The Real Official Review

Former producer and former guest
Former producer and former guest

If you read any review and see the following phrase in the review be wary – the reviewer is a “fanboy” and unqualified to do a review.

“It feels good in the hand”

Thinks about it, why would anyone say that?

In related news, on my way home from work someone harassed me  on the train by bumping into me, then the guy at the deli harassed me by calling me “chief” and then a Starbucks barusta kept a penny of my change. Hello , any lawyers out there.

“A star takes time out for the little people”

2 thoughts on “The Real Official Review”

  1. It seems strange that a man of the cloth whose religion dictates peace and turning the other cheek seems so happy at creating a ‘robot’ that reports people for ‘trolling’.

    Isn’t that really a very hypocritical thing to do, though he is boastful as well, I don’t think he really understand the teachings of the bible at all.

    What a hateful man Mr Robert Ballecer happens to be, I cannot refer to him by the title of Padre, Father or Friar.

    As to the validity of his statement, since he doesn’t provide providence of its existence and anyone can make a statement implying the existence of such a tool I would say that he is guilty of lying.

    In fact we know he is also guilty of breaching the 9th commandment because he lied to everyone about the shuffling of Ms Morse off the Coding101 show while she was away no less behind her back then blatantly lied to everyone about it in a video.

    Of course added that he committed the sin of “Pride” when he boasted of his actions. I would not be surprised if this vile slug of a beast is struck down by a bolt of lightning or some similar biblical punishment.

    Shame on Mr Ballecer, Shame on him.

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