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“Draconian privacy policies hit TWiT” drama2901

This is Judge. Allegedly

Please remember that this website is a bunch of trolls as you read this:  As fans of TWiT we have all learned what some websites do with our information. TWiT has often covered (other reporters reports on) updated privacy policies. Guess who just joined the club of crazy privacy policies?

This policy leaves no stone unturned, they seemingly grab it all and share with practically anyone. We encourage our readers to read the whole thing on their website and not rush to judgement but we clipped the basics for you lazy people. The […] denote where we cut and the italics and boldface are ours.

TWiT, LLC ...are not targeted to children ...all users, including...without being registered with or subscribing to a TWiT...
Registration Information ... may include, for example, name, email address, gender, zip code and birthday...
...Public Information and Posts ... which may include a name, user name, comments, likes, status, profile information and picture...
...Information from Social Media. If you... a social media service... may also include your user ID and/or user name associated ...such as your profile picture, email address or friends lists...
...Activity Information ...record information about ... including ...IP address ...a unique device identifier ...geolocation ...At this time we do not respond to browser 'Do Not Track' signals,...
...Third parties that support the TWiT Services ...advertisements ...may also use these technologies to collect... information...
...We may supplement the information we collect with information from other sources, such as publicly available information from social media services...
... If you log in with or connect a social media ...and with your friends associated with your social media service...
...To share with business partners...

Wow, remember when Leo went nuts on Facebook for combining information with outside sources. There must be good money in this though. I guess we know how him and his chat mods track us all down.

“Free Speech is overrated” Webuser4511

@YavoYavoyavoJust some things you should know about your FLOSS Weekly guest for the 8th.”
If Russel Randall grills him then Kudos to Russel. If he gives him a pass….

*@YavoYavoyavo is not associated with totaldrama.net or totaldrama.eu to our knowledge.

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  1. I am not an expert on privacy but if someone knows something offensive that they are not doing that they potentially could be doing, please let me know. It seems like everything they could grab they do and they share it and aggregate it and use those programs to combine it with public information.

    Basically I am asking; are there worse policies out there or is this as bad as it gets?

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    1. Only for internet popup/banner ad based businesses. TWiT is video ads so they can bill by impression and that is how we were led to believe they do bill. In other words, if they Bark Box your info then what? Ads do not change. Whereas Facebook delivers more expensive ads based on your profile.

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  2. Does anyone else find it ironic that TWiT’s website doesn’t respect Do Not Track yet Leo is constantly ranting about how we shouldn’t be tracked and companies need to let us opt-out, etc. Oh the hypocrisy!

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    1. “At this time we do not respond to browser ‘Do Not Track’ signals, as we await the work of interested stakeholders and others to develop standards for how such signals should be interpreted.”

      No clue what that means.

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      1. They are telling you that regardless of whether you do not want to be tracked they explicitly ignore that request and track you anyway.

        For someone that is so up on the minute on Privacy and makes a big deal about it (or slurps through food while Steve Gibson goes on about it) he doesn’t care about the privacy of others just the privacy of Leo Laporte.

        Hypocrisy rules at the Brick Shit House!

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  3. This is horrible. Lucky me I don’t download their shitty podcasts anymore hehe… really, I learned nothing that I couldn’t have learned in 5 minutes at The Verge or Endgadget lol The shows and the chat are just a continuous hand job to the big fatso

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  4. Actually Leo takes the advertisers side in most privacy discussions with his guests on TWiT. He likes to point out that nothing is free, so if content or a service is ad supported, one has a moral obligation to not opt-out of viewing the ads and not to prevent use of one’s profile or usage patterns if that’s how the provider derives its income. Leo says if you don’t want Google to collect info on you and serve you ads, then you shouldn’t avail yourself of their “free” services.

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    1. They have a right to advertise, but free reign with your information? Policies like this allow everything. Selling your name to email lists making online files/profiles on you by matching your name to public record and selling that etc.

      He said Facebook was wrong for combining data with other (outside Facebook) data. His policy does that. But again, making money is paramount.

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  5. A number of people contacted floss weekly ahead of the show date to ask that they do fair reporting and not just pimp rand I and her stupid anti harassment organization(as she herself is a doxer me serial attacker and harassed).

    The response? On the show, the hosts said they “received harassing email in advance of her appearance”.

    Yes, asking you not to just blow smoke up a guests ass for an hour and give the, a free platform to spew their idiocy UNQUESTIONED is “harassment”.

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