Leo Laporte Admits He’s a “Dirty Old Man”

Dirty old man.
Dirty old man.
Leo Laporte invited his audience members to sit in his lap, and then realized his mistake, admitting that he is a “dirty old man”.

Total Drama has realized this fact for ages, but it’s nice to hear some self-realization from #Soup.

The Admission

37 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Admits He’s a “Dirty Old Man””

    1. Midlife crisis? At almost 60?

      You must be joking.

      He’s lucky if he lives 10 more years in his current state of health.

      There are not a lot of fat old people and that’s a medical fact.

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  1. Leo is an arrogant asshole, he’s gotten cockier since #penisgate, he makes up or creates Bullshit answers to topics or questions, yet calls out that viewer by mocking them by using a stupid “voice” and tech jargon.
    I wouldn’t use one sponsor that Leo pitches , I’ll go out of my way to use another tech podcast “code” info to help support them instead of this “BullShiter”

    Waiting for this dick to fuck himself and lose it all!!!

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  2. Actually, Leo would have had more money if Lisa hadn’t screwed him out of his money and brains. Taking in the larger picture, Lisa, Jennifer, Leo’s kids, Lisa’s ex, the Audi Dealer, Segway Dealer, B&H Photo are all better off than Leo.

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      1. I was wondering the same as Rusty.

        What is she doing there? Does she suck the TWiT teet like Robert’s brother?

        And what the hell is with the bangs? I would’ve thought only one person in a family could be dumb enough to sport such an unflattering hairdo.

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  3. When was this? He is an asshole for sure. Did anyone watch the latest episode of the new screen savers? Leo was talking about his sports bra he must have ordered for Lisa and Pat diverted the conversation. I was like he just saved you fat man from running your mouth.

    Also I think the older that fat fuck gets the dumber he gets. Pat knows more than he does 99% of the time.

    I also use other shows promo codes than shows Leo’s on. Still no new website….LOL

    Thanks TD

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  4. So what changed after the showing of the penis online? I know TWiT wanted to shut down the chat and live stream but those things are still going. So is it business as usual?

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    1. No, Leo is more insufferable than before due to delusional narcissism. They backdoored some mod into their chat, which is still full of a-holes. Lisa has a ham lookalike. Leo is plotting his next dramatic beef with the rest of the internet.

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  5. I think Lisa does a great job running TWiT, and since she has been involved in editing I know I’ve seen a marked improvement, but I think she is 1) the type of gal that likes to surround herself with, shall we say, butter faces and bigger asses, u know, so she looks better, and 2) keeps the hotties out of the TWiT studio for the obvious and rightful fear that Leo would be tapping them. #Good_Luck_With_That

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  6. In the past, Leo has gotten into trouble with his family by revealing private matters. He just runs off at the mouth without hearing the little voice in the back of our heads that most of us hear that says, “Don’t say that.”

    Today on Triangulation he continued to talk about matters better left private. Without mentioning the family member’s name, he talked about a family member who suffered from “mental illness.”

    While you could say it is an improvement that he didn’t mention the family member’s name, regular viewers knew who he was talking about. He has a small family and has spoken about all its members frequently.

    There shouldn’t be a stigma about mental illness, but there still is, and it’s up to the individual (Not a blowhard relative on the internet) to talk about it or keep it private.

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  7. Go back and watch the inside Lisa’s TWaT episodes recorded last year, one featured her son sitting in a guest chair the entire recording, playing some dopey game on a laptop. Lisa complains that family members have been targeted, well, you big cunt, don’t live stream and then put out a recording featuring your son for all the world to see. Actually, Lisa, we shouldn’t have a inkling of a hint that you convinced a male to bed you, which resulted in a birth… What in gods earth, sorry God, do you expect when you hang around men such as Jeff Jarvis and Leo Laporte, known Google ‘our lives are open to all’ nazis!

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  8. I’ve noticed that people who say “get a life” in internet discussion do so with a frequency that is highly suggestive of their having an over-abundance of free time themselves.

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