No One Cares

The angle of 'like thumb moving to 97' Degrees
The angle of ‘like thumb moving to 97’ Degrees

Why would anyone care about your stupid website and apps. It is the same site that it was in 2007. You got lucky and hit the jackpot with your website. Congratz, now go spend your money and g’bye Mark.

You’re not that smart and your vision of the future is meaningless. You have no impact on anything or anyone. Stop pretending to be Steve Jobs. And put a shirt on, you’re not playing Xbox with your roommate.

16 thoughts on “No One Cares”

  1. Actually, Popcorn Time is what everyone wants, just the content without the bull. Soooo many good shows to watch. To watch, yes, but not to pay for. I would be soooo disappointed to pay for the super low quality of movies today. And those stupid comic book movies are also so stupid it looks like CG barf.
    Popcorn Time is the future of the internet, has almost all shows worth watching without the endless commercials, like for cars, 6 different commercials in a row is lame. I have not bought a car for decades, the 1990, 1993, and 1999 Pontiacs are all running like new, and gas mileage of up to 30mpg.
    Newspapers with limits of 5 articles is now the norm, so reading is not fun, but Popcorn TIme is GREAT!
    Glad I got kicked out of the chatroom at twit, no longer any fun or interesting, and thanks to totaldrama for being here.

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      1. I said ANTI tech news, retard. Learn how to read. There’s not a single anti tech news site out there. There’s a lot of shit in tech. Like the iWatch. Only retards buy that shit. Somebody has to point that out. Facebook is another example. It’s a shitty website for retarded people and it’s going downhill.

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        1. Qwerty – Fuck you, douchebag. This website’s charter is to expose Twit and how badly they operate. Not tech news, pro or anti. You need to get your dick out of Richard’s ass, fanboy.

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          1. I guess it’s up to the owner of this site to decide what to do with it. Property rights, ever heard of it you sociopathic subhuman lowlife commie scum? Move to North Korea, you piece of shit.

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