Reminder: Join us for live chat during The New Screen Savers Launch

Leo Laporte plans to launch The New Screen Savers, regardless of the legal consequences, this Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM Pacific time. He even called in favors to his sycophant journalist friends to write puff pieces and he can’t waste that free press by delaying the launch.

We plan to ring in the new show with our own live chat where we always hang out. Join us, in a room where you won’t get banned for saying, for instance, “Leo has abdominal Pinocchio syndrome”.

North Korea is Best Korea
North Korea is Best Korea
Unlike the North Korean-run TWiT live IRC ruled with an iron fist by Glorious Leader <&Dan> and General <@ScooterX>, you won’t be silently muted for saying “How is a priest, a man of the cloth, allowed to have a BMI of 45 when that’s a deadly sin? Is he a real priest at all?”

Join us for a lively bit of conversation between friends. And just in case you think you might want to say “Mike Elgum sounds like a malfunctioning Furby” or “Megan is working by the sweat of her brows” for some reason, know that we will not censor your speech.

Set your devices to remind you to join our chat around 2:45 PM Pacific on Saturday, just after THEEEEEEEEEEEE Tech Guy!

18 thoughts on “Reminder: Join us for live chat during The New Screen Savers Launch”

  1. We paid $500 for that Times Square billboard!!! And another $200 for the rights to post the image!!! You losers only wish you had $700 to throw around on advertising!!!!! Get over it, Leo is a media mogul and you losers are stuck in your mom’s basement!!!!!

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  2. The Screensavers was originally on when the internet and PC ownership was new to most people. There were a dozen or more syndicated shows on TV about how to fix your computer or neat sites to go to etc. “Digital Duo,” “Computer Chronicles,” and I’ve forgotten all the others. Anyone?

    They’re all long gone. The only reason Leo thinks there will be a huge demand for his new show is that fans of the old show over the years have said how they miss it, but that was just nostalgia. That doesn’t mean they are going to watch it in 2015. The same people who watch his other shows will probably watch the new one which will be like all the other current ones, but there will be no large influx of new viewers. If there is a big budget for this show without a major increase in numbers, L&L will quickly freak and cancel it.

    However if Leo and his CEO keep spending big bucks for Times Square Megatrons and the like, that could boost viewership for TWiT. I don’t know how many potential TWiT viewers can be added by the kind of general advertising that TWiT has never done before. It would seem to be a high risk gamble.

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  3. wouldn’t it be funny if none of his co-hosts and guests and viewers made it to the premiere of this New Screen Savers show because they had previous plans to watch the Pacquaio-Mayweather fight. Bad timing.

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  4. Good grab on Leo just found out and became very upset about it on TTG. He deserves the abuse for turning into a complete lying adulterous pig and expecting people to still worship him for his 1995 celebrity status.

    Funny how he is physically growing into the swine he mentally is. What is hilarious is that he blames one person for running this website. Sure there may be one holder of the domain name, but it is obviously apparent that there is a massive community that supports it. Maybe one day we can return to the original innocence of what twit used to be before the evil temptress Lisa demolished.

    Even my wife who used to love listening to Leo for 15 years tells me to turn that pig off now. Lesson for the future Leo’s, don’t think your personal life and nazi like control will be able to hold your nice guy status forever.

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  5. Oh darn, I missed it. I was watching the Kentucky Derby instead. A horse won I think.

    Many mint juleps were harmed in the posting of this message.

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  6. Oh boy, can’t wait to see what an obese early 90s D-list celeb has to tell me about technology.

    You’re gonna need a Cringe Saver if you watch this shit.

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  7. Tech Snooze Today er, News must be doing very well for them if it has out lasted this show. Either that, or the TWiT audience just doesn’t know a terrible host, and show when they see/listen to it.

    I think #soup is getting worried about the ‘trolls’. He’s turning over a new leaf. Jason Calacanis was on this Sunday’s TWiT, they even man hugged it out.

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