Happy Times

What a wonderful moment for the TWiT family.

Leo was humble throughout the broadcast as he kindly took the loving fans on a genuine ride through the history of TWiT. He was magnanimous as he thanked Jason Howell, Colleen, JammerB, Chad, Eileen, DeBartolo, Dane, Steve Gibson and Paul Thurott. (He developed an odd cough when thanking people) He cajoled his panel and told them how much of a fan he is of theirs. He asked Roger Chang if he was still doing that show, whose title he forgot, and then told Rog how much he loves that show. His dear friends including Kevin Rose, Morgan Webb and Chris Pirillo sent in video congratulations.

JCD may have gotten himself banned once again from TWiT, until he is needed to appear on a show.
JCD may have gotten himself banned once again from TWiT

The chat room’s heart filled with sentiment as John C. Dvorak recalled some old stories and watched videos from great days of long ago. One such moment saw JCD reminisce on the time they filmed the show from the Apple store and Leo refused to invite over the famous female Podcaster [Leo hated.] (Odds: 3-2 Veronica, 5-2 Cali, 6-1 Molly) Then there was my favorite segment when he thanked the fans. He could not do it without them and their continued support.

TWiT Employee Hilton was not thanked
TWiT Employee Hilton was not thanked

TWiT went on to shock the fans with the announcement of the New Screen Savers. He promised us amazing hosts from Kevin Rose and Kate Botello to whomever.  Journalist/friend Jason Hiner published his #scoup/puff-piece detailing the event as soon as it was announced. After the show Padre came out to sit with Leo and bask in the glow of Leo. They spoke of the show they are creating for the fans and how great it will be. Leo told Padre how he thought he will be Pope one day.

I wish I could express how I felt in words but as I am fortunes favored fool I came across a video that summed up how I and the whole panel felt:

Notable absentees were great friend Kevin Spacey, the dark triangle, dear friends and sponsors, Alan Mulally  CEO FORD Motors,  Lynda Founder Lynda.com, Bill Harris CEO Personal Capital, Carbonite CEO and other loves who happen to be sponsors.

Screenshot 2015-04-22 17.49.44

33 thoughts on “Happy Times”

  1. I watched the slide show that remembered the 10 years of TWiT. I do not recall seeing ANY pictures of Erik Lanigan, and I wasn’t about to mention it in the chatroom for fear of ninjas visiting me while I sleep.

    I wonder what the over/under is on TWiT being around for another 10 years.

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  2. What in the hell is a “Screen Saver”? Yes, the younger audience will have no idea at all what that is. Is it a show aimed at old people?

    Anyway, Dvorak was caustic and funny, im still baffled that leo invites him, he seems very uncomfortable when Dvorak is around.

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    1. Anyone over about 25 would know what Screen Savers is and nobody under about 25 is watching TWIT.

      Well, nobody of any age in either direction is really watching TWIT, but you know what I mean.

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  3. I wonder if Leo will invite Chris Pirillo on The New Screen Savers? That would be interesting. I follow Chris online (and have been mentioned twice in his Vlogs) . Chris, his wife, Diana and his daughter, Jedi (no mean comments about her name) are great. I think Chris co hosting would be great.

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      1. If he didn’t like him, then why did he say nice things about him on the podcast? I don’t think Leo hates Chris, I think Chris has been so busy with his Vlogs and his family. His daughter is seven months old.

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    1. The only thing worse then the new screens savers is the new screen savers with Chris Pririllo co-hosting. Knowing you’ve been mentioned 2 times on his vblog gives me 2 times the reasons to continue avoiding it.

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  4. I fell asleep during this show, literally. I was upset that Leo is such a small man that he didn’t give Erik any recognition. Leo has basically used people for 10 years and spit them out when he has no use for them. Once they are gone he stabs them in the back. He is a small small man.

    Bobo out.

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      1. Yes, bitch I do. Why not do a special on the poor kid? He had a lot of fans. Do a fucking hour long special on him. That would be the big boy pants thing to do. But Leo can’t put on his big boy pants, because he’s still trying to get his mommy to like him. So showing any recognition for anyone else besides himself, might make mommy like them more then wittle weo.

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  5. News Flash: Jason Hiner apparently was just the first to get the press release, rest assured their was no actual journalism happening and he only slightly reworded what had been feed to him.


    I can’t wait him to rehash press releases on future TWiT shows. We know how gum loves getting the news directly from the ‘source’.

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  6. I love Dvorak.

    The only time I tune in the TWIT network is to check if Dvorak is on. He is such a good-hearted curmudgeon and I kind of aspire to be lot like him when I get older.

    I watched this weekend’s show and he was fantastic. Good on him. I mean, I like Patrick and Prager and the rest.. but Dvorak really brings flavor to the show. And usually slightly questionable flavor… but not Leo-style flavor (where Leo says things like “slowmo, fullmo, halfmo, and homo”… when on the air with his lesbian co-host… what a creep).

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  7. Lynda might not have been there in person, but they did give Lynda.com about ten minutes of free advertising as they all discussed her and her buyout by LinkedIn and so on.

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  8. What, you don’t want to contribute to Leo and Lisa’s extravagant lifestyle? Hot tubs, trips, cars, sporting events, 5k Mac, etc. With the way they spend money they really need our support…. Time to start bit torrenting TWiT.

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  9. What?
    No mention of the pre-show stream with Leo and Megan’s son?

    Uncle Leo kindly informed the lad that the studio was once the site of a drug store and where they were sitting was once the “lube aisle”.

    “Family friendly”,

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  10. Yea, I caught that too, how creepy that must have been to Megan, I’ll bet once her husband hears Leo’s lube comment, that will have been the last trip to the brick house for the twins. And for Michael’s dad (Lisa’s ex) to put up with the knowledge that Leo is abusing his son, all I can speculate is Lisa is writing a fairly large monthly child support check, otherwise, no normal dad would stand for Leo’s abuse.

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