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      1. Yep I no longer participate in twit chat not because what the idiot mods have done to me but done upon others.

        It’s been downhill for twit ever since Leo got tangled up with the CEO.

        I listen to Gibson and sometimes window weekly because of Mary Jo.

        In case anyone cares….

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        1. I paid $20.00 for xChat and quickly figured out it was a closed environment for sycophants. Now I just open it to watch people get kicked, since they killed @LeoLaporteSucks.

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        2. The three sentences in the above comment are also my views exactly.

          It’s interesting to me that when Mary- Jo started on WW she was very ill at ease, seemed intimidated by the two confident men she was joining and said little. She began on WW when the show’s dynamics were already well-established with Paul and Leo. But over time she became almost gregarious with a good sense of humor and lots of confidence. It was a good example that growth and improvement in challenging social situations is possible.

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  1. Although, what does it say of Mat Ingram’s following when after this amount of time there have been zero comments on a blog post. I don’t follow the guy, but this is someone that Leo seems to put out there as being of noteworthy importance when it comes to his opinion of the technology world.

    If he can’t muster a single comment about an opinion, whether it’s a throwaway opinion or of vital importance, just how much influence does this guy really have?

    Paul Thurrott will simply say hello and he’ll get a bunch of responses, now there’s someone with some pull. Curious how he’s never appeared (or I don’t recall him ever appearing) on Leo’s Sunday TWiT show. You’d think someone with Thurrott’s pull and following would make him someone Leo would want on TWiT (perhaps Paul really doesn’t care much for Leo and that’s why he hasn’t done it).

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    1. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have on Sunday TWiT, people who were already on during the week. There’s already too much repitition of content and opinion. Sun. TWiT should have on people with things to say we’ve not heard before.

      I’m not sure if Thurrott likes Leo. I do clearly remember this happening: Leo used to saunter into the studio 20 min to a 1/2 hour late, even 40 minutes late on occasion for every WW show. This left Paul wasting part of his day sitting there staring into a camera. Then Leo started arriving on time every week. When Leo was asked about the change in his punctuality he said Paul had given him an ultimatum insisting in apparent anger that Leo start WW on time. It must have been very forcefully delivered, because Leo still arrives no more than 5 or 10 minutes late at the most for WW.

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      1. You are correct, Paul yelled at LEO , off camera after one especially late entry, LEO made a few comments about the episode but has managed to start the WW recording pretty much on time. What I find interesting is the new studio visiting rules won’t allow showing up prior to 15 minutes of a show start but LEO will typically start TWiG and MBW 30 or more minutes late, another example of Leo’s attitude towards others… He doesn’t care except for himself.

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        1. Leo may only care about himself, but he has become aware that others are increasingly having a problem with him. Lately, he’s been talking about what he calls his “narcissism.” He mentions it all the time. He must be seeing others calling him a narcissist and on some level it is getting to him, because it is clearly on his mind. He may be in denial about it and think it is only jealousy that is making people say that, or it may be starting to dawn on him that he is really is an egocentric prick.

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  2. In fact I tried three times to post a comment, regardless of what the comment is the website kicks it back with a message saying “Busted”.

    I tried with three different email addresses that I have, a business, a personal and a backup email.

    Looks like my original thought about it was wrong, they are simply not accepting any comments.

    my comment on there was

    “Isn’t this the very same system that we have seen operated and abused by other media, I believe that TWiT use a similar system with their IRC channel and while it reduces the problem of bad online behaviour it turns out that it doesn’t stop the abuses by those in control.

    Would it not then be hypocritical of the NYT to call out the NSA or any other government organization or any other organization at all for censorship or monitoring of data on the internet when the NYT is itself is guilty of removing comments that they feel is not worthy of being seen! Don’t they chastise the Chinese for similar censorship!”

    Hardly a trolling comment, maybe critical of them.

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    1. I just tried myself and got the same ‘Busted’ response. Clearly Mr. Ingram is trying to be smart and say something by not allowing anyone to submit comments about his blog post about commenters. Seems rather stupid to me and makes him appear to be a hypocrite. Then again, there may be a genuine reason for this, but I wouldn’t think so as any legit site that doesn’t accept comments would clearly show that comments are no longer accepted (after a certain period of time).

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