Is the DiamondClub.TV Revamp Enough?

Looking good
Looking good

How many times have we at totaldrama been asked to recommend podcasts? Millions if not billions.

In the land of Silicon Valley, if you want to make something new you have to tell your investors that something old is broken. Payments are broken, banks are broken,  and on and on. It’s an annoying habit.

Therefore, I hate to phrase this in said manner but podcasting is broken.

Is there anything more cumbersome than being a podcast fan and bookmarking 30 websites and 30 separate calendars and keeping track of what you have watched and when stuff is on.

Even TWiT understood that viewers need easy. Easy easy easy. All the shows in one spot and recent shows playing 24/7.

For DCTV to grow, they need to do curation.

Liam and Miley will help out!
Liam and Miley

They seem to think “live” should be old reruns of Night Attack 24/7. They need more content, but curation is a word they dislike. Why? [Speculation] Curation means being a “boss” and deciding what are the best shows to put on the schedule and maybe needing to do cancellations.

Cowboys don't have to be on their own.
Cowboys don’t have to be on their own.

The Patreon model has cured a big problem for people looking to curate internet TV. In the past, a creator who used the advertising model, would likely not want to be on DCTV or any curated platform. Viewers watching live on a curated platform are not counted in downloads and so the creator is not paid. The creator also loses website impressions. But if the creator is on the Patreon model he just wants views anywhere he can get them. Additionally, many expert  prognosticators think ancillary revenue streams are a big part of the future of podcasts.

Foxes help too
Foxes help too

There is a ton of shows out there to scoop up. Why not have Eklunds hockey show on DCTV or Ashley’s feminist show and why not pick out two shows from GFQ and two from Frogpants or somewhere else. Air a few amateur shows in the wee hours of the morning, and have you heard of Veronica Belmont, where is she? Fill the schedule.

Yea You
Yea You

Why do all these internet people want to live on their own islands? Just make shows not websites and IRCs. Split the banner ad income. Get Veronica’s book fans checking out DCTV and maybe DTNS fans checking out GFQ, maybe simulcast a Twitch personality and end up discovering some young talent. Maybe one day Frogpants and DCTV and Geekbeat and Hak5 and GFQ and others will combine IRC’s (you can have your own rooms you babies) and websites. Make an app. Apps are pretty big these days I hear.

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  1. Great Work this weekend Richard Yes!!! I was a huge fan of HelloWorlds nonsensical bullshit posts because they always made me laugh. That is what I miss about

    However, I must admit that I wondered what might happen once the return to was made. I am pleasantly surprised at the thoughtful and thought provoking work that YOU have been doing on this blog and (just as I wished of HelloWorld’s shenanigans) I hope it never stops.

    Thank You For Your Courage Good Sir and Keep on Fighting the Good Fight.



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