and I told Harry’s that was the reason why I cancelled and was going elsewhere.

      After that I took Leo Lapork’s advertising with a pinch of salt. He can’t be truthful about the products he sells, but he La La La La Loves them all.

      Fuck Leo and the Whore he Rode in On.

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    1. Yes good thing you brought that up that was very sad about Eric Lanigan Leo Laporte’s can’t got him kicked off the show forever he was an up-and-coming*he was even better than Leo he did a late-night show taking calls from listeners offering tech support and exchanging ideas in this bitch had him fired and then he ended up killing himself and Leo laughed about it saying it doesn’t have anything to do with me,, you are missed Eric Lanigan

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  18. “Good luck with your fine show.”

    Setting aside the slight to DHUnplugged, LaPorke’s comment reveals that JCD appeared on TWiT primarily to promote TBPITU. The delusional one seems to believe that banning JCD from TWiT equates to the demise of the No Agenda Show. Perhaps he should be more concerned with getting his own soon-to-be homeless BrickHouse in order. (Love the JCD support donation of $89.48 – numeric TWiT – to No Agenda that I saw on Twitter. I’m in!)

    As to what’s been simmering, didn’t JCD say that he would co-host TNSS (or was it another show?) when he finished the vinegar book? LaPorke kept repeating it like he was getting something on the record.

    Pretty sure that only later, someone explained to the retard what that in fact meant. And Hell hath no fury like a retard scorned and humiliated, publicly.

    Curious that after retweeting JCD’s comment in which he thanked supporters, LaPorke has now blocked me. Ranks right behind being No Agenda dame in achievement. Snoopy dance!

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  19. JCD doesn’t need Twit as much as Leo needs him as a guest on that show. TwIt has become nothing more than a outlet for 10 min live reads and native ads. There’s no more thoughtful content at all. Anyone remember his similar blow up with David Pouge and Cali Lewis who he also disagreed with over differing opinions?

    Note to Leo.. It’s ok to have people on who you don’t think the same way as you do. It makes food for thought.

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    1. Who are these guests that Leo books nowadays? Fucking garbage. Listen, good luck to each and every one of them, but they just don’t make an interesting TWIT episode. John C Dvorak does what he can but it’s all in vain (or was). The time when TWIT would feature 3 or 4 heavy hitters are LONG gone. With JCD gone, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

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  20. Ahmed’s clock bomb is the biggest crock of shit going, and Leo seems to have thrown away his only cohost of value over it.

    If Dvorak was a chess piece, you wouldn’t trade him for ALL OTHER TWIT PANELISTS COMBINED from the past year.

    Leo owes Dvorak AND Curry big time for keeping mum about flashing his dick pic live on the air, and now his hubris is going evaporate what’s left of the TWIT “empire”, slowly but surely.

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    1. Yes, now I wonder if Curry and JCD will roll out some of the stuff they have not talked about regarding Leo. Perhaps the dick pic and other things should be addressed by No Agenda. JCD must have a lot of dirt he’s collected. He should do something with it after this shabby treatment by psycho Leo.

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        1. I agree – they’ll have a good laugh off air but it will get a short mention by Adam – “hey John are you on TWiT today?” JCD will grunt “unlikely” in response, Adam will play the “douchbag” jingle and then move on.

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  21. NativeInExile
    I was blocked for mentioning that I just discovered theTD website and it’s great , so guess what , I post TD website links on Leo LaCunts Twitter account now every chance I can, even if your blocked , Leo’s Twitter followers can still see any and all posts you create if add Leo’s Twitter handle , Leo won’t be able to see it but everyone else will and that’s all that really counts

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  22. I thought they both had a lot of history together? I loved watching JCD on TWIT. I didn’t always agree with him, but he was so entertaining.

    At this rate Leo won’t have anyone left, it’ll just be him and Lisa.

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        1. With the money I’ll walk away from LaFatFuck I can buy a good fuck. At last something larger than 5″ to fill my holes.

          Remember, unlike Jennifer actually know where the money is.

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  23. Leo is crazy. Now I don’t agree with JCD politically but it makes for a good show. He’s at least thoughtful in his commentary.

    Leo takes jabs at everyone and is such a hypocrite for banning JCD. I’m thinking an advertiser must have complained about JCD’s honesty and that ruffled Lisa’s feathers.

    One time he questioned Leo about the integrity of Gazelle during a live read. JCD was skeptical about Gazelle’s policy of actually going through with a secure erase of electronics.

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  24. I never watch TWiT unless Dvorak is on it.

    Any other time it is Leo and a bunch of people on computer monitors. I’m assuming because nobody wants to be there in person?

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  25. I sort of feel the need to apologize to whoever runs this website. I had heard about it months ago when Leo was upset about it and really took his side, I spoke out for him.

    Seeing his tweets today really shocked me, John is his longtime friend who he’s readily admitted got him into this business and he’s willing to talk to him like that? In public, no less! I cannot imagine treating a friend, or anyone, like that.

    I’ve spent some time today looking through the posts here, and while I don’t agree with all of them, it clearly illustrates a pattern of behavior. Once or twice is understandable, but this kind of thing happens quite a bit with Leo apparently.

    My Grandmother once told me that money doesn’t change you, it just allows you to be who you really are, and I think we are seeing that with Leo.

    I’m really sad, and in good conscious, I would feel ‘dirty’ watching TWiT anymore. Unbelievable.

      » Quote comment

    1. Thank you for your courage.

      I believe most of us here can empathize with you. We have all had our experiences with Leo. TD is rather like a support group in that regard.

      Fuck, even the real Lisa will start having sympathies for TD when she realizes the contempt in which she is held by LaPorte.

      We’ve all been seduced by a professional personality disorder. We’ve learned.

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    2. One name against everything Leo said about Dvorak in that video… Nilay Patel. After that episode of TWiT, Patel’s face should be on the brick wall with BANNED underneath it. John should have never come back after that.

      For the first time ever I did not watch TWiT this past weekend. I didn’t watch The Tech Guy or Screensavers either–all unsubscribed in iTunes. I’m done, and as such, I say goodbye to this website too, as I don’t want to be caught up in his bad behavior. To quote Leo himself, I surrender! Thanks.

        » Quote comment

      1. I am convinced the reason that fuck Nilay left lawyering was because he quickly was discovered to be a fucking loser.

        What to do? Oh I know, let’s get into Tech and Lifestyle reporting where the facts are what I say they are and I can always hide behind my ethnicity instead of dealing with the truth.

        The way LaFuck crawled up Patel’s ass showed the lack of respect to JCD and his complete lack of comprehension of the facts of the story.

        Two fucking peas in the same pod.

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  26. I’ve been dismissing this site for a long time, even though I agree with some of the posts here. I’ve been following Leo since the ZDTV days so I always believe that Leo would be humble, realize his mistakes, and be the better man. But this? Banning his teacher and long time friend John C. Dvorak over an opinion? This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Such a shame Leo, such a shame…

    So guys, any tech podcast recommendations? 🙂

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  27. Leo doesn’t seem to be thinking straight at all. Obviously Leo has some long-standing hard feelings that came to a head over Ahmed the clock bomber.

      » Quote comment

  28. As I recall, during the “Screw Up Sunday” edition TWiT, JCD needled LaPorke by saying something to the effect of “So, I hear you lost your lease.”

    Good times.


      » Quote comment

    1. Yes, JCD is the only guest who uses innuendo for things he saw on Total Drama. John mentioned the lease and TNSS sucking that week and it pissed Leo off. No oe may speak publicly against his bullshit. However, Leo maligns No Agenda as conspiracy theory nonsense and Adam Curry (latest insult was a “reactionary”) all the time. He mentions John as going off the rails too.

      Prediction- Laporte apologizes today on air or diffuses situation at least.

      There was an article on TD before about something amiss with John and Leo and it looks like that article was right.

      Nice job TD.

        » Quote comment

      1. I hope Leo doesn’t apologize, but if he does JCD should just keep silent and consider Leo dead and gone. Leo’s clearly got a serious mental illness that’s being exacerbated by his alcohol and prescription drug use which is further exacerbated by his poor diet, lack of exercise and hyper sexuality. His endocrine system is probably a mess. Leo’s even commented on his latest blood panel being a total wreak. He’e pretty much done anyway. Back away and let him continue his self destruction.

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  29. 3, 8, 14-9, 21-2, 24, 26, 27, 31-43, 45-7, 49-50, 52, 54-7, 59-67, 69, 72-4, 76-84, 86-90, 93-7, 99-100, 102, 106-7, 110, 112, 114, 116-7, 119, 122-7, 129, 131-2, 134, 136, 137, 139-40, 142-4, 146-9, 151, 153-4, 156-60, 162-3, 168, 171-3, 175-9, 181-2, 184, 186, 188, 190-1, 195-6, 199-202, 205, 208, 214-5, 217-8, 221-2, 224-6, 229, 231, 233, 235-6, 238, 240-1, 244, 247, 252, 257, 259, 262, 264-6, 269-70, 272, 274, 277-8, 282, 286, 288, 291, 296, 301, 304, 311, 317, 320-1, 323, 325, 327, 330, 335, 338, 340, 342-4, 347, 349, 351-3, 355-6, 358, 362-3, 366, 369, 371, 373, 376-7, 382-3, 387, 390, 392-3, 395, 398, 401-3, 409, 412, 415, 417, 419, 421, 423, 428-9, 434, 436, 440, 442, 446, 448-9, 451, 455, 457, 462, 469, 471, 476, 479, 483, 488, 492, 497, 501, 506, 509, 523

    It was fun while it lasted.

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    1. Yes, Steve will be the last true tech expert standing before the whole network becomes This Week in Telephony.

      Oh, a new phone, let’s talk about it for an hour.

      “It’s got the new Qualcomm chip.”
      “Oooooh. What does the chip do?”
      “It makes the phone faster.”
      “Oooooh wow. Cool.”
      “Yes. It’s AMAZING.”
      “Oooooh yeah.”
      “It has a nice feel too. Here feel it.”
      “Oooooh wow. It’s rubbery.”
      “Yes, its feel is AMAZING.”
      “Oooooh wow. I want one. Do you recommend it?”
      “No. The iPhone is better.”

      FUCKOFF A-HOLES, why are you wasting my time?

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  30. JCD is a seasoned, respected and professional tech writer, who’s written for top industry publications like Computer World, Byte Magazine and PC World.

    #soup does no original reporting, comments on others hard work and runs a third-rate streaming site where computer “professionals” Skype in their commentary from their bedrooms.

    The CNN of Tech, my ass.

      » Quote comment

      1. TWit podcasts are nothing more than “background noise” offering zero value…just people vomiting opinions about nonsense. Image how much more productive someone’s day would be if they listened to an audio book or the thousands of podcasts that actually provide good insightful info and entertainment. The only people still clinging to TWiT are the sheep hypnotized by their psychopathic Shepard…trained and addicted to their weekly dopamine hit.

        While I love Total Drama. I think everyone should push the “leolaportesucks.com” site because it offers a one page quick run down of the truth of what kind of monster Leo is and was recently updated to include the recent JCD fiasco. Somehow all his “fans” need to be exposed to this website.

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  31. TWiT popularity must be at an all time low . I can’t remember the last time I saw an overflow chatroom during a TWIT Sunday episode.
    JCD is now banned, Jason, Fucking Calacanis is allowed back AND has hosted a TWiT episode. Desperation has apparently set in at the Brick S#ithouse.

    I patiently await the opportunity to dance on TWiT’s grave.
    To borrow from a G.W. Bush line, “Lisa, you’re doing a HECK of a job.”

      » Quote comment

    1. Padre’s there in part to demonstrate just how broadminded Leo is, as a compassionate leftie, to include a silly theist as a host.

      But Leo had to get rid of JCD because he had a difference of beliefs.

      Yeah, I don’t get it either.

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  32. Leo’s TNSS show is on right now. They have a Twitter hashtag #bdayNSS Birthday cake and are wishing people a Happy Birthday. I just checked it out and one of you wiseguys must have wished JCD @THErealDVORAK #bdNSS a Happy Birthday . Good going. I’ll add to it and maybe we can start a trend.
    Off to the Twittersphere.

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  33. I haven’t listened to TWiT or TTG in well over a year now. It’s sad to see what Leo and TWiT have become. At this point I don’t think Leo even cares what becomes of TWiT. It’s my opinion that Leo will milk vacations and lavish dinners out of TWiT as “business expenses” for as long as possible, and then probably declare bankruptcy and retire. I can’t say this drama with JCD surprised me, the writing was on the wall years ago. And I can’t even remember how many episodes of TWiT, JCD has probably saved by steering everyone back onto the subject of tech.

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  34. this was on jcds twittter. i think it sums up things well. if he trys to bury the hatchet in the future and delete tweets, deny, etc. it will still be part of public record.

    This dust up will be forever preserved in the Library of Congress with all the tweets forever. Hi person of the future!

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  35. It’s demented and sad that John C Dvorak was getting the same scale rate per appearance ($500) that, say, Oh Doctah would get for a TWIT appearance. Mind blowing.

      » Quote comment

  36. JCD said wasn’t going to talk about on NA. Leo will. Like many things Leo will run his mouth about it. His ego will overtake whatever brain matter may be left.

      » Quote comment

  37. I doubt many guests got paid at all, let alone the $500, besides John. I was surprised John thought everyone got paid.

    Anyway, to JCD, you are in esteemed company now. Being blocked and chastised by Leo is an exclusive club. Semi exclusive.

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  38. Anybody else catch Laporke questioning today Johnny Jet’s guesting on another podcast. JJ fumbled a bit, and then noted the hosts were friends of TWiT.

    Does Laporke have an exclusive with radio show folks like Scott, Chris, and JJ?

    Or is he just a big, fat bully?

    ‘Spose he could be both.

      » Quote comment

    1. This reminded me of an episode of Windows Weekly where there was some hardware Paul couldn’t talk about publicly until a few days after the podcast, Leo got tiffy and said something to the effect of “Oh, You’re revealing it on Zarian’s show (What the Tech) instead?”. Paul eyerolled.

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  39. Just read JCD’s long posting about this incident. I feel badly for him – he sounds really hurt. But, as he mentioned, this has been a long time coming and he knows how horrible Leo is and TWIT is essentially worthless.

      » Quote comment

    1. Yeah, he does sound hurt. He responded in a classy way too.

      Clearly Leo was looking for a reason to boot him. That Twitter “exchange” is hardly anything but a poor excuse.

      Interesting JCD has never mentioned the Evil Penis’d Witch. Maybe knowing Leo as long he knows he was always a shit deep down.

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  40. In the worst-case scenario, Leo trashed a 20-year associate over some stupid kid who arguably broke Texas law. In the best-case scenario, it was over a hoax operation that played the entire media, including the president and major corporations.

    Well done, Leo.

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  41. so over in the TWiT IRC they are claiming Leo has said JCD is not banned. Long absences from the show are just because the host is busy or alternatively JCD is in a time out. Koolaid Drinkers.

      » Quote comment

  42. All those who missed JCD NA memo Saturday
    “Banned: Why I was fired from Twit”
    Here’s the link:

    John lays it all out, most of us seen this as it was happening months & years ago but for those who were literally shocked and blindsided by the news today just need to go and read the memo where in Johns hand writing he felt the tension over time

    je suis John


    Fuck Leo LaCunt

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  43. Imagine if Tom does a weekly show with John!

    Judging by Twitter this will be another 10% viewership hit to twit. I’m sure the CEO will come up with a plan (like releasing a YouTube-best-of video to hadle #dickgate) but it won’t work.

    Can Leo publicly apologize?
    John seems serious about moving on.

      » Quote comment

    1. Leo has been described as a pathological liar before. Remember a few years back when he promised Dvorak a MacBook Air and never delivered? And Dvorak called him out recently for his promise to become a No Agenda Knight and never followed through?

      There is a whole video describing Leo’s lies put together by Captain Juno.

      His previous wife was a psychologist for a good reason.

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  44. No disrespect to whores, but Leo is a whore.

    He loves all the free gadgets they send him, he has no qualms about praising crappy products and crappy ideas because he gets paid to do so. Then JCD comes along and urinates all over his phony fake tech news and analysis show, gets a million laughs from guests and staff, makes Leo look like the superficial idiot that he is.

    So, I bet Leo has been getting a lot of complaints from his sponsors and advertisers… Whores don’t pick their lovers. they just follow the money trail.

    Add to that his built up personal resentments for the many times John has exposed and mocked and ridiculed him on TWIT (for good reason)… And you get this idiotic move by Mr. Whore to try to oust JCD… A move that he has certainly already found out is way above his pay grade, and a move that he must certainly deeply regret by now.

      » Quote comment

    1. Right. This clock thing was the supposed reason for this deal. Any tech person could see what the boy was doing. “Invented” is a give-away for even an awake non-tech person. JCD and AC may have pushed a few points a bit too hard, but their analysis was right. TWIT just kept asking questions, “Is it?” “Did he?” “Should they?” “What if?” on and on and on.

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  45. I read and listened to JCD (yes, he was on the radio years ago). He answered my emails years ago before everyone on the planet had email. One cannot agree with every opinion expressed, but JCD expresses his opinion and gives facts and experiences to back them up. “Is this phone better than that phone?” JCD would join in but then attempt to move the conversation to a real tech subject. Many other guests are content to remain in this non-tech subject for an hour or more. Ugh. JCD and Jolie made a great team.

    Years ago, Steve Gibson introduced me to Leo and I began to listen to his work. The way things are going, SG and Security Now may have to leave TWIT because he talks about tech subjects which have little to do the current fad phone. SG had better watch his tweets. Sigh.

      » Quote comment

    1. Leo’s attitude towards Steve has really changed, from dismissive to disrespectful and borderline insulting. Steve puts up with a lot, and like JCD, let’s it roll off of him as if dealing with a child.

        » Quote comment

  46. Only shows I still watched on the network were twit when John was in it and twich. Have deleted feeds to both.

    Funny thing, johns suspicions are proving more likely the more we hear about the kid. Even whoever that one billionaire who talked in the phone with him for awhile said he heard the sister coaching him in the background when talking to him about anything but actual science.

    Leo is a fucking idiot. How many more people does he have to fuck over in his inner circle before everyone else figures his bullshit out?

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  47. Leo is asleep at the wheel. He has everything at TWiT set up for him so he doesn’t have to care about anything.

    Not only does he steal content from websites to get his tech news, he actually steals the curation of that content from TechMeme. In other words, They can’t even be bothered to curate their own content.

    JCD is right, every show is a re-hash. If Leo get’s a new phone, you will hear about it on MBW, WW, TNSS, SN, TWiT, iOS today. He will bring up the same points over and over. JCD also said it is laughable that when he comes in to do TWiT, he’s greeted with “There’s no tech news this week”.

    The bottom line is, and I have made this point over and over is that Leo doesn’t understand his audience, and he doesn’t care about respecting them and serving them.

    Hundreds of tweets in Leo’s mentions say something to the effect of “The network has gone down hill, and this is the last straw”.

    Leo likes to think that everyone is just a troll, but he’s wrong. We are and always have been dissatisfied customers. He refused to hear it and believe it. He refuses to take a good look at the quality of his content.

    Obviously JCD noticed a lack of quality. Also Steve Gibson recently mentioned that he is seeing something going on with Leo. It’s been going on a long time Steve.

    So what is really going on? It’s quite simple. Leo is a man, a human being. He’s not perfect. He has a serious personality disorder. He doesn’t want to see it or admit it. But it is effecting everyone around him. It has tragically effected peoples lives. People were wrongly thrown out of TWiT several times for unjust cause. What happen to Dane? Remember Erik?, Tom, Dicky D, Ray, Amber, Chad, JCD. There are many others that have moved on but there is a reason why. There is a pattern here. Unfortunately one of these people are no longer here perhaps because of it.

    How about his ex-wife? Who else in leo’s life has been effected by his PD?

    People like this leave many in their wake. We as the audience have even been affected.

    And then there is Leo himself. A smart, talented man, who is suffering because of it. His success has actually enabled this to flare up to it’s worse.

    I only hope Leo get’s help and finds the answers.

      » Quote comment

    1. P.S. As a footnote.

      It’s not easy to be a 60yo and come to terms with the fact that you’ve been riding a narcissistic high your whole life. It puts all of your assumptions in question. It put’s your whole life and being into question. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and it’s a hard thing to change.

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    2. I’ve gone back and looked at when Dane left and Lisa came on, and it looks like the two passed in the night and Dane was shown the door after Lisa presented Leo her salary schedule and convinced Leo she could do Dane’s work and her job and save Leo 1/2 of Danes salary… All of TWiTs personal moves seem to lead to more part time or free on air talent. Lisa has really cut back on full time on air talent. I’m fairly sure she was behind the canning of Tom M, she couldn’t stand paying a full time salary to a off site host.

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    3. I sympathize, but if he’s bored and no longer challenged, then he should get new hosts and go find something else to do that interests him.

      TWiT is not a prison just because he owns it. As an entrepreneur, you have to regularly assess whether you are still the best person for the job, and if you’re not, turn the operation over to someone better.

      Perhaps, as a narcissist, Leo doesn’t believe that anyone could replace him, but an objective analysis shows otherwise.

      How hard would it be to get hosts who are passionate, informed, knowledgable, and willing to prepare for their shows? Leo might have had some of these attributes at one time, but he doesn’t now.

      He’s made plenty of money, maybe it’s time to move on.

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  48. From Leo’s joke of an IAmA:

    John is the original troll, but in a nice way. He made a name for himself by being the anti-editor (that was actually his title at MacUser). I think that’s part of his appeal – he’s the antidote to the generally fawning coverage tech gets in the trade press.

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  49. Oof, he just blurted a bunch of lies about JCD. He says John is just an entertainer and doesn’t belong on TWiT. How is Oh Doctah My Doctah not an entertainer? Plus John is far more insightful than all the millennial shits that he uses as hosts now… oh can’t wait for Alex Wilhelm to again make an ass of himself this afternoon!!!

    Leo also let it slip that “we” make decisions like this all the time. Proves that he’s a shitty excuse for a person and he merely used JCD’s tweet as an excuse to execute something him and his whore wife had decided on in advance. He has no balls this man, he treats others like absolute shit.

      » Quote comment

    1. I see this happen all the time:

      Two people work themselves up into a frenzy by talking behind someone else’s back. The over inflate the situation to a point where they make irrational decisions like this.

      When the CEHo and Founder live together this is bound to happen, and probably the cause of a lot of bad decisions. Tom, Chad, Dicky D, JCD.

        » Quote comment

    2. I really don’t think the CEO was involved in this at all. Leo is just finding scapegoats one after the other. Much like mealtimes during the day, there’s no end of them.

        » Quote comment

  50. So apparently the #twitlive brain trust has decided that JCD is simply on a “timeout”. What kind of shitload of fuck is that? It’s hard to tell who’s changing whose diapers on that site.

      » Quote comment

  51. I’ve given him so many passes, but Leo keeps getting more and more random.

    Sacking JCD for nothing at all… Banning all dissent from the chat room (go on a day JCD’s name) youll be kicked.

    I may finally be done with that TWAT and indeed TWIT.

      » Quote comment

  52. My hunch is that the final straw for LaPorke was that JCD (probably and correctly) expected to be paid for both the “Sunday Screw Up” TWiT (when JCD showed up due to producer error) and the following week’s appearance.

    Betcha that set off the ceHO too, cause it messed up her spreadsheet. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the ceHO is running a 90-day acct. payable scheme, and JCD hasn’t been paid yet.

    Also interesting to see that JCD apparently was demoted some time ago from “co-host” to “regular” on the twit.tv site.
    Personally, I’d send a cease and desist letter. Using JCD’s name lends TWiT credibility.

    But if he hasn’t been paid…

      » Quote comment

  53. Leo has ran or drove off everyone.
    Your a sad little man with a nose ring Leo.
    and one day …IF the cash ever runs out.
    You’re going to remember who your friends were.

      » Quote comment

  54. Leo certainly took the money from all the No Agenda fans to purchase “In The Morning” bricks to build the BrickHouse. And for Leo to treat Adam (and now) JCD as second class citizens is simply ridiculous. Let’s be honest, Leo was not a fan of Ahmet on TWiT when the hosts called into question the skills of the boy who disassembled a RadioShack clock and then stuffed it into an Amazon metal pencil case. So Leo is just giving us the typical double standard of the mainstream, advertiser funded media.

    Also, I have to call out the main reason why I quit listening to This Week in Google 2 years ago was that I learned that Jeff Jarvis was a shareholder in Google while promoting the company on this podcast. Shame on Jeff for lacking all journalistic integrity and even more shame on Leo for letting such a shill pontificate on a company that he has a financial interest in.

    I was planning a trip to Petaluma next spring, but maybe, I will put together a Bay Area No Agenda Meetup to lure JCD out of his Northern Silicon Valley bunker to mingle with the fans. #InTheMorning #FuckLeo

      » Quote comment

  55. So what happened on Twitter didn’t happen? It’s about being an entertainer? its about denigrating sponsors?

    He has a pattern of changing reasons for the insane things he does. He will keep making up stories until he finds one he likes. It is also worth noting that Leo probably listened to No Agenda and now agrees about Ahmed so he had to change his rationale. Total lunatic.

    He made up three stories for Merritt and two for Lanigan.
    1) Ahmed
    2) Being an entertainer uninterested in tech
    3) Denigrating sponsors

    If these don’t work out he will make more stuff up. Why won’t JCD defend himself?

      » Quote comment

    1. this is pretty shocking bullshit, but I think JCD’s letter to the NA audience has the real story. I do not think anyone has ever heard him denigrate the show or the sponsors. So this is a pathetic lie/rationale from a notorious liar who lies a lot.

      Leo likes to present his lies on the side like this to make it seem like some sort of inside scoop. If JCD hears this he will blow up.

        » Quote comment

      1. Leo was suckered into the Ahmed clock bomb story and had to save face. “John C Dvorak is mean to our advertisers”, yeah whatever, Leo.

          » Quote comment

    2. Stunning that LaPorke is willing to discard a long-time friend over a payment dispute of 500 clams. I return to this theory because in each successive reason/excuse for firing/banning JCD, LaPorke reveals in his fibs a progression to the truth. And we all know that he won’t be able to keep his mouth shut, so the truth will find it’s way out. (TY, No Agenda!)

      My hunches:

      1. Ahmed
      JCD had the gall to publicly disagree with LaPorke’s “Mr Current Events quick-take”, providing a flashpoint.

      2. Being an entertainer uninterested in tech
      JCD missed a last-minute email/text which changed the date of his TWiT appearance, hence the Sunday Screw-Up.

      3. Denigrating sponsors
      Advertisers are LaPorke’s income, and the stream is dwindling. JCD correctly requested payment for services rendered, both TWiT appearances.

      Sure, LaPorke will share the free stuff, but he won’t stand for anyone getting more of his money than he deems appropriate. (Jerk probably thought he was getting a twofer cuz of the screw-up.)

      JCD doesn’t need to defend himself. He hasn’t done anything wrong.

      (I want a “Dvorak Troll Army” tee shirt to wear to the TBA No Agenda meet-up at The Patio when it opens. ?)

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  56. And while I am at it, the TWiT network has been on a downhill slide since (at least in my calculation) Leo pulled the plug on Raymond Maxwell’s show Maxwell’s House. Leo claims he could not sell the show to advertisers, but quite honestly, I think Leo had issues keeping up with the ramblings of a brilliant polymath. The acquisition of Tom Merrit and the construction of the BrickHouse postponed the inevitable, but for now, the handwriting is on the wall. By mid-2017, TWiT as we once knew it will be gone and Leo will be shill for iHeartMedia broadcasting from the basement of his Petaluma mansion.

      » Quote comment

    1. I think at this point someone in our crowd here who is a programmer should make a site where we can give our predictions for when TWIT will close down, or at least when the brickhouse will close down. It seems to be speeding up every day with the insanity going on there as of late.

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    1. This Video here, him bashing JCD goes so well together
      with the Video after Dick-gate during the pre-show of Security Now talking to Steve about the useless chat-room and such.


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  57. It’s funny how Leo cultivates this ridiculous sycophantic chat culture and then turns around with the “get a life” when something like this happens. I’ve got news for you, Leo, this is the funny farm that TWIT built, congratulations.

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  58. Just unsubscribed from my last TWIT podcast. I’ll miss Andy Ihnatko talking about apple stuff. But, he has other podcasts. As for the rest, c’est la vie.

    If JCD were really Leo’s friend, we (the fan/public) wouldn’t even know about this issue.

    While I don’t always agree with some of this sites depictions of Laporte and some of his employees/s.o., I can, in fairness, say that some of them appear to be spot on. I always thought Leo was a nice guy who talked tech. Boy, was I wrong. A public banning of an old friend in this fashion is just narcissism.

    I’ll be surprised if TWiT is even around as a network in two years. I probably won’t know anyway. I’m out.

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    1. I know not everyone agrees, but subscribe to Ihnatko Almanac. He often talks about the weirdest things, but if there is apple stuff to talk about, he’ll talk about it.
      I find him better on his own show, he’s not rushing to get an idea in before someone cuts him off…

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  59. That cunt Leo booted/banned me out of chat just for asking a question about JCD. Googling for more details I found this place. My dislike for Leo has grown over the years mostly because of the condescending way he treats his callers on his “TechGuy” show. Apparently, this clown is much more a cunt than I could have ever imagined. The only reason I continued listening to some of the TWiT programming was out of habit and nostalgia from the old TechTV days. I’m now completely done and will never visit that website again for fear of giving his company any hit clicks.

      » Quote comment

  60. If he is such a bad guy, why do Sarah Lane, Patrick Norton, Martin Sargent, Kate Botello, Kevin Rose and the blond nude pic girl, forgot her name, even appear on The New Screen Savers show? Honest question.

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    1. Each and every one of those people mentioned are directly linked to the original ScreenSavers show on TechTV. They were part of the team which also ” included” Leo. Them being on the new SS show has more to do with a nostalgic feeling towards the old show and an appreciation of what the “Old Days” were like. The new show might be on Leos network but its a “Re-creation” of the show these people as a team made special. They have as much stock in what the old show was as Leo does and even if these people hated Leo- all they are doing is taking their rightful place on the stage.

      Now exclude “The New ScreenSavers” and see who has actually stuck around.

        » Quote comment

    2. For the most you named all former participants of The Screen Savers. They might have nostalgic reasons because the have been part of the original show and might not want to miss out.
      But they are all doing it probably for the $$$ and to gain publicity for their own endeavor. ( Except for Kevin who was on the show as a favor. He moved to the east coast now and I bet you will not see him again ). If they don’t see any personal benefit for their own stuff I doubt they come back.
      This is not a NetCast, it’s a video production and if you check the YouTube numbers they are sure not thrilling.

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  61. Who will be the next casualty of Leo Laporte’s narcissism and irrational behavior?

    Andy Ihnatko / Paul Thurrott (tie)
    Alex Lindsay
    Patrick Norton
    Steven Gibson

    No one is safe!

      » Quote comment

    1. I think Patrick knows to keep a safe distance. I think he knows “how Leo can be” and probably has known for years longer than anyone else on that list to not put a Financial trust in a friendship with Leo. I think Andy, Paul & Alex probably know the same. I can’t know for sure but they just seem like guys who know what goes on behind the scenes. I’m sure they check this site every now and again. Why wouldn’t they?

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  62. Not meant to be sarcastic or disrespectful at all but, I’m beginning to think that Leo’s daughter inherited her mental illness from her father’s side of the family . Leo’s behavior over time, has proven to be most irrational.

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  63. Wow…I could never imagine it would come to this. All the rumors and behind the scenes talks of “Leo being Leo” are becoming more and more true all the time. I never thought this would happen to JCD, I thought Leo would keep him around to the very end.

    I hope more people in the TWIT audience come to understand how terrible Leo is to people

    People are lining up to work with Tom Merrit, JCD and Night Attack….JV-ers are all TWIT can get these days as it spirals into This Week In Telephones.

    I hope one sweet day we can have a Night Attack with JCD.

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    1. Leo said yesterday that it’s none of business who his friends are, and that’s true.

      But JCD was routinely part of TWiT, and as listeners/viewers, that IS our business.

      Fucking malignant narcissist asshole.

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  64. LaMiniCock is two faced piece of shit.

    One week he’s fawning over JCD, “please come to the network, let’s do a show together, I got my start because of you, etc., etc., etc.”

    Now he says he’s tired of his shtick, doesn’t do technology, and it’s none of our business.

    Truth is he is so thin skinned he can’t take oblique criticism even from 20 year friends – he’d rather fall out than sit down man to man and talk things out. He’s an immature 12 year old in a fat old man’s body.

    Maybe it all comes back to the tiny cock. He’s so insecure about it he can’t man up, all he can do is run away from conflict and then pretend it’s the other guy’s fault. Hopeless bloated balloon of a man.

      » Quote comment

    1. I was surprised that Tom Merritt (and Jason) went up there to work, especially without Molly, who he had built a solid show with. (Who, not surprisingly, didn’t go to work for Leo, and seems to be doing quite well, instead of fighting for scraps in Leo’s shadow).

      Leo has long had a reputation in the Bay Area, going back to his radio days, I’ve heard from radio old timers Leo was a huge prima donna. The list of respectable journalists and bloggers who don’t do his show now far outnumbers the handful that do – and running Leo off is a mistake he can’t undo – John is one of the Old Guard of tech news, he deserves respect, not being “fired” like some production assistant on social media.

      If you look up narcissism, Leo is almost textbook. He’s clearly close to or has narcissistic personality disorder – total charm and schmoozing when he wants something, pure bile and venom when he doesn’t. Demonizes people for no reason, unstable, no shame, refuses to take blame, and everything is always about him. Is it any wonder rational people end up bailing him as fast as possible? You can’t cure or change narcissism, you either learn to cope, or you leave.

      That’s why he “fired” John on Twitter, and then posted his mea culpa in the same forum, instead of calling John off the air – so he gets the attention. The narc is happy.

      He’s despicable. I grew to loathe him over the last couple of years, as his personality disorder got more and more exposure. I was surprised to find this site, and so many who feel the same. Dickgate and his blame of “trolls” for it was my final straw, it’s when I stopped bothering to listen – his blatant disrespect for John and his pissy, childish rationalizations for it were the final straw that made me take the time to unsub.

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  65. Sad, sad, sad, I only can say that I will no longer be listening to Twit, had enough of Leo’s ego and vanity, since he started cutting talent and surrounding himself with bland talent less yes men, I only listened to Twit for JCV, but now…..I’m done.
    JE SUI JCV!!

      » Quote comment

    1. here will be famines and earthquakes in various places. … Nation will go to war against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. …. It is comforting that some shall endure even to the end. … of necessity from the solemn service and worship of God on the sabbath day. …. …6″You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars.

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  66. I will seek out podcasts of better content quality. Too much bullshitting around on TTG podcasts. He is cruising through them and relying on the chatroom a bit too much for the info. Besides, who really needs TTG? I mean, come on, tech help is really a Google search away.

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  67. Leo is mad because it’s dawned on him that JCD, the man so long portrayed as the old coot, the old codger, is still going to outlive him by at least a decade. Leo must glom on to the millenials’ causes du jour to try and sap some of their life force.

      » Quote comment

    1. Adam and John both outclass Leo in every facet of his professional skill set. John was also an early TWIT panelist but instead wisely has always chosen to pursue podcasting independent of Leo. Given Leo’s prima donna personality, the relationships were on thin ice.

        » Quote comment

      1. yes, Leo was always asking John to “Join the Twit Network,” “work for me.” “we have a place for you.” John must have been thinking of something when he dreamed up Triangulation, which Leo simply stole because he liked the name and was so uncreative that he could think of nothing better. I am sure This Week in Interviews came to mind.

        John wisely backed away from joining the Leo operation because he knew something. He worked with Leo for so long why didn’t he join his old friend at Twit? The same holds true for Patrick who never got on board as an employee. Only Sarah did after she was very hard up for a job.

        This tells me a lot. Leo should not run a business.

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        1. I think a better question is, why would John give up the freedom and respect and opportunities he has (including NA), to go work for Leo? What does Leo have that John needs?

          And, can Leo afford John? John’s resume is many, many pay grades above what Leo can afford.

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  68. Wow, that video of Leo is uncomfortable to watch…what a douche. The cracks really shine there, don’t they? Comparing that to how Adam and John handled it on No Agenda…I’m so glad they didn’t stoop to Leo’s level. JCD was such a class act about it, especially considering the way he’s stuck by Leo all this time. Sucks for him…no one should ever do their friends that way, man. Hopefully JCD tells him to go fuck himself for good this time..
    JCD is no fool though..I’m sure he had to have seen something like this coming, even if he didn’t want to admit it to himself. Leo has just burned far too many people. The thing about John’s ‘troll army’ is that a lot of them, like me, were originally TWIT/Leo fans and branched out from there. To his point about John not being interested in tech..when was the last time TWIT actually discussed anything about technology besides phones. TWIT used to be one of my favorite podcasts, and made me so interested in technology that I went back to school and became a programmer. Not anymore..can’t remember the last time I listened to it where it wasn’t a painful experience.
    It was obvious Leo was arrogant..never realized he was far worse than that. No more TWIT for me…NA is a much better show anyway..

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  69. I listened to yesterdays TWiT from a different perspective since finding this site. I only made it an hour in and gave up after Leo twice trolled Alex Wilhelm about drinking (this guy has a drinking problem… see his twitter 24 August).

    Hello Leo, this guy is dealing with his problems… How are you getting on with your psychosis or weight problem? How would you like your guests stating how mentally unbalanced or fucking fat you are?

    Anyhow, everything except for security now is unsubscribed. Kinda sad as I have followed from the beginning but Leo is a Cunt… Even the fat priest was a better host of SN.

      » Quote comment

    1. To : “Sir John ruler of all he survays ”
      Sorry , but welcome, to all of us who learned the same lesson about Leo
      I did the same thing as you did, looking at Leo during his podcasts and his faults started to slap me upside my head loudly
      So I started to Google Leo Laporte sucks , all sorts of videos and dirt came up from years ago to the present

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    2. I kinda want Padre to take over hosting of Windows Weekly. He had filed in a few times for Leo and it was actually nice having someone hosting who had a clue about the things Paul and MJ were discussing.

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  70. I imagine someone (maybe even Lisa) talked some goddamned sense into the drama queen, “listen, you’re being an asshole”.

    Maybe Leo needed some time to soak in the soaking tub with his butt plugs.

      » Quote comment

    1. Nope, nobody talked him into shit.

      This is just routine behaviour for a mentally ill child stuck in a fat man’s body. Isn’t this just Chatroomgate 2.0? He overreacts, makes far flung excuses to justify his view, realizes he was completely wrong with 24-48 hours, goes back on his own word short of an apology.

      It’s a set pattern of behaviour. It has nothing to do with JCD or Ahmed the clocksmith, all this is a product of Leo’s sick mind.

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    2. I imagine Lisa (always looking for ways to get more $$$$$) realized no JCD on TWiT would seriously damage her income, and then told that pussy-whipped overweight slob to get down on his knees and apologize and brown nose John until he makes a pity-return.

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  71. NO!

    JCD should NOT go back, ever. Fuck Leo G. Laporte, he consistently acts like a child and should be embarrassed.

    I’d cry myself to sleep if I was so childish that I would constantly have to ‘surrender’ after my public tantrums… at almost 60 no less.

    Dvorak should just move on… as always Leo didn’t actually apologize for any of the false shit he said about John, he just throws his hands up and ‘surrenders’.

    How about apologizing for smearing an old friend publicly you mentally ill fuck.

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  72. “I surrender!” Is not an apology. It’s the bully playing victim.

    Should JCD return, I advise no more than 4 shows/year at $1,000 a pop, cash.


      » Quote comment

    1. I Agree , “I surrender!” Is not an apology.
      This is the exact same pattern he showed during #dickgate when he closed the chat-room and deemed it a useless annoyance.
      At that time he surrender and opened the chat-room again.

      I don’t see JCD going back on his own , but I can see Adam pushing him to go. I hope JCD stands firm and is not going back. It would be a slap in the face to all the people who donated additional to the last NA show.

      Resist We Much

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  73. (I wish TD would make this a new article its a pain to scroll 300 comments and find the new ones.)

    Do you think JCD will go back to TWIT after all this? Or is this Leo just trying to save himself from the backlash.

      » Quote comment

      1. Indeed.

        Leo Laporte
        Leo Laporte – Verified account ‏@leolaporte

        I apologize @therealdvorak – you know I love you like a brother.
        8:03 AM – 28 Sep 2015 from Petaluma, CA

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  74. JCD, please DO NOT GO BACK! I think you would disappoint a lot of people if you did. You are bigger and better than anything Leo does, you do not need him! He never apologized, he just said he surrendered. He needs to see that actions have consequences. DON’T DO IT.

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  75. Popcorn!

    John C. Dvorak
    John C. Dvorak – Verified account ‏@THErealDVORAK

    @leolaporte Thanks for this positive comment, but what is the point of this public display on your shows and on Twitter? I do not like it.
    11:20 AM – 28 Sep 2015

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  76. Revised…

    John C. Dvorak
    John C. Dvorak – Verified account ‏@THErealDVORAK

    @leolaporte Thanks, but I do not like this public spectacle. You always had my phone number if you had complaints. (revised tweet)
    11:26 AM – 28 Sep 2015

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  77. This is clearly PR damage control.

    Leo says John can come on whenever he wants.

    John doesn’t ask to be on twit, he is invited.

    Leo is going to stop inviting him like he planned and he can always say “He is welcome anytime” like anyone calls leo to be on TwiT.

    If leo was smart he would invite john on twit for a special 2 man show and let John pick half the topics and leo the other half.

      » Quote comment

    1. Yeah and I’m sure he said it in that sing-songy, smarmy as fuck fake voice he aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways uuuuuuuuuuuuuuses when he proooooooooooooooooomises something publicly that he doesn’t meeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

      John you’re welcome aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, we loooooooooooooooooooove you.

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  78. I guess Leo LaCunts CEho must have been crunching lost Twit viewers the past 3 days using her spread sheet app, discovered at the rate of posts on Leo’s Twiiter account by followers posting

    “Fuck You Leo, I’m done with Twit”

    Was going to be bad for business.

    I’m pretty sure CEho unlocked Leo’s ball sack long enough for him to send a few “I surrender” tweets.

    Fuck you Leo, after hearing you bash John on your TTG radio show again only shows you don’t mean it

    Hope JCD doesn’t ever appear on LaCunts shows again

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  79. Good for Adam and Dvorak in seeing right through this. Even if this was the only thing that happened this year, the TD year-in-review would be a total barn-burner.

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  80. I wonder why Soup is apologetic today? Could it be that he’ll have to delay his car purchase the he and lisa were so gushing about on the TWIT pre show? These two are pathetic. JCD should expose these two for who they are once and for all.

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      1. Audi Confirms 2.1 Million Cars Involved in Volkswagen Emissions Scandal ,I guess them driving around in CA in theirs would not be a good idea so its time for new cars again

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  81. I’m amazed at how much fuss is being kicked up about this. JCD is a click bait generator and is only good for the show as a rent a gob. I’ve never seen him bring anything to the table apart from trying to be confrontational just to get attention. He’s going to miss sitting in that studio eating his way through their food on Sundays.

    Saying all that, I think Leo is in a real spiral and nobody can save him now.

      » Quote comment

    1. rent a gob? Are you British? WTF?

      JCD is always enjoyable and his best trait is to stop the group from all falling into a logic trap or falling for public relations BS. So he says something other than “yes, great I want one.” He’s great. Are you a PR person? What click bait does he generate? Specifically for Twit. I’d like to know.

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  82. I wish each update on this very important story could be broken into its own entry with a new set of comments. I’d like to keep up with what everyone is saying, but the inability to sort comments by date makes it difficult to find the newest content.

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  83. Liar LaTwat and Lizzard Lisa will divorce and she will fleece him
    regardless if they have a prenup.

    If anybody remembers when Liar LaTwat banned Jason Calacanis from the shows way back when. After all the drama Liar LaTwat reinvited Jason to host the show when Liar was on Vacation. What does that say about the Liar.
    Liar LaTwat is a passive aggresive.
    He needs counseling from SJW shaman.

      » Quote comment

    1. It’s also called Bipolar Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
      Symptoms include:
      -Excessive/irrational confidence in one’s own abilities
      -Poor impulse control (which may lead to overindulgence in sex, shopping, investments, and other high risk decisions.)
      -Love of self/great self-interest
      -Preoccupation with success and power
      -Attention seeking
      -Boasting or bragging about one’s own achievements often
      -Exaggeration of abilities and achievements
      -Having unrealistic goals
      -Fantasies of success beyond what is likely or possible
      -Hypersensitivity to possible slights and insults from others (coupled with what could be an aggressive or angry response)
      -Arrogant behavior
      -Belief in one’s own uniqueness/entitlement to special treatment
      -Difficulty understanding another’s emotions or perspective


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      1. I can only imagine that Leo will shove no less than two dozen Krispy Kremes down his gullet while in the soaking tub as he celebrates his moral and intellectual victories as of late.

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  84. Laporke keeps tweeting about this after JCD asked him to take it offline. The retard is even making light of the situ (lovers spat, getting hitched in Vegas). Hope JCD doesn’t take the bait.

    #istandwithDvorak #DvorakTrollArmy

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  85. More bait?

    Flukeman ‏@Whipjacka

    @leolaporte @THErealDVORAK heh leo just realized how many people only listened to twit to hear dvorak

    Leo Laporte
    Leo Laporte – Verified account ‏@leolaporte

    @Whipjacka @THErealDVORAK Yeah, looks to be dozens!
    5:02 PM – 28 Sep 2015 from Petaluma, CA

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  86. I’ve seen this happen before. Leo’s problem is all his friends have essentially turned into employees. Now he has no friends and only employees around. When he started firing good people everyone freaked a little. Now everyone around him is essentially an employee and there’s no one around to tell him when he’s being an asshole in fear of also being fired. When you have no-one keeping you in check you become what we see today.

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  87. It would have been nice if these amazing updates had been separate posts – every laughable exchange was a more deranged than the last. Leo has completely lost his marbles.

      » Quote comment

    1. I posted the same thing earlier. It would be great to see these updates broken out into separate stories.

      This is a huge story, much bigger (pun intended) than the dick-pic brouhaha. Of all the untoward things Leo has done over the past few years, dumping on JCD is the one that could finally bring the crumbling TWiT empire down.

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      1. This whole thing really tells a story. Leo and TWIT are imploding and Leo is grasping for a reason. Leo gets bamboozled by Ahmed the pencil case bomber and finds a focal point in John C Dvorak to vent his frustrations. Leo is too full of himself, pride, and cholesterol to back down, so it’s one double-down after another.

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  88. Re: Update #5
    Just when you thought Leo couldn’t get any lower, wow. Guess he’s decided damage control wasn’t working and now is intentionally going down in flames because there’s nothing left to lose.

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  89. The guy who is putting updates up, separate this into ne stories. I realize it’s sexually arousing to have >300 comments but it’s annoying as shit for readers.

    Leo is an asshole. Serious ass. “Dozens of users” crack will come back to haunt him. True, I found NA via twit but I’m leaving twit and sticking with NA. This will hurt NA more, but F Leo.

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  90. TOT, I agree with you, this is a bigger story. I will explain why.

    But first, Arthur, I appreciate you showing us the tweets and some replies. I’d like to point out that you probably aren’t seeing all of them, according to my tests. Here is an example: https://twitter.com/jasontaylor7/status/648559683893116932 It should show up at https://twitter.com/leolaporte/status/648513185922678784 . When I replied to Leo on twitter about this story, the whole conversation was clickable. Then, after I added my reply tweet about the great news, and pointing to my deconstruction on facebook about it, that link disappeared, as I expected. Apparently that capability is a special feature for verified account holders. On 9-28-2015, my reply only showed up if I was logged in as me! Therefore, at least one link to the above fb post was at least partially censored on multiple levels, coincidentally right around when fb went down, making the link to here working only for a short time, for the average person attempting to read my contribution to the conversation from Leo’s feed. (No, I’m not blocked by either person. I checked.)

    Here is the entire comment in case anyone wants to get my take on why this was all expected:

    Jason Arthur Taylor (copied from https://www.facebook.com/jasontaylor7777777/posts/10205107986602834 )
    9 hrs · Edited ·
    Are you a critical thinker? Expect to be fired.

    I’ve said before if you disagree with the popular views about things, you will be hated upon and accused of being a crazy ignorant narcissist. Here’s an example.

    The computer pundit JCD was recently fired from twit. Twit only paid him $500/week, so it was only a $26,000 job. Then Twit rehired JCD because it just exposed what Twit was doing. I will deconstruct all this for you all.

    First, why all the fuss? Well, some people like JCD. For one thing, he is very smart. IIRC he was tested as having an IQ of 142. But there is more. Let me give you some history.
    Back in the late 1990s there was only one real technology network (not a show, a network) on television. It was called TechTV. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TechTV ] As I look to my right, I see a washington redskins calendar is being held up by an old techtv magnet. If you cared about technology in the 1990s, you watched that network. Anyway, fast forward, we aren’t supposed to know about computers, since they were worried about the likes of snowden. Heaven forbid anyone knows what modern bugs look like. To make sure Americans are ignorant enough to support the likes of the mics they twisted some arms and shut down that network. The techtv employees didn’t die, they just migrated their shows to the intertubes. This is how we got DLTV, TWIT, Revision 3, etc.

    The top doggie at techTV was Leo Laporte, JCD’s mentee. Leo was the person who fired JCD. The official reason Leo gave is what they always say about people who are fired for their knowledge/view/opinions: JCD was an ignorant blowhard, irritable, disagreed too much, was a mean person, etc. As I explained in more detail elsewhere (see jasontaylor.us), if someone disagrees with you that person comes across, on average, as more mean than if that same someone if they agreed with you, assuming the same effort of politeness is employed, unless that someone lies or ignores, both of which are also actually mean anyway. So this is really Giordano Bruno (discoverer of stars and the universe) being burned alive back in 1600.

    Of course, Leo put out just the pink-flavored cover story. The truth is that JCD was fired for his views. If you don’t drink the coolaid, you get fired and hated down. Simple. As with most of my own important posts/comments, JCD was merely responding to another person’s tweet. But, in doing so, JCD accused Leo (not directly of course) of promoting the popular view about a story instead of the unpopular view. If you want to hear speculation about the actual underlying story feel free to view the Sept. 26th 2015 redsilver video (now 4th from the top at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=clock+hoax ).

    Trust me, Leo’s sponsors and their buddies really really dont want you to view that video, so Leo had to re-hire JCD to help cancel the Streisand effect. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect ] And IMO JCD’s tweet didn’t even matter. It was just the straw the broke the camel’s back. The real problem was having someone speak about points of view that the wealthy don’t want you to know, someone who questions if the technology being rammed down our throats is for us or them. TWIT’s advertisers are the very tech companies JCD is generally opposed to, so there was almost no other way out. Even though JCD might appear again, he can’t be a regular IMO dissing the products they are selling on that show.

    1. Kill the heretics: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giordano_Bruno
    2. JCD’s official view: http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/…
    3. The semi-official backstory: https://totaldrama.net/…/leo-laporte-bans-john-c-dvorak-fr…/ (here)

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  91. Not sure if John should give into the arrogant Leo LaCunt, a Twitter follower mentioned this around 7:44pm today :

    Viewer to Leo :
    @Whipjacka: @leolaporte @THErealDVORAK heh leo just realized how many people only listened to twit to hear dvorak

    Leo’s arrogant respond back was:

    @leolaporte: @Whipjacka @THErealDVORAK Yeah, looks to be dozens!

    Knowing there is 100’s (not dozens as LaCunt tweeted ) of Twit fans posting on his twitter wall they are leaving Leo and his podcasts and still going on as I write this.

    So he isn’t sorry, still getting the diggs and insults in to belittle JCD

    What a douche bag arrogant asshole

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  92. Serves John C Dvorak right for not doing anything except smiling and smirking when Leo said the N-word several times to Lamar Wilson, its ironic that JCD is getting banned by Leo who is a known sexist and racist for something as innocuous as having a different opinion on Clock Kid.


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  93. So Leo Lashits on John C Dvorak’s follower/listener/subscriber numbers publicly on Twitter. JCD, a man he’s worked with for many years.

    If you’re someone like Andy Ihnatko, Paul Thurrott, or Patrick Norton, also Leo-independent podcasters, what’s going through your head right now? Sure, you know Leo can be a giant dickwad, but when’s the fat clown shoe going to drop on you?

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  94. Another strange aspect of this are all of these sad sycophantic twitter followers of Leo’s. Leo constantly berates and then praises #twitlive chat, and still they lend their pathetic infantile support in droves. It’s like battered-wife syndrome.

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    1. if those diehard #twitlive initiates don’t wake up soon, they may soon find themselves drinking the poison koolaid in Guyana after following their “Jim Jones” LeoLaporte there

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  95. The #Soupguzzler and JCD are both washed out old-timers who have no relevance anymore, whatsoever. What’s with all this JCD love on TD?? He’s a facetious troll and it’s good to see these 2 scumbags hate each other.

    What’s the first thing JCD asks for when he gets booted from Soupguzzlers good graces? He asks for money!! Donations from his fans and listeners via his newsletter! He can go fuck himself

      » Quote comment

    1. No Agenda is a great (and often crazy) podcast. It’s funded solely by its listeners of which Adam and JCD ask for money. That is what it allows it to go places no ad-funded podcast will go. If you don’t listen to NA, then don’t comment because if you don’t you clearly have no idea about JCD’s relevance.

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    2. LOL Ahmed…your such a fucking looser. Don’t waste your time trolling here. Go back to sucking Leo’s little penis and swallowing his little loads of cum while Lisa slams into your back side with a strapon. JCD is awesome and provides value to his fan base. This is proven and has continued for over 7 years. Where’s your fan base? Oh…that’s right no body cares about your existence on this planet whatsoever. You have no fans and you’ll die cold and alone knowing nobody loved you. Go away.

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  96. Leo’s comment about losing “dozen’s” of listeners shows how clueless he is.
    Everytime he screws somebody over he loses listeners by the dozen – at some point, there won’t be anybody left and I think he’s got his head so far up his own ass he doesn’t even see this.

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  97. This is not the first time this has happen. I have pointed out before that for a short time all the orginal twits has a falling out with leo because they no longer had time to do twit and he was pissed off about it. That is how he started to have other people on the show. When Digg started to take off Kevin left. Others followed some time later. John was the one person alone with jason who kept the show going. If not for those two because for a time it was only jason leo and john twit would not have 100 shows let alone a big studio.

    But I think leo had burned the bridge with John this time and I don’t think he will be able to fix it. John has plenty of money and he has his own show with is pretty big on it’s own. He never needed twit. Twit needed him.

    Leo has put john in this so called time out before but only leo knew about it. Now because leo can’t shut up all the fans know about it. The fans are not happy and sooner or later leo will be out of a job.

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    1. Out of a job?..I doubt it. Twit may die, but there is always his lousy radio show. Same old Fuckin Johnny Jet, Camera tips, he cuts them off for some foolish remark he has to make..

      The last Twit JCD was on. Leo made some snide remark about the chat room .. “You have to have thick skin for that chat room. They are mean”..John said “No they arent” A a class act indeed John. I don’t watch it anymore. Cant stand Soup blubbering about his “New Phone” ga ga..etc

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  98. This situation is what we in classical literature refer to as a “Geek Tragedy”.

    Aristotle and Shakespeare are not impress.

    Both of these clowns deserve each other, and will be dead and forgotten soon enough.

    Please stop the hate reporting.


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    Loads of people have said they think it would be better to split the posts.

    I think we all genuinely know that it looks loads better when you have tons of comments.

    But with the ‘threaded comments’ feature you use, none of us are able to keep track. All I can do now is scroll down, hit refresh and look only at *main* comments left since I last looked.

    This means I’m missing every recent threaded comment because I just have no idea which is new and where they all are. Having a short list of recent comments doesn’t really make it easier.

    Please can we have a new story? If you make it connected to this one, you’ll get all of us commenting again and it’ll be so much better.

    Here’s my idea: how about, “What will happen next?” – a group post where all of your excellent writers pitch a paragraph or two about what will happen in the next few months.

    You could lace the post with tweets – and I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have hundreds of comments on it, given that the focus is “how much worse will this get?”

    How about it? This is such an excellent site, and you must be so pleased at how much attention you’re getting. You deserve it. But in the “happy users” to “happy admin” graph, it’s got a bit unbalanced.

    So let’s have that new post, written by all of you: “What will happen next” – a recap of the last (hilarious) 4 days, with your ideas about just how much more idiotic these people can get.

    And a nice, new, clean comments thread for us to play in.

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    1. hey dude.

      pls try to understand that the work here is done with a few someones’ free time. Would we love to have a more streamlined
      comments thread? absolutely, but we’ll get by with what we have until that solution becomes extremely convenient.

      in the meantime, i get by thanking the producers of this content because i enjoy this oasis. i enjoy the people. i enjoy the chat. i enjoy the articles.

      pls don’t beg unless you are willing to be a large part of the solution.


      just a guy that does not want TD.net to go away

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  100. Sounds like LaCunt admitted to losing 1,000viewers the past few days according with his chat with SteveGibson @2:02pm PT during Pre Security Now warm up..
    It started when Steve mentioned to Leo @Snowdon joined Twitter and already has 1/2 million followers
    Leo replied saying Snowdon had more followers than him as well as losing at least 1,000 Twitter followers the past few days

    I’m pretty sure TD staff will find the comment on video and post it,
    and just to throw a quick dig into JohnC , Leo asked Steve ,what’s John think about Snowdon? Traitor? Or ?

    Leo your an asshole

      » Quote comment

    1. Leo, still bitching about twitter followers, and I’m sure lamenting about how he used to be #1 on twitter. When was that, fucking TEN YEARS AGO!? Hey Leo, remember how twitter completely eclipsed your brand, lol.

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  101. Wow…I had no idea Leo was such an asshole dickhead. This guy has some serious problems. I had my suspicions after hearing him talk shit about several of his callers calling in with legit tech questions on his show…but WOW…btw the “leolaportesucks.com” site is brilliant and of course this one as well. Thanks for putting it together and keeping us updated on this scumbags antics.

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  102. They repeat yesterday’s “news” shows that are just really re-reads of other’s stories. There is no production going on evenings or overnight. What a great facility it is and yet, for what?

    They should be acquiring people not getting rid.

    Why doesn’t Carley have a show yet?

    Where is Molly on all of this??

      » Quote comment

    1. Molly is recovering from a fractured bone in her vag, she ought to be more careful with the dial on that sybian.

      Carly is getting frumpy, she’s gone way downhill since NYE. Those bad vibes at TWiT are toxic.

        » Quote comment

      1. I submit that Toxic work environments are the likely cause of the majority of premature aging and illness for the majority of employees everywhere. TWiT is a sinking ship I abandoned years ago. Leo’s one crazy self-destructive fuck. Are his advertisers aware of this? I’d have pulled my ad after the Leo “sex chat” exposure, penis picture, sex toy shopping list, sexist/racist rant, etc.

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  103. Oh, the irony.

    In an interview published just this weekend (but probably conducted several weeks ago), Laporte says he “owes his career” to JCD. Here’s a link to the interview, and the full quote:


    “I owe my career to John,” said Leo, “because instead of [me] being an announcer on that show, he quickly understood that I knew a lot about technology, so he would let me answer questions. He let me be part of the show. That put me on the map.”

    Dvorak is also quoted a few times in the interview.

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  104. Also, what’s up with the Giz Wiz showing up in the past shows area, but you can still download the most current shows, I’m thinking Lisa has found advertisers that will pay for the network in general download count, otherwise what’s the fake “live” events coverage which is mostly produced pre- recorded content

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  105. Good Riddance Twit and Leo (the twit of them all), was getting tired of Leo’s digs at John when he was on, now I’ve deleted twit from my podcatcher and signed up for the monthly paypal payment to No Agenda (the best podcast in the world)

    Long live John C Dvorak and Adam Curry and No Agenda, truly the best podcast money can buy


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